Save the Animals with WWF-SA Graduate Internship Programme 2021

About the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
The World Wildlife Fund, commonly referred to as WWF, is a prominent, global organization that has been praised for its efforts in the environmental sector. Based in Switzerland, the World Wildlife Fund was established as a means to provide sustainability and clean energy for all living individuals on the planet. With the upcoming years coming by, it has become apparent that the world is undergoing through a series of natural disasters, a depletion in wildlife, and a dramatic change in nature. Under the WWF, it is hoped that the organization is able to promote the importance of saving the world one resource at a time for a better tomorrow.

In South Africa, the WWF is established under 1968 through the partnership of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and South Africa’s very own conservationist, Dr Anton Rupert. Acknowledging South Africa’s richness in flora and fauna, it is no surprise that the WWF is formed in the nation. South Africa’s biodiversity is not just an asset, but it is also a part of the country’s identity. Over the past 50 years, the WWF has conducted multiple initiatives in order to protect its own natural species.

About the WWF-SA Graduate Internship Programme 2021
The WWF-SA Graduate Internship is a 12-month, contractual programme that offers a real-time working experience within South Africa’s environmental sector. The programme, which will take place in Newlands, Western Cape, is mainly targeted towards graduates who plan on pursuing a career in certain environmental-related industries, such as Science & Technology, Engineering, and Training. The internship will take place from from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022, in which you will need to commit yourself into the entirety of the programme by undertaking serious tasks and responsibilities. Under this internship, participants will receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience what it’s like working with professional experts who have dedicated a majority of their lifetimes contributing towards the environment.

Eligibility Criteria
Future candidates of the WWF-SA Graduate Internship Programme 2021 must be able to meet the eligibility criteria that has been standardized by the selection committee. Each of these items below will determine your acceptance into the programme. Failure to meet all of them may not immediately get you disqualified from the application procedure, but it may reduce your chances of success. Therefore, please pay attention to everything in this following list.

The WWF-SA Graduate Internship Programme 2021 Requirements are:

  • Has finished an accredited educational degree in any one of these following subjects:
    • Natural Science
    • Engineering
    • Social Sciences
    • Arts
    • Legal
    • Business
  • Priority will be mainly offered to post graduate students – however, undergraduates may stand a chance provided they display impressive academic accomplishments
  • Possess passion towards creating a better and more sustainable future for the world to live in
  • Invested in the field of Environment
  • Holds an impeccable academic and professional record
  • Displays inspiring leadership capabilities.

Application Instructions
Apply online WWF-SA Graduate Internship Programme 2021.

Before you can begin your applications, you will need to register for an account. Please take a look at the specific application instructions below:

  • Take a look on the “Not a member yet?” section
  • Make an account by providing your e-mail address and creating a password
  • After you have been successfully registered, you can now start applying
  • Click on the “Edit CV” tab
  • Fill in the page with all of your personal information
  • Upload your most recent Curriculum Vitae (Microsoft Word file, does not exceed 2MB) – if you do not have a CV yet, you can manually create one directly on the portal
  • Submit your applications.

Important Notes

  • Take a look at all of the positions that are offered, and be sure to list three of them out based on your level of preference when filling in your application form
  • Upload these required documentation under one single PDF file:
    • A valid copy of your Identity Document/passport
    • A valid copy of your full academic transcripts
    • Your most recent Curriculum Vitae (does not exceed more than 2 pages)
  • Only send in the documents that are required by the selection committee – do not send in any documents that are not requested by the programme
  • Candidates are encouraged to apply through a computer or laptop as the application portal is not fully supporter through tablets or hand phones
  • Should you have any problems with your applications, do not hesitate to reach out to the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the WWF-SA Graduate Internship Programme 2021 must be submitted before the closing date on 31 August 2020. All submissions are expected to be sent before the deadline as the committee does not tolerate any late applications. Failure to meet the closing date may result in your applications getting disqualified from the registration procedure and losing your chance with this internship.

WWF Contact Details
Physical Address: 1st Floor, Bridge House, Boundary Terraces, Mariendahl Lane, Newlands, Cape Town
Postal Address: P.O. Box 23273, Claremont, 7735
Fax: +27 86 535 9433
Phone Number: +27 21 657 6600

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