UFS (University of the Free State) Plumbing Apprenticeship 2024-2025: Looking for Responsible and Dependable Applicants

About the UFS (University of the Free State)
Established in 1904 as the Grey University College in Bloemfontein, the University of the Free State (UFS) has evolved into a prestigious institution of higher learning in South Africa. The university, initially offering Humanities courses to just six students, has expanded significantly and now boasts multiple campuses. With two campuses in Bloemfontein and one in Qwaqwa in the Eastern Free State, the UFS is a thriving multi-campus institution catering to over 40,000 students across seven faculties. Committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic environment, the UFS attracts international students and actively engages with the community.

Throughout its 119-year history, the UFS has consistently produced top-quality graduates who have excelled in various fields. A distinguishing feature of the institution is its robust student support initiatives, contributing to some of the highest success rates in the country. Prioritizing the production of graduates highly sought-after in the global job market, the UFS maintains a strategic network of industry partners. By closely collaborating with both public and private sectors, the university continually renews its curriculum and programs to ensure the development of highly employable graduates. This commitment reflects the UFS’s dedication to academic excellence, innovation, and preparing students for success in their chosen careers.

About the UFS (University of the Free State) Plumbing Apprenticeship 2024-2025
UFS (University of the Free State) is offering an apprenticeship programme based in Bloemfontein for those looking for work-related training in Plumbing. The UFS (University of the Free State) Plumbing Apprenticeship involves actively contributing to the installation, maintenance, and repair of plumbing systems throughout the university campus. This program offers a valuable opportunity to acquire experience by learning and applying plumbing codes and regulations with the guidance of experienced professionals. Collaboration with the maintenance team is encouraged to effectively identify and troubleshoot plumbing issues.

Hands-on skills development occurs through close work with senior plumbers, while technical knowledge and proficiency are further honed through active participation in training programs and courses. It is essential to maintain thorough records of work performed and materials used. Proficiency in utilizing hand tools and equipment is expected, and adherence to both verbal and written instructions is emphasized. Overall, this apprenticeship provides a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience in the field of plumbing.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the UFS (University of the Free State) Plumbing Apprenticeship 2024-2025’s Job ID: 5615 (40 hours per week).

Eligibility Criteria
To express your interest in the UFS (University of the Free State) Plumbing Apprenticeship, we strongly encourage you to register. In the event of any uncertainty regarding your eligibility, take the time to meticulously examine the specified requirements. Compare these prerequisites against your qualifications to assess your compatibility with the program. Fulfilling all the outlined criteria significantly enhances your likelihood of acceptance. While falling short of meeting certain criteria may not lead to automatic disqualification, it could potentially diminish your chances of being accepted. Therefore, a thorough review and alignment of your qualifications with the program’s requirements are advised to optimize your application success.

The UFS (University of the Free State) Plumbing Apprenticeship Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Complete the required coursework at an accredited institution.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of plumbing tools and equipment.
  • Gain experience with plumbing, although it’s not essential.
  • Be reliable, responsible, dependable, and fulfill obligations effectively.
  • Deal calmly and effectively with high-stress situations.
  • Manage multiple activities simultaneously.
  • Plan work and follow plans efficiently.
  • Adhere to rules and strictly follow work regulations.
  • Be proficient in using MS Office.
  • Maintain high levels of personal motivation, energy, and enthusiasm.
  • Cooperate with others, display a good-natured attitude, and encourage teamwork.
  • Be self-assured and at ease with people in all types of social situations.
  • Make decisions through consultation, collaboration, and work closely under supervision.

Application Instructions
Apply online: UFS (University of the Free State) Plumbing Apprenticeship 2024-2025.

Candidatse will need to provide the documents below:

  • A comprehensive resume and a well-crafted cover letter.
  • Duplicate copies of qualifications (including SAQA accreditation for foreign qualifications).
  • A duplicate copy of your academic transcript.
  • A duplicate copy of your identification document (ID or passport for foreign nationals).
  • A duplicate copy of your driver’s license, if applicable.

For optimal accessibility to the mentioned website, it is advised to utilize Google Chrome as your preferred web browser. Once on the site, carefully input the most pertinent and precise responses into the designated fields to ensure the accuracy of your information. All personal details provided should align accurately with your current circumstances.

Alternatively, you have the option to apply using your mobile device, a more practical choice compared to a computer. For Android users, Google Chrome is readily available, eliminating the need for additional browser installations.

By submitting your application, you are granting consent for the selection committee to utilize your personal information exclusively for registration purposes. Please be aware that all applications will undergo a thorough review and vetting process to verify their authenticity. Any inclusion of false information will result in disqualification from the registration period.

It is imperative to use the designated portal for application processing, as submissions through alternative methods such as hand delivery or fax will not be accepted by the selection committee. This ensures a streamlined and efficient application process for all candidates.

Closing Date
Applications for the UFS (University of the Free State) Plumbing Apprenticeship must be submitted before the closing date on 31 January 2024.

Applications submitted beyond the specified deadline will not undergo consideration by the selection committee. Any contributions received after the deadline concludes will not be acknowledged while the registration period remains active.

It is strongly recommended that applicants promptly submit their applications, allowing ample time to meticulously review the information provided in their submissions. Therefore, it is advised to have applications prepared and submitted at the earliest convenience.

The University of the Free State (UFS) retains the authority to decide whether to make an appointment during the recruitment process. It is crucial to recognize that all decisions reached by the selection committee are definitive and final, underscoring the importance of adherence to the specified procedures and timelines.

Commitee Details
Do you have a question regarding the UFS (University of the Free State) Plumbing Apprenticeship? Don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to send in your enquiries and concerns to the contact person below:

Telephone Numbers: +27 51 401 2979/ 98110/ 9813 /9814/ 9848/ 7659

Email Adress: [email protected] or [email protected]

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