Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2023: Looking for Applicants with Grade 12 Qualification

About Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances
Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances, a proudly South African company, is deeply rooted in its mission to empower individuals within local communities, fostering a sense of self-acceptance and authenticity. Central to their vision is the creation of an all-embracing environment where people from various backgrounds can wholeheartedly and freely express themselves. The company firmly acknowledges that personal expression should never be confined by financial limitations. Thus, their unwavering commitment lies in offering high-quality beauty products at prices that are within reach for all.

Their overarching aim is to ensure that a diverse and premium range of beauty items is accessible to a broad spectrum of individuals. At Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances, they hold a strong belief that genuine confidence emanates from within and is not contingent upon the amount one invests in their appearance. They are dedicated to bolstering this self-assurance by providing customers with exceptional products that serve to enhance their natural beauty.

About the Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances Job Vacancy as Receptionist 2023
Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances is offering an employment opportunity for candidates who would like to work as a professional Receptionist with the company. The Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances Job Vacancy as Receptionist requires you to perform the duties below:

  • Extend a warm greeting to staff and visitors upon their arrival at the reception area.
  • Direct visitors to the appropriate personnel and offices efficiently.
  • Operate the switchboard with effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Handle, screen, and forward incoming phone calls promptly.
  • Answer phone calls with the agreed-upon greeting, maintaining a polite and appropriate tone.
  • Record messages and ensure their timely delivery to the intended recipients.
  • Maintain the reception area’s appearance, ensuring it is orderly, neat, and well-presented, with all necessary stationery and materials available, including pens, forms, and brochures.
  • Ensure that only authorized employees have access to the reception desk and its related responsibilities.
  • Offer basic and accurate information in person, over the phone, and via email.
  • Receive, sort, and distribute daily mail and deliveries.
  • Uphold office security by adhering to safety procedures and controlling access through the reception desk.
  • Manage the ordering and inventory of reception/front office supplies.
  • Carry out additional clerical receptionist tasks, such as filing and photocopying.
  • Assist walk-in customers by referring them to the Head Office store and notifying the Brand
  • Sales Co-ordinator when a customer requires assistance.
  • Perform cash reconciliations at the close of each day.
  • Ensure that the handover of Petty Cash occurs prior to and following periods of leave or other absences.
  • Arrange for the collection of parcels by the appropriate courier service.
  • Guarantee that all parcels received from courier services reach their intended recipients.
  • Forward email communications to the Warehouse and Autograph to confirm the dates for placing allocation orders and their readiness for collection.
  • Receive, pick, and process staff allocation purchases for the Warehouse and Autograph.
  • Compile and submit monthly staff member sales reports.
  • Receive, collate, and verify daily sales figures from stores.
  • Distribute daily and weekly store sales figures to the approved distribution list.
  • Respond to email communications promptly and direct any queries to the responsible individual.
  • Provide assistance to the Operations Assistant and Brand Sales Co-ordinator as needed.

Eligibility Criteria
If you have a keen interest in the field, an opportunity awaits you to apply for the Receptionist position at Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances. Nevertheless, before you embark on the application journey, it is essential to confirm that you meet the precise eligibility criteria for the position. Each of the criteria listed below will serve as a substantial factor in assessing your suitability for the job. To enhance your prospects of a successful application, it is imperative to meet all of the subsequent requirements:

The Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances Job Vacancy as Receptionist Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Achieve a Grade 12 or equivalent qualification.
  • Gain an advantage by obtaining certification in Office Management.
  • Secure your position by demonstrating previous experience in a similar role.
  • Ensure proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Acquire necessary skills in working with spreadsheets and collating information from various sources.
  • Enhance your application with experience in a customer service role within a retail or related setting.
  • Maintain a professional attitude and appearance at all times.

Application Instructions
Apply online Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances Job Vacancy as Shop Assistant 2023 at:

We highly recommend utilizing Google Chrome as your web browser when accessing the designated website.

Please make sure to input accurate and up-to-date personal information when filling out the application form. It is crucial to provide the most pertinent responses in the appropriate sections.

It’s worth noting that the entire selection committee, which includes your participation, will carefully scrutinize the information you furnish. Therefore, it’s of paramount importance to meticulously review your submission to ensure there are no inaccuracies. The inclusion of false information can lead to significant consequences.

Upon submitting your application, you grant the selection committee permission to utilize your personal details for registration purposes. Rest assured that all applications will undergo additional scrutiny and validation procedures to confirm the legitimacy of applicants. In the event that any individuals are discovered to have provided false information in their applications, they will be disqualified from registering during the allocated registration period.

Candidates are mandated to utilize the provided portal exclusively for submitting their applications. Submissions made through alternative methods, such as in-person delivery or fax, will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances Job Vacancy as Receptionist must be submitted before the closing date on 31 October 2023.

If you have a keen interest in joining the learnership program, we encourage you to go ahead and submit your applications. To ensure the smooth processing of your application, we strongly advise that you send it in at your earliest convenience, rather than waiting until the eleventh hour.

It is essential to be aware that the selection committee will not consider applications received after the specified deadline. If, regrettably, your application arrives past the due date, it will automatically be disqualified.

Throughout the application period, Signature Cosmetics and Fragrances reserves the right to make the ultimate decision regarding candidate appointments. Please be informed that the judgments rendered by the selection committee are definitive and binding.


  1. Result driven, profesional with a strong check record. Proven expertise in computer skills. Time management and probleme solving skills, combined with commitment. Eager to contribute my skills and experience to a company to drive success and achieve mutual goals.

    Thank you for the opportunity to apply.

  2. Hello hiring manager my name is Tshegofatso malesa and would like to apply for a job at signature,I have completed my matric

  3. Hello hiring manager my name is Tshegofatso malesa and would like to apply for a job at signature I have come my matric.

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