Kele Mining Solutions Job Vacancy as Mechanic Assistant 2022: Accepting Grade 12 Applicants for Entry-Level Position

About Kele Mining Solutions
Mining consultancy firm Kele Mining Solutions began operations in 2007 after being founded. They subsequently transitioned into contract mining in 2014, and in 2016, they secured their first significant contract. Kele Mining Solutions specializes in providing specialized contract mining services and use mining technology that is uniquely their own in order to increase mining efficiency and safety. They want to reach the point when all of their activities are entirely automated and mechanized.

The project coverage of Kele Mining Solutions has expanded dramatically over the course of the previous three years, and the company’s organizational structure has also undergone considerable change. Their success may be attributed to their people. A committed project initiation team is housed within the Kele Mining Solutions framework. This team is responsible for starting new projects and continuing to do so until the necessary operational readiness is reached. After then, the new project will finally be integrated into the official operations framework.

About the Kele Mining Solutions Job Vacancy as Mechanic Assistant 2022
Kele Mining Solutions is looking for an applicant to fulfill their entry-level position as a Mechanic Assistant in a professional Mining and Metals environment. The Kele Mining Solutions Job Vacancy as Mechanic Assistant is seeking candidates who are originating from the Kathu area. You will be required to lead a team of Mechanics. If you think this opportunity works best for you, don’t hesitate to register for the position.

Eligibility Criteria
Do you believe you have what it takes to apply for the job opening of Mechanic Assistant at Kele Mining Solutions? If so, we want to hear from you! Make certain to get your application in as quickly as humanly possible! However, first things first, you will need to check out the qualifications needed for the position. Your performance in these areas will indicate whether or not you are a good candidate for the position. If you would like to verify that you meet the requirements, please ensure that you look over the eligibility requirements that are listed down below.

The Kele Mining Solutions Job Vacancy as Mechanic Assistant Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Owns a Grade 12 qualification
  • Has a legitimate Mechanical/Electrical Engineering National Diploma
  • Possesses a Driver’s License Code 10
  • Shows at least 2 years of prior working experience in the Mines environment and knows how to optimize the maintenance of heavy mechanical equipment
  • Advantageous: has an Artisan Trade.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Kele Mining Solutions Job Vacancy as Mechanic Assistant 2022.

If you believe that you would be a good fit for this position, please feel free to submit your application through the online portal located above. At this point, you will be prompted to enter all of the mandatory information that will be necessary throughout the entirety of the registration process.

You can also submit your application by using your smartphone instead of your computer because this method is significantly more convenient. You can use Google Chrome as your web browser if you are working with an Android operating system on your handheld device. You don’t need to install any other browsers on your phone because Google Chrome comes pre-installed in handsets running the Android operating system.

In addition to that, we will ask you to upload the most recent version of your curriculum vitae. Make sure that your curriculum vitae includes all of the necessary information, such as your accomplishments, abilities, and credentials. You should take advantage of the opportunity presented by this document to highlight your qualifications as a potential candidate and the reasons why you should be selected.

By submitting your applications, you are granting the selection committee permission to use your personal information for registration purposes. This authorization is given when you send in your applications.

To confirm that the candidates being considered are legitimate, additional screening and evaluation processes will be performed on the applications. Anyone who is found to have lied about any component of their applications will be kicked out of the registration period.

Candidates are required to complete the application process via the portal that was provided above. The selection committee will not consider any submissions that were made using alternative methods, such as hand delivery or faxing in the application.

Closing Date
Applications for the Kele Mining Solutions Job Vacancy as Mechanic Assistant must be submitted before the closing date on 05 September 2022.

Be sure to send in your applications as soon as possible. An early submission can help you guarantee a spot during the registration period. Plus, it prevents any unwanted last-minute incidents, like sudden heavy Internet traffic or missing documents.

Applications for the position must be submitted before the closing date. Late applications will not be tolerated by the selection committee, and these kinds of submissions will be disqualified by the vacancy.

Kele Mining Solutions holds all rights to appoint anyone during the recruitment period. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.

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