Blue Marble Learnership 2024: Opportunity for Unemployed People with Disability

About Blue Marble
Blue Marble South Africa stands as a prominent figure in the employment sector, delivering a broad spectrum of services catering to individuals and enterprises. At its core, the organization is dedicated to aiding individuals in realizing their career aspirations by providing essential training and indispensable resources crucial for success within their chosen professional domain.

Moreover, Blue Marble South Africa collaborates with businesses of varying scales and sectors to assist them in discovering the perfect candidates to fulfill their unique requirements. Leveraging a team of seasoned recruiters, the organization ensures a proficient match between job seekers and suitable job opportunities. Beyond mere placement, Blue Marble South Africa extends continuous support to both job seekers and employers.

About the Blue Marble Learnership 2024
Blue Marble is offering a learnership programme for unemployed South African indviiduals who have a living disability and would like to develop their abilities. Enroll in the outstanding Blue Marble Learnership, a program designed to provide you with a solid foundation in this sector.

This learnership offers a structured curriculum that integrates theoretical assessments with hands-on practical sessions within an authentic corporate environment. Expert training providers will guide and mentor you throughout the program, fostering your significant growth as you advance towards achieving a recognized qualification. This comprehensive experience is crafted to empower you with the knowledge and skills essential for success in the industry.

Eligbility Criteria
To optimize your likelihood of a successful application for the Blue Marble Learnership, it’s highly recommended to promptly submit your application. However, prior to doing so, it’s imperative to carefully review the program’s eligibility criteria, as this will ascertain your compatibility for the position. To confirm your alignment with the essential criteria, please refer to the comprehensive list of qualifying requirements provided below. Meeting all the stipulated requirements on the list will significantly bolster your chances of being chosen for the opportunity.

The Blue Marble Learnership Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Be a South African with a valid ID (Provide a copy of your ID).
  • Ensure your age falls within the range of 18 to 28 years.
  • Present your Matric certificate (Submit a copy of the certificate).
  • Demonstrate proficiency in reading and writing.
  • Provide proof of disability (Submit a Doctor/Hospital Letter).

Application Instructions
Apply online Blue Marble Learnership 2024 at:

For seamless access to the aforementioned website, it is strongly recommended to utilize Google Chrome as your preferred web browser. It is essential to furnish precise and pertinent information by completing the necessary fields on the application portal.

For enhanced convenience, applicants have the option to utilize their smartphones, especially those equipped with an Android operating system, for the application process. In this scenario, Google Chrome is the suggested web browser due to its inherent availability on Android devices.

Alternatively, you can send in your updated Curriculum Vitae and attached documents to this email address: [email protected]

Please bear in mind that all personal details provided will undergo thorough scrutiny by the selection committee. Hence, ensuring the accuracy and truthfulness of the information is paramount.

By submitting your application, you are granting authorization to the selection committee to employ your personal information for registration purposes. It is important to note that applications will undergo meticulous review and screening to verify the credibility of the applicants. Any falsification or inaccuracies in the application will result in the disqualification of the candidate during the registration phase.

Applicants are mandated to utilize the specified portal for the application process. The selection committee will not entertain applications submitted through alternative means such as hand delivery or fax.

Closing Date
Applications for the Blue Marble Learnership must be submitted before the closing date on 31 October 2023.

Applications submitted past the specified deadline will not be reviewed or taken into account by the selection committee. Additionally, contributions received after the deadline during the registration period will not be acknowledged.

We strongly advise all potential applicants to promptly submit their applications. This will allow ample time for a thorough review of the provided information. Please ensure your applications are prepared and submitted at your earliest convenience.

It’s important to note that during the hiring process, Blue Marble reserves the right to either schedule or decline to make an appointment. The decisions made by the selection committee are final and binding in all aspects of the selection process.


  1. I’ll be happy if I got the opportunity to learn new skills n got this learnership programme.

  2. Being part of the program will be such a great honour cause I will get learn new skills and meet new different people.

  3. I would like to apply i was regreteble in dbn bcs of my age i don”t think u can also regret my application bcs of my age

  4. I will like to apply for the learnership blue marble because I like to learn new skills in life

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