Peermont Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2024: Permanent Opportunity for Applicants with Grade 12 Qualification

About Peermont
Peermont stands as a notable South African hospitality and gaming enterprise that has garnered prominence. Since its establishment in 1993, Peermont has transformed into a significant contender within the realm of the country’s hospitality and entertainment industry. With a diverse portfolio comprising hotels, resorts, and entertainment establishments, Peermont effectively caters to a wide spectrum of local and international clientele.

An unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences is at the heart of Peermont’s philosophy, evident in their dedicated pursuit of service excellence and scrupulous attention to even the smallest details. The brand’s hotels and resorts boast a wealth of high-quality amenities, ranging from luxurious accommodations and refined dining venues to revitalizing spa and wellness facilities, adaptable conference spaces, and a variety of recreational activities.

About Peermont Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2024
Peermont is looking for passionate candidates who are keen on applying as a professional Receptionist for the well-credited and respectable establishment. The position of Receptionist within the Peermont Job Vacancy demands your ability to deliver a flawless, efficient, and welcoming service within the Reception/Guest Services section of the Hotel. This involves managing the process of guest check-ins and check-outs, addressing any guest inquiries, requests, concerns, and grievances, all the while upholding the standards of the Hotel’s policies, procedures, rules, and regulations.

In this role, you will be the initial point of contact for guests, setting the tone for their experience from the very beginning. Your proficiency in offering a seamless and warm reception will be pivotal in ensuring that guests feel valued and attended to throughout their stay. Additionally, you will be responsible for addressing any concerns or problems that may arise during a guest’s visit, utilizing your skills to find suitable solutions while adhering to the established protocols of the Hotel.

The Peermont Job Vacancy as Receptionist requires you to perform the duties below:

  • Perform guest check-in procedures upon arrival
  • Conduct guest check-out procedures upon departure
  • Oversee the management of guests’ room accounts
  • Adhere to the daily standard protocols
  • Receive and route telephone inquiries appropriately, and provide suitable responses
  • Implement and oversee customer service operations
  • Assume accountability for administrative responsibilities associated with the role
  • Play a role in cultivating a productive and harmonious workplace atmosphere
  • Participate in essential training and development sessions as required.

Eligiblity Criteria
Are you confident that you possess the essential attributes required for the position of Receptionist in the Peermont Job Vacancy? Make sure to send in your application as soon as possible! Nevertheless, before proceeding, it’s crucial to examine the eligibility criteria for the role. These prerequisites will determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for the position. If you intend to evaluate your qualifications, kindly refer to the eligibility criteria detailed below. To increase your chances of success, it is advisable to meet all the stipulated conditions.

The Peermont Job Vacancy as Receptionist Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Complete Grade 12
  • Ensure you possess crucial interpersonal skills
  • Consider having familiarity with Fidelio, as it could be beneficial
  • Enhance your application with computer literacy
  • Acquire specific training
  • Participate in provided Opera training.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Peermont Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2024.

For a seamless experience accessing the specified web address, it is highly recommended to utilize Google Chrome as your preferred internet browser.

Alternatively, applicants have the choice to complete the application process using their mobile phones, which offers greater convenience compared to using a computer. If your mobile device runs on the Android operating system (OS), Google Chrome serves as the default web browser, readily available without the need for additional installations.

To proceed with your application submission, candidates are required to create an account on the designated application portal. This account will function as your login credentials throughout the registration process.

Please take note that by submitting your application, you are granting the selection committee permission to use your personal information for the purpose of enrolling you in the learnership program.

To ensure the integrity of the application process, all submitted applications will undergo thorough examination and validation procedures to confirm their authenticity.

It is mandatory for candidates to submit their applications exclusively through the provided web link mentioned above. Any attempts to submit materials using alternative methods such as in-person delivery or fax will not be recognized by the selection committee. The online application portal is the official and preferred platform for all submissions.

Closing Date
Application is available as long as it is not deleted on its official website.

Efficiency and punctuality hold significant significance for Peermont in the application process for the learnership initiative. Consequently, it strongly advises applicants to swiftly send in their applications, affording ample time for thorough assessment and consideration. This prompt submission not only reflects candidates’ enthusiastic engagement but also their strong commitment to the program.

The committee holds the responsibility of appraising applications and arriving at informed decisions regarding candidate eligibility.

Committee members draw upon their expertise and industry acumen to select individuals who demonstrate the greatest potential for success in the gaming operations learnership.


  1. It’s a great pleasure requesting this vacancies as interested and ready to to work as I meet the hospitality requirements

  2. I am in need of this job and I hold the necessary qualifications required for this job but lack experience as it has been a tough time in SA to find a job but I believe I’m qualified and ready to use my qualifications skills to a work environment and fully commit myself to Amy job/task given to me

  3. I have a diploma for receptionist and I’m working as an admin at shoprite .I can work under pressure and willing to learn,

  4. Good day

    I would kindly like to apply for the position as a receptionist in your established company.

    I do hope you woulf consider me as it would be a great opportunity to work for your company.

    Kind regards
    Zaakirah Osman

  5. To whom it may concern

    Dear Madam or Sir

    I Deborah Faith in apply for the Receptionist position.

    I have excellent organizational,presentation and communication skills and is a team player who leads and motivates others. My work ethic is extraordinary. I believe in going the extra mile and give exceptional care and service. I have been 21years in the hospital industry. Five year’s of working in the Cssd as a central storage central department as a technician sterilizing and preparing drapes,surgical and loan instruments for theatre and medical procedures. I went on to educating myself while I studied at Damelin College to study Quikbooks Accounting and Bookkeeping. On completion I was employed as a receptionist, Switchboard operator, customer service,admissions,booking filling clerk, and administrative services. I was then employed by Royal Caribbean International as a Dispacher,secretary, Human resources clerk and office manager for the department. When I returned home I went back to the hospital we I was employed as a Accounts Controller, Filling clerk and had access and work with patients medical information and hospital records. I recently completed my Home Care certificates for level1,2, and 3 and my 360 hours of practical training.

    I believe my experience,knowledge and skills will make me the most suitable candidate for the position

    Yours Sincerely

    Deborah Faith Scofield

  6. I am really in this job opportunity you won’t regret by giving me this opportunity because I am fast learner and hard worker keep me updated on –

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