Ultcare Job Vacancy as Secretary 2022: Looking for Grade 12 Applicants

About Ultcare
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About the Ultcare Job Vacancy as Secretary 2022
Ultcare is offering an employment opportunity as a Secretary for the company, requiring you to perform multiple administration and personal assistant duties. The Ultcare Job Vacancy as Secretary is a great chance for you to become part of a professional team that is insistent on providing ultimate customer satisfaction.

Location: Upington, Northern Cape

As a Secretary, you will be required to tackle the following responsibilities:

  • Administration of the functions for the organization
  • Organizing and preparing for board meetings, as well as preparing and submitting packets
  • Supporting the department’s strategic aims in the areas of employee relations and human resources administration
  • Fair Call data management and capture on certified platforms are essential
  • Provide ad hoc help to ensure the efficiency and smooth operation of the departments’ operations
  • Whenever necessary, do research and provide draft reports
  • Take charge of all areas of the Group Emergency Response and Training Director’s and the People Director’s calendars
  • Make arrangements for any travel or lodging that may be required
  • The canteen’s food and drinks are collected by the customer
  • Administration of the whole office
  • Team meetings and activities should be coordinated
  • Personal demands that arise on the fly.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates interested in the Ultcare Job Vacancy as Secretary must fulfill an eligibility criteria before proceeding with their applications. Each of these items below will determine whether you have what it takes to proceed with this vacancy. To guarantee a successful application, candidates are advised to meet all of the following requirements. Failure to do so will cause disadvantageous consequences towards the overall result of your applications. Be sure to jot down these items for personal reference.

The Ultcare Job Vacancy as Secretary Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Has a Grade 12 qualification with the relevant qualification
  • Possesses at least 2 years of experience working as an Executive Assistant
  • Shows a high level of proficiency in written and verbal communication
  • Understands advanced computer abilities (e.g. MS Office Suite)
  • Knows office management
  • Has a keen eye for small details
  • Organizes their workload well
  • Driven by deadlines
  • Can work under pressure
  • Knows how to compile reports
  • Has a high level of self motivation
  • Takes initiatives well
  • Can work independently without much supervisions
  • Communicates well with other team members
  • Advantageous: prior knowledge in Human Resources.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Ultcare Job Vacancy as Secretary 2022.

It is advised that you use Google Chrome as your web browser in order to access the aforementioned web address (see above).

For the purpose of submitting their applications, candidates are needed to create an account on the application site. It will be necessary to log into this account for the length of the registration procedure.

The information you enter will be used by the selection committee in order to register you for the event. By submitting your applications, you are granting the committee permission to use your personal information for the purposes of the committee’s investigation.

Candidates must submit their applications via the website given above in order to be considered for consideration. Failure to provide documents by other methods, such as hand delivery or fax, will result in the application being refused by the committee responsible for reviewing the application.

Closing Date
Applications for the Ultcare Job Vacancy as Secretary must be submitted before the closing date on 20 May 2022.

It is possible to guarantee that your application is protected as soon as possible by registering as soon as feasible. However, this does not guarantee immediate success and is just designed to give you with a stable position during the recruitment process.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the selection committee. Candidates that submit their applications after the deadline will not be considered. All submissions submitted after the deadline, regardless of their substance, will be discarded without further consideration.

Ultcare has the right to offer or refuse employment to anybody at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. The decisions of the choosing committee are final and binding on all parties engaged in the process.


  1. I love to work with your company,i’am a hard work and I like to work under pressure,work as a team

  2. Hi firstly i own 2 bitbulls and i love dogs,working for your team will be a great opportunity for me and a great benefit for your company..i will be very glad to work within your company as individual or team work thank you

  3. Good Morning Everyone my name is Nozipho Qalinge and would like to apply for a position in home executive or a cleaner
    My details as follows
    Cell : –
    Email address : –

    1. Good morning everyone i will like to apply for the position and i will like to be a team player please

  4. I really appreciate if you can get back to me.i would like to work with your company.

  5. I read all details above i would like to be part of your member i’m a hard worker also a fast learner i hope you will get back to me soon

  6. I understand everything and I’m looking forward to learn more about your company, I’m a hard worker, I have a good communication skills

  7. I would like to apply for the following job, as I’m a highly organized and dedicated person, and fit all the necessary skills stated above for the job.

    1. It would be such an honour and privilege working for this company . I am extremely organised and I meet all the requirement’s . I would love too get a follow up on weather I am accepted or not . I am very dedicated when it come’s too my job and I love too earn my trust as such .

  8. I really would appreciate if you can get back to me for the learnership. Iam a dedicated worker and I would love to work with your company.

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