Implats (Impala Platinum) Engineering Learnerships 2024-2027: Available for Candidates with N2 or NCV4 Qualification

About Implats (Impala Platinum)
Implats, also known as Impala Platinum Holding Limited, is a prominent South African establishment renowned for its extensive production of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). The company has played a significant role in acquiring various metals, including copper, nickel, and cobalt. With a strong presence in the global mining and metals industry, Implats continuously expands its operations across different regions, including South Africa, North America, and Zimbabwe.

Headquartered in Springs, Gauteng, Implats has been committed to promoting workplace diversity. The mining company strives to offer equal opportunities to local community members, ensuring a fair and inclusive work environment. Implats places great emphasis on instilling valuable personal attributes in its employees, which is reflected in their strong work ethic. Employees are encouraged not only to possess a high level of expertise in their respective roles but also to approach their work with passion and dedication to achieving outstanding results.

About the Implats (Impala Platinum) Engineering Learnerships 2024-2027
Implats is seeking for candidates to participate in their 36-month Engineering learnerships that focuses specifically on the professional Rigging field. The Implats (Impala Platinum) Engineering Learnerships offers participants a comprehensive learning experience, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely install, maintain, and repair electrical systems, equipment, and machinery within a plant environment.

Throughout the program, learners will gain a thorough understanding of industry best practices and safety protocols, enabling them to carry out their responsibilities effectively and contribute to the smooth functioning of the plant’s electrical infrastructure. This learnership serves as a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking to develop their expertise in the field of electrical engineering and make significant contributions to the industry.

Eligibility Criteria
The Implats (Impala Platinum) Engineering Learnerships is open to candidates who meet the eligibility criteria specified by the program. These criteria will be used to assess candidates fairly, determining their suitability for the learnership. Failure to meet these requirements will result in disqualification from the registration process.

The Implats (Impala Platinum) Engineering Learnerships Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Obtain a completed N2 or NCV4 certificate in the appropriate fields:
    • Fitting – Mechanical Engineering.
    • Rigging – Rigging
    • Boilermaking – Boilermaking
    • Fitting (Internal Applicants Only) – Mechanical Engineering
  • Include subjects at N2 level: Mathematics, Engineering Science, Riggers trade theory, Engineering drawing
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the applicable trade
  • Ensure medical fitness for both plants (BMR and PMR).

Employees from the designated groups will be prioritized in accordance with the Employment Equity Act, the company’s recruitment policy, and its Employment Equity Plan.

Application Instructions
Apply online (Implats (Impala Platinum) Engineering Learnerships 2024-2027):

Apart from filling out the application form, candidates are required to attach their most recent Curriculum Vitae, Identity Document, latest results statement, and valid qualifications. These documents must be included in the application dossier. Candidates who submit incomplete dossiers will not be considered for the registration process.

When providing personal information in the applications, please be aware that it will be subject to the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013. Consequently, all candidate information will be handled with the utmost responsibility. Candidates should understand that their information will be further evaluated by the selection committee.

Applications must be submitted exclusively through the online platform. Candidates who choose to send their applications through other external methods, such as fax or email, will be disqualified from the programme.

Closing Date
Applications for the Implats (Impala Platinum) Engineering Learnerships must be submitted before the closing date on 12 July 2024.

Enrolling promptly increases the chances of securing your application early, but it does not guarantee immediate success. Its purpose is to secure your position throughout the recruiting process.

Implats reserves the right to offer or decline employment at its discretion. The decisions made by the selecting committee are final and binding for all parties involved.


  1. I meet all the requirements I would like to be in an engineering learnership for fitter and tunner, I’ve been applying but no luck as I’m in production side n it’s difficult for me to be taken.. I really wana develop myself through the engineering industry

  2. Am really interested in this job opportunity I meet all requirements really need this learnership
    I have been in

  3. Hi ,I would love you explore my knowledge with you guys learn and come across new Im a hard worker i can also multitask

  4. Hi I like to get an opportunity for electrical infrastructure and construction NQF 4 and N3 I am a hardworker so I like to improve my knowledge in electrical infrastructure and construction

  5. I am highly motivated with this post because thinking of what I can do when I get a chance to be part along with my qualifications in Electrical engineering ,I think am the one who can fit nor occupy the position with a good manners and also with vision in generating the new things and creativity is my ability too.

  6. Hy i am really interested in this job opportunity you won’t regret by giving me this opportunity because I am fast learner and hard worker keep me updated on –

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