Rand Refinery Apprenticeships 2024-2027: Accepting Registrants Who Hold N2 Qualification

About Rand Refinery
Rand Refinery, based in South Africa, is one of the largest and most renowned gold refineries globally. Established in 1920, it operates as a private company and is a subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank. Rand Refinery plays a crucial role in refining and supplying gold bullion products, both locally and internationally. As a leading precious metals refinery, Rand Refinery is responsible for refining the majority of South Africa’s gold production. It adheres to rigorous standards and employs advanced technology to ensure the purity and quality of the refined gold it produces. The refinery serves as a trusted partner for mining companies, assisting them in transforming raw gold into marketable products.

Apart from gold refining, Rand Refinery also provides a range of services, including the manufacturing of gold and silver coins, the processing of recycled precious metals, and the trading of precious metal products. The company is committed to maintaining high ethical and environmental standards in all its operations. Rand Refinery’s reputation extends beyond the borders of South Africa, with its products and services being highly regarded worldwide. The refinery actively participates in global gold markets, contributing to the stability and integrity of the precious metals industry.

About the Rand Refinery Apprenticeships 2024-2027
Rand Refinery are offering apprenticehip programmes for keen candidates interested in Instrumentation, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering. The Rand Refinery Apprenticeships provide a comprehensive learning experience that encompasses both practical on-the-job training and relevant classroom instruction. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to gain expertise in a highly skilled occupation by acquiring practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Additionally, the apprenticeship serves as a pathway for individuals to pursue further studies and engage in formal industry training, ultimately leading to qualifications as an Artisan in the engineering field.

This program spans a duration of four years, during which apprentices will receive a combination of institutionalized training and practical on-the-job experience. The structured training curriculum aims to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge required for their chosen trade. As part of the program, apprentices will also have the opportunity to undergo a Trade Test, enabling them to obtain a Trade Test Certificate upon successful completion. The Rand Refinery Apprenticeships provide a comprehensive and well-rounded training program, offering individuals a valuable opportunity to develop their skills and pursue a rewarding career in the engineering field.

Eligibility Criteria
To maximize your chances of success in applying for the Rand Refinery Apprenticeships, it is crucial that you submit your application promptly. However, before doing so, it is of utmost importance that you carefully review the qualifying requirements of the program. These criteria will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the apprenticeships. For your convenience, please find the qualifying requirements listed below. It is highly recommended that you strive to fulfill all the items on the following list to enhance your prospects of being selected.

The Rand Refinery Apprenticeships Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

A. General Requirements

  • Achieve Grade 12 qualification with the subjects of Mathematics and Science
  • Complete an N2 qualification (refer to specific requirements below)
  • Ensure that you attach certified copies of your ID, proof of qualification, and academic record when applying
  • If you hold a qualification higher than an N2, make sure you have also completed the N2 qualification as it is the minimum requirement for this training
  • Please note that apprentices are not permitted to carry out artisan duties until they are qualified
  • According to merSETA requirements, apprentices will be assigned a qualified artisan as their mentor
  • Possess computer literacy skills, particularly in MS Office
  • Demonstrate good communication skills
  • Perform basic troubleshooting by following procedures
  • Maintain clear and regular communication regarding instructions, requests, or routine work tasks
  • Operate equipment and accurately complete checklists.

B. Specific Requirements

  1. Instrumentation
    • N2 Instrumentation related qualification
      • Maths
      • Industrial Electronics
      • Instrumentation Trade Theory
      • Engineering Science

Application Instructions
Apply online Rand Refinery Apprenticeships 2024-2027:

To access the web address mentioned earlier, it is advisable to utilize Google Chrome as your preferred browser.

Alternatively, for a more convenient application process, you can use your mobile phone instead of a computer. If you have an Android phone, you can utilize Google Chrome as your web browser. Since Google Chrome comes pre-installed on Android devices, there is no need to download any additional browsers.

To complete the application process, it is essential for you to create an account on the designated application portal. This account will serve as your personal profile, allowing you to log in and access the necessary forms and documents throughout the registration process.

However, it is important to note that by submitting your application, you are granting the selection committee permission to utilize the personal information you provide for the purpose of registering you for the program.

Applicants’ submissions will undergo thorough examination and verification procedures to ensure their authenticity. Any individuals found to be misrepresenting any aspect of their application will be disqualified from participating in the registration period.

Candidates must utilize the provided website to submit their applications. Submissions made through alternative methods such as hand delivery or fax will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Rand Refinery Apprenticeships must be submitted before the closing date on 24 November 2023.

The selection committee strictly adheres to a zero-tolerance policy for late applications. Any submissions received after the specified closing date will not be considered or acknowledged during the registration period.

It is strongly recommended that candidates submit their applications promptly. Doing so will allow for sufficient time to thoroughly review the contents of the applications. Please ensure that you prepare and submit your application at the earliest opportunity.

During the recruitment process, Rand Refinery retains the right to either make an appointment or not, based on their discretion. It is important to note that all decisions made by the selection committee are final and cannot be appealed.


  1. Hi I like to get an opportunity for electrical infrastructure and construction level 4and N3 and I was hoping to training for electrical to be one of artisan

  2. Buthelezi Langelihle Africa
    Dear sir/madam kindly find my application for electrical engineering interested NQF L2

  3. Dear sir/madam
    Im applying for this position and kindly accept my application n my academic its at best of my knowledge.

    Yoursfully: Mkhabela Sibusiso

  4. Good day,
    I hold N2,N4,N5,N6 electrical engineering certificates. N2 completed last trimester.
    Please receive my application for the apprenticeship.i would love to be part of your company 🙏
    Kind Regards

  5. Dear sir or madam this would be great and a better opportunity for me to gain experience in Civil engineering N2

  6. Hi I like to get an opportunity for electrical infrastructure and construction NQF LEVEL 4 and N3 any opportunity that you have posted can I get an opportunity for electrical after June.

  7. I’m Nonhlanhla Nyathi from Kempton. This would be a great opportunity and experience . I live in Kempton park and looking forward to he part of your good company . My application submitted.

    Thank you

  8. Dear sir/madam kindly find my application for electrical engineering apprenticeship N2

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