Boland College IT (Information Technology) Learnership 2023-2024: Opportunity for Unemployed Individuals

About Boland College
Boland College is a rural-based educational institution that comprises five campuses, namely Caledon, Paarl, Stellenbosch, Strand, and Worcester, with its main office located in Stellenbosch. Prior to the merger, four of these campuses operated as independent colleges, each with a rich tradition of quality education and results, and a degree of autonomy.

The merger process was completed in 2001, and a fifth campus was established in Caledon in January 2002, all of which boast excellent facilities. The need to address education and training opportunities is attributed to various factors, which align with the principles of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training legislation. Boland College aspires to be visionary, innovative, and committed leaders in Technical and Vocational Education and Training in the Boland Region.

About the Boland College IT (Information Technology) Learnership 2023-2024
Boland College is looking for candidates who are interested in joining a 12-month learnership in the field of Information Technology: System Supports. The Boland College IT (Information Technology) Learnership is an extensive program that encompasses a total of 7 modules, each with a value of 147 credits. These modules have been carefully designed to provide a comprehensive and structured curriculum that will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the IT industry.

Throughout the program, you will be exposed to a range of theoretical assessments and practical working sessions held in a real-time company setting. This will give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world scenarios and develop practical skills that are highly sought after by employers. The program is facilitated by professional training providers who are highly skilled and experienced in the IT industry. They will guide you through the course, providing you with the necessary support and encouragement to achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

Eligibility Criteria
As soon as possible, put in your application for the Boland College IT (Information Technology) Learnership. Nevertheless, you must first study the qualifications for the program. Your suitability as a candidate will depend on these variables. Please refer to the eligibility standards given below if you would want to double-check your credentials. It’s preferable if you can do everything on the following list if you want to boost your chances of success.

The Boland College IT (Information Technology) Learnership Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Currently between 18-35 years old
  • Unemployed at the moment
  • Residing withing the Municipal District of Stellenbosch
  • Has either one of the qualifications below:
    • An NCV in Information Technology NQF Level 4 qualification
    • A Matric qualification with CAT or a similar computer related subject
    • Understands basic computer literacy and passionate about the Information Technology.

Application Instructions
Apply via email: send an email to [email protected] (Patricia Johannes) to request an application pack (Boland College IT (Information Technology) Learnership 2023-2024).

If you find it more convenient, you can submit your job application via email using your smartphone. This method allows you to send emails and attach any necessary files, such as your CV, from your Gmail app if you are using an OS Android smartphone.

It is important to note that by submitting your application, you are granting the selection committee permission to utilize your personal information for registration purposes. This information will be kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of evaluating your candidacy.

To ensure the validity of candidates, all applications will go through additional evaluation and vetting procedures. It is imperative that all applicants provide accurate and truthful information on their application. Any instances of falsification discovered during the application review process will result in immediate disqualification from the registration period.

It is essential that all candidates submit their applications through the portal provided above. Applications submitted through other methods, such as hand-delivery or fax, will not be accepted by the selection committee. This policy is in place to ensure the fairness and consistency of the application process for all candidates.

Closing Date
Applications for the Boland College IT (Information Technology) Learnership must be submitted before the closing date on 28 February 2023.

By enrolling as quickly as possible, you can make sure that your application is secured as soon as possible. This is just intended to provide you with a steady job during the hiring process and does not guarantee rapid success.

The selection committee will not review applications submitted by candidates beyond the deadline. Regardless of their substance, all entries submitted after the deadline will be promptly dismissed.

Anybody may get an employment offer from Boland College at any moment, at its sole and absolute discretion. The selection committee’s judgments are final and enforceable against all participants.

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