Takealot Bursaries 2023: Financial Aid Available in Three Different Study Fields

About Takealot
Today, takealot.com is not only the most successful online retailer in South Africa but also one of the most successful and inventive online merchants on the whole African continent. Following the successful purchase of an existing online retail company known as Take2 in October 2010, by the United States-based investment firm Tiger Global Management and Kim Reid, the website takealot.com was formally introduced to the public in June 2011.

The company was founded with a single goal in mind: to become Africa’s premier online shopping destination that is also the quickest, easiest, and most focused on the needs of its customers. Since it was first established, it has had tremendous development, building and expanding warehouses in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. Additionally, it has increased the number of departments it carries to over 21, including ones for fashion, media and gaming, and lifestyle products.

About the Takealot Bursaries 2023
Takealot is offering financial assistance for academically talented South Africans who are passionate about working in an e-commerce company in the future. The Takealot Bursaries are an all-inclusive initiative that encourages persons from a wide variety of various backgrounds to apply. If you are selected as a recipient of the prize, you will get the assistance you need to pursue the academic qualification you want. You are strongly urged to take advantage of this chance if you have achieved outstanding success in your academic pursuits and have shown other admirable characteristics as a student.

The Takealot Bursaries are available for the following fields:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Technology.

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates interested in the Takealot Bursaries must fulfill an eligibility criteria before proceeding with their applications. Each of these items below will determine whether you have what it takes to proceed with this bursary programme. To guarantee a successful application, candidates are advised to meet all of the following requirements. Failure to do so will cause disadvantageous consequences towards the overall result of your applications. Be sure to jot down these items for personal reference.

The Takealot Bursaries Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Officially recognized from citizens of South Africa
  • Currently available for a position in the takealot.com graduate programme in the following year
  • Must be willing to work for the takealot.com company during vacation period and after you graduation
  • Must show a strong academic potential and a high level of motivation in developing a career path with takealot.com
  • Obtained at least an average aggregate score of 65% for their undergraduate degree and in your most recent examinations (mid-year/June exams)
  • Passionate about the e-commerce field and has a smart and dynamic attitude
  • Works hard and takes accountability of their own actions
  • Delivers exemplary performance and love what they’re doing.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Takealot Bursaries 2023.

Candidates will first need to register for an account with Xhuma. You must use your mobile device to enter your personal information and attach the necessary papers in order to fulfill this requirement.

Xhuma gives you the ability to upload all of your most recent academic results directly from your mobile device. You can apply using your handphone, since it is much more practical than applying via computer. If you are using an OS Android handphone, you can use Google Chrome as your web browser. Since Google Chrome is automatically available in OS Android handphones, you don’t have to install any other browsers.

Candidates will need to upload the following documents:

  • Your Identity Document/Passport/Birth Certificate
  • Your Guardian/Parent’s Legitimate Proof of Address
  • Legitimate proof of your complete academic results
  • Your Guardian/Parent’s Legitimate Proof of Income. If your parents are unemployed at the moment, you can send in an affidavit instead.

The application site requires that each of these files be supplied in its entirety. Applications that are missing required information will be disregarded by the application site.

Xhuma will recommend the funders for which you are qualified, and you will then be able to choose the funders in the order of priority for whom you would want to submit your application first. If you do not get funding from either of the two funders that were prioritized by Xhuma, your profile will be shared with the other qualified funders that are part of their network.

You are able to watch the progression of your application and its status by checking in with Xhuma at any time throughout the process. Please take into consideration that the vast majority of donors won’t offer comments until at the earliest September 2022.

The selection committee will use the information you provide to register you for the event. By submitting your applications, you are giving the committee permission to use your personal information for this reason.

It is necessary for candidates to submit their applications through the website listed above. Attempts to submit materials by other means, such as by hand delivery or fax, will be denied by the committee evaluating the application.

Closing Date
Applications for the Takealot Bursaries must be submitted before the closing date on 30 September 2022.

It is possible to guarantee that your application is protected as soon as possible by registering as soon as feasible. However, this does not guarantee immediate success and is just designed to give you with a stable position during the recruitment process.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the selection committee. Candidates that submit their applications after the deadline will not be considered. All submissions submitted after the deadline, regardless of their substance, will be discarded without further consideration.

Takealot has the right to offer or refuse employment to anybody at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. The decisions of the choosing committee are final and binding on all parties engaged in the process.

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