Musina Local Municipality Learnerships 2023-2024: Welcoming Candidates with Grade 12 Qualification

About the Musina Local Municipality
The Musina Local Municipality is a governmental institution located in the Limpopo province of South Africa. It encompasses the town of Musina and its surrounding areas. The municipality is responsible for governing and providing essential services to its residents, including infrastructure development, public safety, waste management, and urban planning. The Musina Local Municipality aims to improve the quality of life for its community members by delivering efficient and effective services. It is committed to promoting economic development, social progress, and environmental sustainability in the region.

The municipality works closely with various stakeholders, including government agencies, community organizations, and businesses, to address the needs and aspirations of its constituents. The municipality places a strong emphasis on community participation and engagement. It seeks to involve residents in decision-making processes and encourages active citizenship. Through collaborative efforts, the Musina Local Municipality aims to foster a sense of ownership and pride among its residents, creating a vibrant and inclusive community.

About the Musina Local Municipality Learnerships 2023-2024
The Musina Local Municipality is currently offering learnerhip programmes for individuals who wish to upgrade their knowledge and abilities in their fields. The Musina Local Municipality is committed to empowering individuals and fostering personal and professional development within its community. To achieve this, the municipality offers learnerhip programs that provide opportunities for individuals to enhance their knowledge and skills in various fields. These learnerhip programs are designed to cater to the specific needs and demands of different industries and sectors.

The Musina Local Municipality Learnerships is currently offering the following programmes, along with their respective specific qualifications:

A. Further Education and Training Certificate: Municipal Finance and Administration – SAQA ID 50372 (Learnership)

  • Grade 12 with Business Studies, Communication and Accounting or Mathematics Literacy
  • Further Education and Training Certificate NQF Level 3 or equivalent Qualification.

Stipend: R2 500/month

Available positions: X20

Duration: 12 months (1 year)

B. Occupational Certificate: Electrical – SAQA ID 91761 (Apprenticeship)

  • Grade 12 with Mathematics, N2-N4 Electrical Engineering, or equivalent qualification with Mathematics.

Stipend: R3 000/month

Available positions: X30

Duration: 36 months (3 years)

C. Further Education and Training Certificate: Plumbing – SAQA ID: 58782 (Learnership)

  • N2 Plumbing
  • National Certificate: Plumbing L2 (or equivalent)
  • Mathematical literacy at NQF Level 3
  • Communication at NQF Level 3

Stipend: R2 500/month

Available positions: X25

Duration: 12 months (1 year)

Eligibility Criteria
If you are confident about participating in the Musina Local Municipality Learnerships, you are encouraged to proceed with the application process. However, if you have doubts about your suitability for the program, there’s no need to worry. Simply review the requirements listed below and compare them with your qualifications according to the selection committee’s standards. To increase your chances of being accepted, ensure that you meet all the mentioned criteria. While not meeting all the requirements may not automatically disqualify you, it could potentially lower your chances of acceptance.

The Musina Local Municipality Learnerships General Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Officially recognized as citizens of South Africa who are permanent residents
  • Does not have any prior work experience
  • Has not participated in any learnership/work intrgrated learning/internship programme prior to this one
  • Does not exceed 35 years old
  • Has not benifitted from an LGSETA programme for the same programme
  • Dedicated to attending the entire duration and terms of the programme.

Application Instructions
Apply via hand delivery (Musina Local Municipality Learnerships 2023-2024):

Registry Office marked for the attention of:
The Municipal Manager,
Musina Local Municipality,
21 Irwin Street, Musina, 0900

Applicants are required to clearly indicate the program they are applying for and submit an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) along with recently certified copies of their original qualifications, academic transcripts (if applicable), South African ID document, and proof of residential address. The proof of address should be confirmed by a Headman, Municipality, or Councillor.

Your application will be thoroughly reviewed by the entire selection committee, which includes you, and the information you provide will be treated as confidential. It is essential to conduct a comprehensive review of your application to ensure that no false information is included. Candidates found to be providing misleading information may be placed in a potentially risky situation.

The selection committee will utilize the information you provide to register you for the event. By submitting your application, you are granting permission to the committee to use your personal information for this purpose.

Candidates must submit their applications exclusively through the designated website mentioned above. The selection committee responsible for evaluating the applications will not accept materials submitted through other methods, such as hand delivery or fax.

Closing Date
Applications for the Musina Local Municipality Learnerships must be submitted before the closing date on 14 June 2023 at 16h00.

The selection committee strictly prohibits late applications, and any submissions received after the closing date will not be considered during the registration period.

It is recommended that candidates submit their applications without delay, allowing ample time to thoroughly review the application contents. Please prepare and submit your applications as soon as possible.

Musina Local Municipality retains the authority to decide whether to make appointments during the recruitment process. All decisions made by the selection committee are conclusive and cannot be appealed.


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