Tiger Brands Future Leaders Development Programmes 2023-2025: Available for 11 Different Study Fields

About Tiger Brands
Tiger Brands stands as a leading enterprise that has made a profoundly positive impact on the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector in South Africa. With a history spanning decades, the company has immersed itself in the market by introducing some of the region’s most iconic brands. Tiger Brands holds the distinction of being the driving force behind beloved favorites like Jungle Oats, Oros, All Gold, Tastic Rice, and many more.

Tiger Brands boasts a rich history of forging alliances with fellow industry players, a journey propelled by a series of strategic business acquisitions. The conglomerate’s numerous joint ventures have culminated in the establishment of an extensive distribution network that spans across more than 22 countries within Africa. The bedrock of the company’s achievements lies in its steadfast commitment to core values that permeate its operations.

About the Tiger Brands Future Leaders Development Programmes 2023-2025
Tiger Brands is offering 24-month programme future leadership development programmes that seeks to help individuals tap into their potential leadership abilities. The Tiger Brands Future Leaders Development Programmes are actively seeking out graduates who exhibit the inherent capability to ascend into leadership roles within the company. These programs are specifically designed to identify and nurture individuals who hold the promise of becoming influential leaders within their respective fields.

Successful candidates chosen for the FLDPs will be integrated into diverse disciplines spanning our entire business spectrum. Through a meticulously planned and well-structured combined learning curriculum, participants will embark on a transformative journey aimed at equipping them with the necessary skills, insights, and competencies to excel in pivotal roles within the organization.

The Tiger Brands Future Leaders Development Programmes are available in the following fields:

  • Customer
  • Research and Development
  • Marketing
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance CA(SA) Stream

Eligibility Criteria
Prospective participants in the Tiger Brands Future Leaders Development Programmes need to satisfy the program’s eligibility requirements. Each of the following points will establish whether you possess the qualifications necessary to join the program’s dynamic and rapid work environment. It is strongly recommended that candidates fulfill all of the conditions listed below in order to ensure a successful application. Not adhering to these criteria could have detrimental effects on the overall outcome of your applications. Make sure to take note of all these details for your own future reference.

The Tiger Brands Future Leaders Development Programmes Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

1. General Qualifications

  • Achieve a 65% Academic Average
  • Be a citizen in the country of hire
  • Possess a relevant bachelor’s or Btech degree
  • Demonstrate high levels of ambition and self-motivation, while showcasing a strong aspiration for a career in FMCG within Tiger Brands
  • Showcase leadership and team working abilities
  • Display the potential for high achievement and innovation throughout your qualification.
  • Avoid full-time work (more than 1 year, not including workplace experience) in your field of study
  • Graduate recently from a tertiary institution in South Africa.
  • Secure work authorization in the country to which you’re applying
  • Prepare for geographical mobility – anticipate relocating to various locations throughout the training programme
  • Exhibit proficiency in Microsoft Office.

2. Academic Qualifications

  • Customer
    • BCom Degree in Business, Marketing or related fields (Entrepreneurship, Economics, Business Management etc.)
  • Research and Development
    • Bachelor’s Degree or Btech in Food Technology, Biotechnology, Microbiology
  • Marketing
    • Bachelor’s Degree (Majoring in Marketing Management)
  • Chemical Engineering
    • BSc/BEng Degree (Chemical)
  • Information Technology
    • BSc: Information Technology OR Computer Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • BSc/BEng Degree (Mechanical)
  • Corporate Affairs
    • Bachelor’s Degree (Business Management, Economics, Enterprise Development. Communications, Strategic Communication, Journalism)
  • Human Resources
    • BCom Degree (Human Resources, Industrial Psychology)
  • Industrial Engineering
    • BSc/BEng Degree (Industrial & Electrical)
  • Supply Chain Management
    • BCom Degree (Logistics, Supply Chain)
  • Finance CA(SA) Stream
    • BCom Degree in Accounting & completion of level 2 CTA

Application Instructions
Apply online Tiger Brands Future Leaders Development Programmes 2023-2025 in the fields below:

Attachment of these documents is a prerequisite for advancing with your registration process. The selection committee will disregard applications that are incomplete.

Candidates will also need to provide the documents below:

  • Your most updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Your Matric Certificate
  • Identity Document
  • Complete Academic Transcripts
  • Legitimate Driver’s License.

Upon submission of your applications, you are granting consent for the selection committee to utilize your information for registration intentions.

The details you provide will undergo additional assessment and verification procedures. Any candidates found to be misrepresenting any elements of their applications will face disqualification from the program.

Applications should be exclusively submitted via the provided link above. Any submissions made through alternate channels like fax or in-person delivery will not be taken into account.

Closing Date
Applications for the Tiger Brands Future Leaders Development Programmes must be submitted before the closing date on 16 August 2023 at 04:59 AM.

The selection panel maintains a strict policy of no acceptance for applications submitted after the designated deadline. Any submissions received beyond this timeframe will not be recognized throughout the registration phase.

Communication regarding the next steps will exclusively be directed to those candidates who have been shortlisted. In the event that you do not receive direct correspondence from the selection committee within 30 days following the deadline, we express our regret in conveying that you have not been chosen to participate in the program.

Tiger Brands retains full authority to decide whether to proceed with appointments during the recruitment procedure. All determinations made by the selection committee hold ultimate validity.


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    I am interested in the Supply Chain Logistics field of study.

    I recently completed National Certificate in General Management with 162 credits.

    What process do I follow to be acknowledged for the bursary or learnerships?


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  4. Good day, I meet all the requirements and I’m very focused, reliable and committed in everything I do

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