Transnet Job Vacancy as Hangar Assistant 2022: Permanent Employment for Grade 10 Applicants

About Transnet
The largest and most important link in the web of freight logistics that supplies all South Africans with the things they need, Transnet is responsible for delivering those items. Each day, Transnet transports hundreds of tons of products all throughout South Africa via its pipelines as well as to and from the ports that it operates. While it is unloading products that have been brought in from other countries, that cargo is transferred onto ships for export.

Their goal is to become an industry leader in freight transportation by providing services that are integrated, efficient, safe, dependable, and as cost-effective as possible in order to foster economic expansion in South Africa. They plan to accomplish this objective by growing their share of the market, enhancing their efficiency and profitability, and meeting the capacity needs of their clients in advance of demand.

About the Transnet Job Vacancy as Hangar Assistant 2022
Transnet is providing employment seekers the wonderful chance to work within the Aviaation department as a professional and committed Hanger Assistant. In order to qualify for the position of Hangar Assistant at Transnet, you will need to demonstrate that you are capable of keeping the TNPA helicopters and facilities in a tidier and more organized state. Assist the aircraft maintenance engineering teams with the setting up of equipment for inspections, aircraft towing and handling, and other tasks as ordered by the Chief Aviation Engineer.

As Hangar Assistant, your duties include the following:

  • Offer aviation maintenance engineering teams general help before, during, and after the completion of maintenance tasks
  • Shop tools and equipment must be kept clean, inspected, and maintained in accordance with the specifications set out by the OEM and the regulatory authorities
  • Help with the movement of aircraft on the ground both within and outside of the repair workshops
  • The operation of both manually operated and motorized ground handling equipment for airplanes
  • Provide assistance with the jacking and levelling processes for aircraft
  • Help out with the procedures for weighing the aircraft work site preparation in preparation for doing repair on airplanes
  • Carry out component and regular supply deliveries between ports, as well as any necessary local pickups
  • Transfer of hazardous materials and delicate things in accordance with the Chief Aviation Engineer’s instructions
  • Make sure that the equipment used on the ground and for assistance is clean
  • Make sure that the facility that houses the helicopters is always prepared for both internal and external audits
  • Uphold very high safety standards by checking that all of the ground-handling equipment for airplanes is in a secure and operable state at all times
  • Help in loading and unloading aircraft spare parts at the port’s workshops
  • Carry out general assistant responsibilities in accordance with the Chief Aviation Engineer’s directives
  • Present yourself in a professional manner in order to improve the organization’s brand reputation
  • Make sure that the hangar facilities is cleaned thoroughly every day
  • It is imperative that gasoline bowsers be cleaned, and that corrosion prevention agents be used
  • Check that all of the service stands have been thoroughly cleaned and are free of FOD
  • Make sure that every vehicle used for assistance is spotless at all times
  • Help out with any and all engineering tasks as needed
  • Make it a daily priority to clean all of the spaces used for storing things, including special tool stores, quarantine stores, chemical stores, spares stores, and any other storage facilities.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Transnet Job Vacancy as Hangar Assistant 2022’s Reference Number: 10280707.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates interested in the Transnet Job Vacancy as Hangar Assistant must fulfill an eligibility criteria before proceeding with their applications. Each of these items below will determine whether you have what it takes to proceed with this vacancy. To guarantee a successful application, candidates are advised to meet all of the following requirements. Failure to do so will cause disadvantageous consequences towards the overall result of your applications. Be sure to jot down these items for personal reference.

The Transnet Job Vacancy as Hangar Assistant Eligibility Criteria are as follows:
1. Basic Qualifications

  • Has a Grade 10 qualification
  • Owns a legitimate Driver’s License (Code 8)
  • Displays prior experience working within an Aviation field (advantageous)
  • Communicates well with other team memebres
  • Manages their time well
  • Fulfills the necessary safety procedures
  • Develops sounds interpersonal interactions
  • Puts on a customer-oriented attitude
  • Can adapt to numerous changes.

2. Working Knowledge

  • Protection for the machines and the workplace
  • Procedures and guidelines for the operating of aircraft
  • Cleaning agents for aircraft and the safety concerns related with them
  • Procedures for managing aircraft on the ground
  • Capability to operate various pieces of power equipment and tools
  • Setting priorities in order to fulfill commitments
  • Participating in a multicultural team Managing high levels of stress without direct oversight
  • Orientation toward the efficient delivery of services.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Transnet Job Vacancy as Hangar Assistant 2022.

It is strongly suggested that you make use of Google Chrome as your web browser if you plan on going to the website that was just mentioned.

In order for applicants to submit their resumes and cover letters, they must first register for an account on the application portal. During the entire duration of the registration procedure, you will be obliged to use this account.

Your account will be more secure at all times if you take the necessary precautions to protect the information associated with it. Under no circumstances should you ever provide your password or any other account information to anyone else.

You also have the option of registering using Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn as an additional choice. You will not have to start from beginning when creating an account, which will save you a huge amount of time.

You will be a part of the evaluation process alongside the other members of the selection committee, and the information that you provide will be held in strict confidence. As a consequence of this, you need to do an exhaustive check to ensure that it does not contain any fictitious information. Candidates run the risk of being placed in a scenario that could endanger their lives if there is evidence that they are supplying information that is not accurate.

The information that you supply will be utilized by the selection committee in order to register you for the event. You are granting the committee permission to use your personal information for this purpose by submitting your application.

Candidates are required to submit their applications by way of the website that was previously mentioned in this sentence. The committee that is responsible for considering the application will not accept any materials that have been submitted in any other manner, including by hand delivery or fax.

Closing Date
Applications for the Transnet Job Vacancy as Hangar Assistant must be submitted before the closing date on 13 October 2022.

By enrolling as quickly as possible, you can ensure that your application is secured as soon as possible. However, this does not guarantee instant success and is just intended to provide you with a secure position throughout the recruiting process.

Candidates that submit their applications after the deadline will not be considered by the selection committee. All entries received past the closing date will be immediately rejected, regardless of their content.

Announcements will only be made to shortlisted candidates. If you do not hear back from the selection committee within 30 days past the closing date, we regret to inform you that you have not been chosen for the position.

Transnet has the right to offer or deny employment to anybody at its discretion. The selecting committee’s judgments are final and binding on all parties involved.

Committee Details
Do you have a question regarding the Transnet Job Vacancy as Hangar Assistant? Don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to send in your enquiries and concerns to the contact person below:
Email address: [email protected]


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