Coronation Traineeships 2024: Improve Practical Work Skills as Trainee Equity Analyst

About Coronation
Founded in 1993 by a team of seasoned investment professionals, Coronation has emerged as a leading fund management firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. Their journey commenced with a visionary objective: to build a premier, investment-centric, and independent fund management entity from scratch, commencing with no assets and no clientele. This ambitious goal propelled them to evolve and establish a distinct identity in the financial landscape.

Coronation’s expertise spans a diverse range of asset classes and regions, underpinned by their extensive experience and long-running strategies. Notably, they focus on specialized equities and multi-asset portfolios within emerging and frontier markets worldwide. Over the years, Coronation has developed a solid reputation for effectively navigating global investment landscapes, showcasing their commitment to delivering optimal results for their clients. A remarkable aspect of their corporate structure is that 25 percent of the company is owned by its dedicated and invested employees, further cementing their commitment to success and sustainability.

About the Coronation Traineeships 2024
Coronation is offering several traineeship programmes for candidates who are keen on developing their practical abilities in a professional work environment. The Coronation Traineeships a are currently extending multiple traineeship programs, tailored for individuals eager to enhance and cultivate their practical skills within a professional work environment.

The Coronation Traineeships present a unique opportunity for aspiring professionals to immerse themselves in a dynamic, growth-oriented atmosphere. Through these programs, participants will have the chance to gain invaluable hands-on experience and refine their abilities in real-world scenarios. The traineeships are designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, aligning with Coronation’s commitment to fostering talent and preparing individuals for successful careers in their chosen fields.

The programme suits individuals who consistently surpass expectations and are enthusiastic about showcasing their dedication to the financial markets, aiming to attain extensive exposure within the investment industry.  Being a trainee at one of their black-owned stockbrokers, they will experience a well-structured learning environment, along with mentorship and on-the-job support to ensure success in the role. As participants in the Coronation Catapult Programme, they will undergo power skills training, covering critical thinking, resilience, business communication skills, and coaching, among other valuable competencies.

The Coronation Traineeships are available for the fields below:

  • Trainee Equity Analyst

Eligibility Criteria
Are you confident in your ability to apply for the Coronation Traineeships? Waste no time and promptly submit your application! However, before proceeding, it’s essential to carefully review the eligibility criteria for the program. These prerequisites will assess whether you align with the qualifications expected of an ideal candidate. To ascertain your suitability, carefully examine the eligibility criteria provided below. If you strive for an increased likelihood of success, it’s highly recommended that you meet all the requirements outlined in the following list. Your diligence in fulfilling these criteria will enhance your prospects for a successful application.

The Coronation Traineeships Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

1. Trainee Equity Analyst

  • Ideally has one of the academic qualifications below:
    • Engineering
    • Chartered Financial Analyst
    • Bachelor of Commerce
    • Business Science
    • Any degree majoring in accounting, economics or Maths
  • Discover opportunities without requiring related experience.
  • Display diligence and proficiency in numeracy.
  • Demonstrate proven academic excellence with consistently high results throughout your degree.
  • Master MS Office, particularly advanced Excel functions.
  • Enhance your profile by acquiring familiarity with Bloomberg or a similar system.

Application Instructions
Apply online (Coronation Traineeships 2024):

To access the specified website, it’s advisable to utilize Google Chrome as your web browser for optimal performance.

To submit applications, candidates must first register on the designated application portal. This registered account will be essential throughout the registration process, streamlining the application procedure.

An alternative registration option is available using LinkedIn, allowing you to expedite the process by avoiding the need to create an account from scratch.

By submitting your applications, you are granting the selection committee consent to utilize your personal information for the purpose of registration.

Applicants are instructed to utilize the provided portal for their applications. The selection committee will not entertain submissions made through alternate methods like hand delivery or fax. Your cooperation in adhering to this instruction is appreciated.

Closing Date
Applications for the Coronation Traineeships must be submitted before the closing date on 31 December 2023.

Enroll promptly to secure your application swiftly, aiming for a stable position during the recruitment process, though it does not ensure immediate success.

Applications submitted post-deadline won’t be reviewed by the selection committee. Any entries past the closing date will be promptly disregarded, irrespective of their content.

Coronation holds the authority to extend or decline employment offers at its own discretion. The committee’s decisions are conclusive and carry legal weight for all involved parties.

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  1. I would be very grateful to be part of the training that will take place to impove my practical skills as a
    Trainee Equity Trader :COR230911-1

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