PPC Cement Learnerships 2024: Opportunities in the Fields of Electrician, Fitter and Turner, and Boilermaker

About PPC
PPC South Africa stands as a distinguished and highly regarded entity, wielding significant influence in the construction and building materials industry. With a rich and storied history dating back to its inception, PPC has solidified its position as a premier supplier of cement, aggregates, and associated products within the nation.

Fueled by a steadfast commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, PPC South Africa is unwavering in its dedication to delivering construction solutions that align with the dynamic needs of the industry. The company’s diverse product portfolio encompasses various cement types, concrete formulations, and aggregates, each meticulously designed to cater to specific applications in the construction sector.

About the PPC Cement Learnerships 2024
PPC is offering candidates various learnership programmes in the fields of Electrician, Fitter and Turner, and Boilermaker to further improve your abilities and skills. Engage in the exceptional learning experience offered by the PPC Cement Learnerships, designed to provide you with a solid foundation in the sector. This comprehensive program incorporates a well-structured curriculum encompassing theoretical assessments and hands-on practical sessions conducted within an authentic company environment.

Guided by seasoned training providers, you will have the opportunity to make significant strides as you progress toward obtaining a qualification. The program not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also offers valuable real-world insights, ensuring a holistic and practical understanding of the industry. Embrace the chance to enhance your skills and knowledge under the mentorship of industry professionals, contributing to your overall growth and development in this dynamic field.

Eligibility Criteria
Do you think you have the necessary qualifications to apply for the PPC Cement Learnerships? Ensure you submit your application promptly! Before proceeding, it’s crucial to thoroughly review the eligibility requirements for the position. These conditions will determine if you are a suitable fit for the role. If you wish to assess your eligibility, please carefully examine the criteria provided below. To improve your chances of success, it is advisable to meet all the criteria outlined in the following list.

The PPC Cement Learnerships Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Possess a valid Driver’s license Code 8.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Work overtime as required.
  • Volunteer to assist in any additional tasks.
  • Successfully pass a pre-employment medical examination for approved applicants.
  • Develop technical aptitude, interpersonal, and innovative skills in this position.
  • Demonstrate self-motivation and a willingness to learn as a suitable candidate.
  • Attend training at the PPC Technical Skills Academy – Mahikeng (Fitter & Turner,
  • Boilermaker, and Electrical) as required.
  • Attain a minimum qualification of N2 with the following subjects:
    • Electrical Trade Theory / Fitting and Turning Trade Theory / Platers Trade Theory
    • Mathematics
    • Engineering Science
    • Industrial Electronics

Application Instructions
Apply online:

  1. Learner A Electrician – Ref. No. PPC231017-9
  2. Learner A Electrician – Ref. No. PPC231017-7
  3. Learner A Electrician – Ref. No. PPC231017-6
  4. Learner A Fitter and Turner – Ref. No. PPC231017-5
  5. Learner A Fitter and Turner – Ref. No. PPC231017-4
  6. Learner A Boilermaker – Ref. No. PPC231017-3
  7. Learner A Fitter and Turner – Ref. No. PPC231017-2
  8. Learner A Fitter and Turner – Ref. No. PPC231017-1

It is recommended to use Google Chrome as your preferred browser when accessing the specified website.

To submit your applications successfully, you must complete the registration process on the application portal, and this registered account will be essential throughout the entire registration procedure.

Ensuring the security of your account details is crucial; refrain from sharing your account information, especially your password, under any circumstances.

Alternatively, you can choose to register using your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts, saving a significant amount of time by avoiding the need to create a new account from scratch.

Your submission will be reviewed by the entire selection committee, including yourself, and the information provided will be treated confidentially. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a thorough review to ensure accuracy, as providing misleading information could potentially pose risks for candidates.

The information supplied in your application will be used by the selection committee to enroll you for the event. By submitting your applications, you grant permission to the committee to use your personal information for this purpose.

Applicants are required to use only the specified website to submit their applications. Any attempts to submit materials through alternative means, such as hand delivery or fax, will be rejected by the evaluating committee.

Closing Date
Applications for PPC Cement Learnerships the must be submitted before the closing date on 24 November 2023.

The selection committee strictly adheres to a policy that prohibits the acceptance of applications beyond the specified deadline. Any submissions received after the closing date will be excluded from consideration during the registration period.

Applicants are strongly advised to promptly submit their applications, allowing ample time for a comprehensive review of the submitted materials. Kindly prepare and send in your applications at your earliest convenience.

Throughout the recruitment process, PPC maintains the prerogative to decide whether to proceed with an appointment. The decisions rendered by the selection committee hold significant authority and are final and irreversible.


  1. Hi I’m a hardworking person who is willing to learn and can work under pressure

  2. Hy im a hard working person and can work underpressure.im willing to learn new stratergies of improving a company demands. I will attach my cv.

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