Truworths Job Vacancy as Buyer 2024: Opportunity in Retail Industry for Tertiary Qualification Holders

About Truworths
Truworths distinguishes itself as a remarkably prosperous fashion chain within South Africa, encompassing an expansive network comprising over 728 establishments across the nation, complemented by an additional 49 outlets scattered throughout the rest of Africa. Functioning as a department store chain, Truworths operates under the umbrella of Truworths International, an investment holding entity publicly listed on the JSE. Within its portfolio, the subsidiaries of Truworths International are actively involved in both wholesale and retail ventures, with a primary focus on the retailing of women’s and men’s apparel alongside accessories.

Central to Truworths’ operational ethos lies a meticulously crafted concept that has undergone continuous refinement over the years. This concept serves as the cornerstone of a distinctive strategy designed to foster sustainable expansion within the multifaceted and rapidly evolving retail fashion sector. Anchored by the Truworths brand, this strategy embodies an innovative South African interpretation of prevailing fashion trends, presenting compelling styling that competes admirably on a global scale. The brand’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge fashion resonates with consumers, positioning Truworths as a formidable player in the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry.

About the Truworths Job Vacancy as Buyer 2024
Truworth is looking for professional applicants with a strong sense of the retail industry who has what it takes to work as a Buyer for the growing establishment. The Buyer position available at Truworths presents a promising opportunity for candidates to leverage their robust expertise cultivated over a span of six to eight years, either within the realms of retailing or clothing manufacturing as a Buyer specializing in Ladieswear, Menswear, Kidswear, Accessories, or Footwear. Essential to this role are exemplary technical merchandising skills and a track record of adeptly interpreting trends. Moreover, candidates are expected to possess the ability to conceptualize products, integrating individual fashion elements such as color, fabric, and silhouette into a cohesive product strategy, ultimately translating into tangible results at the retail level.

Successful candidates will thrive in this dynamic setting by infusing their endeavors with boundless energy, embracing an innovative mindset, and exhibiting an unwavering passion for the product. These qualities are pivotal in maintaining a competitive edge in an environment characterized by rapid changes and evolving consumer preferences. By embodying these attributes, candidates can position themselves as invaluable contributors within the challenging landscape of the fashion industry.

The Truworths Job Vacancy as Buyer is based in this location: Cape Town, Western Cape. For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Truworths Job Vacancy as Buyer 2024’s Reference Number: TRU240206-2.

General Duties as a Buyer

  • Conduct market research to identify trends, consumer preferences, and potential suppliers
  • Source and negotiate with suppliers to obtain the best terms, pricing, and quality for products
  • Evaluate supplier performance and maintain relationships with existing suppliers
  • Analyze inventory levels and make purchasing decisions to maintain optimal stock levels
  • Collaborate with other departments such as sales, marketing, and inventory management to forecast demand and plan purchases accordingly
  • Monitor industry developments and competitor activities to stay informed about market trends and opportunities
  • Manage the procurement process from order placement to delivery, ensuring timely and accurate fulfillment
  • Handle administrative tasks related to purchasing, such as processing orders, managing contracts, and maintaining procurement records
  • Resolve any issues or discrepancies with orders, deliveries, or product quality
  • Continuously review and improve purchasing strategies to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Eligibility Criteria
Prior to advancing their applications for the Buyer position within Truworths, prospective candidates must exhibit fulfillment of precise eligibility criteria. The assessment of your responses to the forthcoming inquiries will ascertain your suitability for further consideration in this role. It is strongly recommended that applicants meticulously verify that their submissions meet all the stipulated conditions detailed in the subsequent sections. Neglecting to comply with these prerequisites will directly influence the overall assessment of your applications, potentially affecting their outcomes significantly.

The Truworths Job Vacancy as Buyer Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Accumulate 6 to 8 years of experience in retailing or clothing manufacturing as a Buyer in Ladieswear, Menswear, Kidswear, Accessories, or Footwear
  • Obtain a relevant tertiary qualification
  • Demonstrate exceptional technical merchandising skills
  • Showcase a proven ability to interpret trends
  • Demonstrate a proven ability to conceptualize products
  • Bring energy to the role
  • Foster innovation in your approach
  • Cultivate a passion for the product environment.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Truworths Job Vacancy as Buyer 2024.

Please follow the application instructions below:

  1. Utilize Google Chrome for optimal performance when accessing the specified website
  2. Once you’re on the application portal, select the learnership according to your preferred location
  3. Create an account on the application portal to submit your application; this account will be required throughout the registration process
  4. Save time by registering using your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn account, or conveniently submit your application via smartphone
  5. Your information will be kept strictly confidential during the evaluation process conducted by the selection committee
  6. Ensure the accuracy of your provided information to mitigate potential risks to your application’s success
  7. By submitting your application, you give permission for the committee to utilize your personal information for registration purposes
  8. Only submit your application through the designated website; other methods such as hand delivery or fax will not be accepted by the committee.

The company is dedicated to upholding Employment Equity principles and fostering the growth of candidates from designated groups, both in internal and external recruitment processes. Following the company policy of promoting from within whenever feasible, priority consideration will be given to internal candidates before external applicants are reviewed. This prioritization aligns with the company’s Employment Equity objectives.

Closing Date
Applications for the Truworths Job Vacancy as Buyer must be submitted before the closing date on 02 June 2024.

It’s crucial to promptly register to safeguard your application’s status. Nevertheless, securing your spot doesn’t guarantee immediate success; it simply initiates your involvement in the recruitment proceedings.

Please be aware that incomplete applications won’t be entertained by the selection committee, and any submissions received post-deadline won’t undergo consideration. Regardless of their substance, late entries will be dismissed without further evaluation.

Truworths retains the authority to accept or decline employment for any individual at its own discretion. The determinations made by the selection committee hold finality and are obligatory for all parties participating in the process.

Company Details

Physical Address: Truworths Head Office, 1 Mostert St, Cape Town, Western Cape ZA

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