TETA (Transport Education Training Authority) Bursary for 2021 Academic Year

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About TETA (Transport Education Training Authority)
The Transport Education Training Authority, commonly referred to as TETA, is an establishment formed over governmental mandates that aims to assist South African individuals with the necessary Skills Development Framework. TETA is specfically focused on encouraging programmes that have to do with the nation’s Transport Sector. At the moment, TETA specializes in several types of modes of transportation, which are:

  • Forwarding and Clearing
  • Maritime
  • Road Passenger
  • Aerospace
  • Road Freight
  • Freight Handling
  • Taxi
  • Rail

By implementing a thorough quality assurance, TETA operates by providing learnerships, skills plants, grants, and any other activities that supports any initiatives related to Education, Training, and Development. Every activity that has been conducted follows all of the governance mandates that have been settled on. Not only that, TETA’s programmes are cost-friendly up to the standards of its fellow stakeholders.

TETA (Transport Education Training Authority) Bursary Programme 2021
The Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) is encouraging fellow South African students to participate in their bursary scheme for the 2021 terms. The TETA Bursaries, which are especially allocated for students who are not employed by any company or establishment, is a chance for local folks to receive financial assistance that will truly benefit the throughout the 2021 academic year. The bursary schemes provides coverage for several school-related expenses, such as tuition fees, transporation expenses (if there is any), on/off campus accommodation costs, prescribed study materials, and meal costs.

The TETA Bursaries are offered to these following study courses below:

  • (N4-N6) or National Diploma or B Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Instrument Rating
  • B Degree Maritime Law
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Supply Chain Management including Warehouse, Storage and Distribution
  • ATPL (Hour Building)
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Transportation Management
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Transport Economics
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Information and
  • Communication Technology
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Logistics Management
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Operations Management
  • Master’s Degree in Transport Related (possible themes in the guidelines)
  • Instructor’s Rating
  • (N4-N6) or ND or B Degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Road Transport Management
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Business Administration
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Maritime or Nautical Studies
  • B Degree Law
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Financial Management
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Risk Management
  • Commercial Divers, Class II, III and IV
  • BCom Accounting
  • National Diploma, B-Tech, Advanced Diploma or B Degree in Health and Safety
  • Management
  • ATPL Subjects
  • B Degree in Aeronautical Engineering
  • Commercial Pilot License

Eligibility Criteria
Before you can start on your applications for the TETA (Transport Education Training Authority) Bursary Programme 2021, candidates must fulfill the eligibility criteria that has been standardized by the committee. All of these items will be used by the selection committee to assess all of their incoming candidates on a fair basis. Failure to meet everything below may cost you your chances of acceptance into the programme. Therefore, make sure fulfill everything in this list below.

The TETA Bursary Programme 2021 Requirements are as follows:
Basic Requirements

  • Officially enrolled as a student of an accredited tertiary institution for the 2021 academic year
  • Has proof that they require urgent financial assistance
  • A student who is in Grade 12 at the moment, or has finished their Matric qualifications with a proper 2021 study plan for any one of the aforementioned courses
  • Recognized as student pursuing Aviation complete with a PPL
  • Recognized as a commercial diver who already has their own Matric qualification (Senior Certificate)
  • Already has a proper study plant at any recognized aviation institution, diving institution, or any accredited Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) tertiary institutions.

Additional Requirements

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Currently below 35 years old
  • Must only choose on qualification when filling in the application form
  • Each candidate can only send in ONE (1) application form
  • All required documentation must already be attached into the application form – applications that are missing any required paperwork will automatically be disregarded by the committee.

Application Instructions
There are three methods of applications for the TETA (Transport Education Training Authority) Bursary Programme 2021. You can apply for the application through any one of these following methods below:

Online: register directly from your nearest computer or laptop through the TETA Online Bursary Application System.

E-mail: fill in the application form with your complete information, have all of your documents attached, and have them sent to this provided e-mail address: [email protected]

Postal Carriage: send in a physical copy of your completed Application Form and send it through post to this provided address: Private Bag X 10016, Randburg, 2125.

However, due to the the on-going situation of COVID-19, candidates are highly advised to send in their application to the online bursary application portal. Additionally, please be kindly advised that hand delivery applications will not be accepted due these trying circumstances.

Additionally, make sure that you fill in your application forms with only correct information. Candidates discovered to be providing false personal details will be kicked off from the application procedure. Therefore, be sure to double check the information that you are providing on your applications.

Closing Date
Applications for the TETA Bursary Programme 2021 are accepted until its closing date on 17 August 2020 at 16:30. Applications that are sent past the closing date and time will not be tolerated by the selection committee and you will automatically be disqualified from the applications.

Announcements will only be made to participants who have passed the bursary scheme applications. Should you not receive any word from TETA by the very latest 30 January 2021, we regret to inform you that your applications has not passed and you have not been selected for the bursary programme.

TETA (Transport Education Training Authority) Contact Details
Physical Address: 344 Pretoria Avenue, TETA House, Randburg, Gauteng
Postal Address: Private Bag X10016, Randburg, 2125
Phone Number: +27 11 577 7000
Fax Number: +27 86 765 0508

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51 thoughts on “TETA (Transport Education Training Authority) Bursary for 2021 Academic Year

  1. Well I did attempt to apply online and under “applicant’s details” whenever I try to save the details the system automatically erases some of the already filled details and simply does not allow me to save. How do I work around this issue??

  2. Good day..
    Yes I m one of them who want to apply for busary , I m not employed as i m living with permanent disability.

  3. Good day sir /madam

    I am interested in the position, I believe I am the best candidate for this job opportunity.

  4. Good evening Sir /Madam.

    I’m a qualified Ship Navigator, I have traveled the world navigating the ship conducting south African scientific survey through deep water. I hold a Diploma in Maritime studies, and Certificate of Competence as a Deck Navigating Officer. I would appreciate an opportunity to be granted an opportunity to perform effectively in this sector.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Warmest regards
    Ms Primrose Mdadane
    Contact information :0671419199
    Email address :[email protected]

    1. I would like to learn and I’m passionate about education and I believe that u offer the best education there ever was

  5. Good evenning I am Babalwa Mfamela I have a diploma in Cost and Management Accounting I want to apply for this bursary and internship

  6. Good morning am Luvolwethu Dyido with Diploma degree and I would like to be one of the students studying for the programme thank you.

  7. Im Thembekile Nondabula im interested to get the leanership ,it will help me alot.I have a matric certificate.

    1. I am Kenanao Makaota. Currently in Matric. I like to apply for the bursary. I already applied for B. Com Economics and Transport E conomics in several University. May I able to apply even if I didn’t receive feedback from those Universities.

  8. Good Morning I Am Phiwakahle Sangweni with a Degree in Development Studie But I want to do short Course for Safety and Healthy Management but am out of Funds when I read your above statement it Doesn’t mentions my course Please Get back to me via email if I can try to apply for Finding

    1. I’m Mncedisi Promise Sekele 29 years of age.I have Matric,call center certificate with good communication skills, listening skills, typing skills and problem solving skills in it,grade B and safety representative at the work place.Being accepted in this bursary application will be an honor.I will give my all to it.As my skills, knowledge and efford with be useful to this program.

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