Truworths Internships 2024: Offering Programmes in 3 Different Study Fields

About Truworths
Truworths stands as one of South Africa’s preeminent fashion chains, boasting remarkable success in the industry. Its footprint extends across the nation, encompassing a vast network of 728 locations, while also reaching beyond South Africa’s borders with an additional 49 outlets across the African continent. Operating under the umbrella of Truworths International, a publicly traded investment holding company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Truworths embodies the essence of a department store chain.

At the heart of Truworths’ operations lies a business model meticulously crafted and honed over numerous years. This model is steered by a unique and visionary strategy, aiming to secure sustainable growth within the intricate and fast-evolving landscape of the retail fashion industry. The Truworths brand is a testament to innovation, encapsulating an authentically South African interpretation of global fashion trends. The brand prides itself on its compelling styling, striving to meet and compete with the highest international standards in the fashion arena.

About the Truworths Internships 2024
Truworths is offering internship programmes for different candidates who are keen on develping their practical work abilities in a professional setting. The Truworths Internships are meticulously designed to offer invaluable hands-on experience and nurture talent, enabling individuals to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. The Truworths Internships present a unique opportunity for motivated individuals to immerse themselves in a dynamic and growth-oriented work culture, contributing to their personal and professional development.

The Truworths Internships are currently available for the following positions:

  • HR Intern (Ref. No. TRU230630-3)
  • Pattern Maker Internship (Ref. No. TRU231017-1)
  • Quality Assurance Internship (Ref. No. TRU231025-9)

Eligibility Criteria
Before progressing with their Truworths Internships applications, individuals expressing interest must prove they meet specific eligibility criteria. The responses to the subsequent questions will determine your eligibility to proceed with this learnership. It’s highly advised for candidates to verify that their applications fulfill all the conditions detailed in the subsequent paragraphs. Failure to meet these criteria will directly impact the outcome of your applications.

The Truworths Internships Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Has a qualification in the following fields:
    • HR Intern: completed Degree (BA or BCom in HR or Industrial/Organisational Psychology, Advanced Diploma in HRD/HRM)
    • Pattern Maker Internship: Final year or recently graduated, in National Diploma in Clothing & Textile Technology
    • Quality Assurance Internship: Degree or Diploma in Fashion, Clothing Production and/or Textile Management
  • Verify your South African Citizenship.
  • Obtain this position without requiring any work experience.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications.
  • Familiarize yourself with management software.
  • Provide and updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Provide your Academic Transcript and Proof of Qualification
  • Present your South African ID
  • Demonstrate a sharp eye for aesthetics and details
  • Showcase excellent communication skills
  • Be a collaborative and team player
  • Exhibit the ability to work methodically and meet deadlines.

Note: The company is committed to maintaining employment equity principles within its internal operations and when hiring externally. The company policy emphasizes promoting existing employees whenever possible. It’s essential to note that internal candidates will receive priority assessment before external applications are considered, aligning with the company’s commitment to achieving its Employment Equity objectives.

Application Instructions
Apply online (Truworths Internships 2024):

To access the specified website, it’s advised to utilize Google Chrome as your web browser.

Upon reaching the application portal, please select the learnership corresponding to your desired location. To apply for the learnership, prospective candidates must register on the application portal to proceed with their applications. This registered account is necessary throughout the registration process.

You also have the choice of registering through Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn as an alternative option. This enables you to pick up where you left off during account creation, saving you a considerable amount of time.

Additionally, for increased convenience, you can opt to submit your application via your smartphone instead of a computer. This method is notably more convenient. If you are using an Android operating system on your mobile device, you can employ Google Chrome as your web browser. No need to install any other browsers on your phone, as Google Chrome is pre-installed on Android-operated devices.

You’ll be involved in the assessment process alongside other members of the selection committee, and the information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. Therefore, it’s crucial to thoroughly review your information to ensure its accuracy and authenticity. Any misleading information could potentially put candidates in a perilous situation.

The details you provide will be utilized by the selection committee to enroll you for the event. By submitting your applications, you are granting the committee consent to use your personal information for this purpose and authorizing them to utilize your information.

Applicants must submit their applications through the aforementioned website. The committee responsible for reviewing applications will not accept materials submitted through any other means, including hand delivery or fax.

Closing Date
Applications for the Truworths Stores Learnership must be submitted before the closing date on 15, 16 & 26 November 2023.

You can ensure the safety of your application by promptly registering when possible. However, registering early does not assure instant success; it aims to provide you with a solid standing throughout the hiring process.

The selection committee will not accept incomplete applications. Candidates submitting their applications after the specified deadline will not be taken into account. Regardless of the content, any submissions received after the deadline will be disregarded.

Truworths retains the authority to extend or decline employment offers to individuals at its own discretion and at any point. The committee’s decisions are conclusive and obligatory for all involved in the process.


  1. Im Christabel 23yrs , a hoal driven person, ambitious, will to learn from any organization that might add experience in my cv , i am committed to my job moreover very discipline

  2. Hello
    I’m Duduzile Mthembi I’m 32years .I’m hard working a dedicated person who love to work as team..I have 11year experience on retail …I have good customer service ..please honor my application

  3. My name is Veronica Nzimande
    I’m an aunt of zama.magalefa Iwho is 18 years old , who happens to have a displeaxia condition he managed to do his level 4 / which is grade nine In 2022 /he majored in sewing ,if he can have an internship/or a mentor to take his sewing skills to another level
    Sincerely yours
    Veronica Nzimande

  4. Good morning

    I am a very hard worker and I am very interested in the job and I am willing to work with the team and I have a very good personality and performance and I like to learn new things in life that why uhm looking for this job.

  5. Good afternoon im much more interested working to your company im a final year student with course of transport and logistics working at your company it help to practice and gain more knowledge about my course thank you looking forward

  6. Good day Ladies and gentlemen I am a hard worker, humble and carrying I am looking for a job no matter what kind of it, as long I will work

  7. Good morning

    I’m a very well driven,focused person and consistent in what I need in life as my priority. I am reliable, honest ,trustworthy and hard working .most importantly I’m punctual and I’m ready to challenge my nomitavities to transform my self to do better and promise to deliver better results.

  8. I greeting to the management πŸ™Œ I want to be employed in this program because I am good at list skills relavant to this program, dealing with people, working under pressure, hard physical working with different cultures.

  9. Hi, I am a part-time I.C.T student who wants to stretch my I.T knowledge, with your data science program.

  10. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen I am hard worker, passionate, consistent and discipline.Because I am looking for a job,I am a very committed.

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