Vans Job Vacancy as Visual Merchandiser 2023: Accepting Individuals with Grade 12 Qualification

About Vans
Vans South Africa is a prominent branch of the globally renowned brand, Vans, renowned for its iconic footwear, apparel, and accessories. With a strong presence in the South African market, the brand appeals to a diverse customer base that appreciates its distinct and authentic style. Vans South Africa offers a wide array of products, including classic sneakers, skate shoes, and trendy apparel that resonate with the country’s vibrant youth culture and streetwear enthusiasts. Emphasizing creativity, self-expression, and individuality, Vans has become a favorite among South African youth and those who embrace the skate and surf lifestyle.

One of the defining features of Vans South Africa is its strong collaboration with local artists, designers, and influencers, further cementing its connection with the South African creative community. This partnership approach allows the brand to introduce exclusive and culturally relevant designs, making its offerings even more appealing to its diverse customer base. Moreover, Vans South Africa demonstrates its commitment to being a socially and environmentally responsible brand by actively engaging in initiatives that support local communities and promote environmental sustainability.

About the Vans Job Vacancy as Visual Merchandiser 2023
Vans is offering an employment opportunity for candidates who are keen on working as a professional Visual Merchandiser for the respectable shoe company. As a Visual Merchandiser for the Vans Job Vacancy, you will play a pivotal role in curating visually captivating and dynamic displays within Vans retail stores or designated spaces. Your primary objective will be to entice customers and stimulate sales by presenting Vans products in an alluring and meticulously organized fashion.

Your duties as Visual Merchandiser include:

  • Plan and execute layout and design of Vans product displays according to brand guidelines and seasonal themes
  • Arrange merchandise, signage, props, and graphics strategically for visually appealing displays
  • Showcase Vans products effectively by organizing them by category, style, or color to maximize visual impact
  • Ensure proper tagging and pricing of merchandise for a seamless shopping experience
  • Collaborate with store management and sales associates to understand product priorities and provide guidance on visual merchandising standards
  • Create eye-catching window displays to promote Vans products and align with current promotions
  • Uphold Vans’ visual merchandising standards consistently across all stores
  • Update displays to reflect seasonal changes, new product launches, and promotional events
  • Assist in monitoring inventory levels and coordinating with store management for visual merchandising purposes
  • Provide training and support to store staff on visual merchandising techniques and product knowledge
  • Respond to emails and office correspondence promptly
  • Maintain a clean and tidy work area
  • Embrace and support the company’s mission, vision, and core values
  • Meet prescribed deadlines and targets
  • Maintain a professional and courteous demeanor while interacting with customers, suppliers, and employees
  • Perform any other reasonable and lawful ad hoc tasks or duties as required.

Eligibility Criteria
Are you confident in your ability to apply for the Vans Job Vacancy as a Visual Merchandiser? Waste no time and submit your application as soon as possible! But before you do so, make sure to review the position’s eligibility criteria, as they will determine your suitability for the role. Take a look at the eligibility criteria listed below to assess if you meet the qualifications required to be a strong candidate. Meeting all the items on the list will significantly increase your chances of success.

The Vans Job Vacancy as Visual Merchandiser Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Ensure you have a Grade 12 qualification
  • Having previous experience in a similar role or an internship is preferred
  • Exhibit exceptional written and verbal communication skills, paying close attention to details
  • Possess strong organizational abilities, capable of handling multiple tasks and meeting deadlines
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Google Suite
  • Familiarity with analytics and reporting tools is a bonus
  • Be adaptable to changing priorities and thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, showcasing excellent interpersonal skills
  • Embrace a creative mindset, contributing innovative ideas beyond the conventional
  • Demonstrate a passion for the VANS brand and a deep understanding of its target audience and culture.

Application Instructions
Apply online Vans Job Vacancy as Visual Merchandiser 2023 at:

For accessing the online portal mentioned above, it is strongly recommended that you use Google Chrome as your web browser to ensure smooth functionality and optimal user experience.

Once you access the application portal, kindly fill in the required boxes with your most relevant and accurate answers. It is essential that all the personal details provided align correctly with your current circumstances to avoid any discrepancies during the evaluation process.

The information you submit will undergo thorough evaluation by the entire selection committee. Therefore, it is crucial to double-check your responses and ensure that there are no inaccuracies or false information. Candidates found to be providing incorrect details may put their applications at risk.

Please be aware that by submitting your applications, you grant permission to the selection committee to utilize your personal information solely for registration purposes, adhering to strict confidentiality and data protection protocols.

Candidates are mandated to use the provided online portal for processing their applications. Any submissions made through alternative methods such as hand delivery or fax will not be accepted by the selection committee and will not be considered as part of the registration process. It is imperative to adhere to the specified application procedure to ensure fair and equitable consideration of all candidates.

Closing Date
Applications for the Vans Job Vacancy as Visual Merchandiser must be submitted before the closing date on 04 August 2023.

Late applications will not be tolerated by the selection committee, and submissions received after the closing date will not be considered for registration.

To avoid any issues, candidates are strongly advised to submit their applications promptly. Doing so will allow them enough time to thoroughly review and assess the contents of their submissions. It is recommended that applicants prepare their applications as early as possible.

Vans retains the discretion to appoint candidates during the recruitment process, and the decisions made by the selection committee are definitive and non-negotiable.


  1. I have more than 15 years experience in visual merchandising from Edgars, Levi Strauss and fashion boutiques. Im available immediately.

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  3. I really need this opportunity it would mean ao much to me honestly.
    I’d be very grateful is I get this job please.

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