Ultcare Job Vacancy as Warehouse Assistant 2023: Welcoming Matric or Grade 12 Qualification Holders

About Ultcare
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About the Ultcare Job Vacancy as Warehouse Assistant 2023
Ultcare is offering an employment opportunity for qualified candidates who are keen on working for the established company as a professional Warehouse Assistant. The Ultcare Job Vacancy as Warehouse Assistant is a job opening for individuals interested in taking up a role as a Warehouse Assistant in the Ultcare company.

As a warehouse assistant, your responsibilities include:

  • Make sure the parts are picked and binned correctly at the warehouse
  • Prepare and finish orders for pickup or delivery in accordance with the timetable
  • According to the transit timetable, load and unload cars
  • Make sure that all parts are always kept and protected according to the recommended standards and best practices
  • Implications of inadequate contamination control
  • Help with stock counts and bin checks each day
  • Report and monitor part claims’ execution (ensure over or under supplies or damages are reported and claims are filed)
  • Help with return shipments when necessary (either central consolidation or return shipments back to vendor)
  • Make sure all of the tasks for the day are performed, and inform the supervisor of any underutilization.

The Ultcare Job Vacancy as Warehouse Assistant is currently based in this location: Kimberley, Northen Cape.

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the position of Warehouse Assistant in the Ultcare Job Vacancy, interested candidates must fulfill a set of requirements that will determine their suitability for the role. It is crucial to meet all these requirements to ensure a successful application. Failure to do so may have negative consequences on the outcome of the application. Thus, it is highly recommended that candidates meet all the requirements to increase their chances of being considered for the position.

The Ultcare Job Vacancy as Warehouse Assistant Requirements are as follows:

  • Has a Matric or Grade 12 qualification
  • Owns a legitimate Driver’s License
  • Shows prior working experience as a legitimate warehouse worker
  • Proficiency with databases, systems, and software for inventory management
  • Knowledge of contemporary storage techniques
  • Exceptional planning and time-management abilities
  • The capacity to lift large items
  • An added benefit is having a forklift license, first aid training, and knowledge of how to use heavy machinery, hand tools, and power tools
  • Working knowledge on Windows, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Be prepared to work shifts.

Application Instructions
Apply onlineUltcare Job Vacancy as Warehouse Assistant 2023 at:

To apply for the opportunity, interested candidates must follow the instructions and create an account on the designated application portal. The account creation process is critical to the entire registration process and must be completed carefully.

It is essential to keep the account secure and confidential, as it contains sensitive personal information. Sharing your account credentials with others, including your password, can result in unauthorized access to your account, which can be harmful and may cause the rejection of your application.

By submitting an application, candidates are giving the selection committee permission to use their personal information for registration purposes.

The selection committee will evaluate and vet the applications to ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria and that the candidates have provided accurate information. Anyone found to have falsified any part of their application will be disqualified immediately, and their registration period will be terminated.

It is imperative to submit your application only through the designated portal, as applications submitted through other means, such as email or fax, will not be accepted or considered by the selection committee. Therefore, it is crucial to follow the application guidelines provided by the committee carefully.

Closing Date
Applications for the Ultcare Job Vacancy as Warehouse Assistant must be submitted before the closing date on 28 April 2023.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered by the selection committee. The selection committee will not accept submissions filed beyond the deadline.

Applicants are urged to sign up right away. This gives potential applicants some time to assess the information in your submissions. Register as soon as it’s convenient for you.

Throughout the hiring process, Ultcare maintains the right to schedule or not make an appointment. The selecting committee’s choices are final in all respects.

Committee Details
Do you have a question regarding the Ultcare Job Vacancy as Warehouse Assistant? Don’t hesitate to ask! Deliver your enquiries and concerns to the provided contact information below:

Email address: [email protected].

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