Standard Bank Vehicle & Asset Finance Learnership 2023-2024: Opportunity for Matric Candidates with Allowance of R6 500/Month

About Standard Bank
Africa’s largest bank, Standard Bank Group, has a 160-year history of operational efficiency and value. They are dedicated to implementing their 2025 ambition of transforming their company to meet the changing needs of their clients while utilizing their knowledge, perceptions, and in-depth understanding of Africa’s markets and people to promote sustainable and inclusive economic growth throughout the continent.

They are a client-driven, digitally enabled supplier of financial solutions with the mission of fostering sustainable growth for people, companies, and communities across Africa. Their strategy is supported by integrated thinking, which links the new developments that have an influence on their industry with the problems that affect how well they can carry out their plan and create value.

About the Standard Bank Vehicle & Asset Finance Learnership 2023-2024
Standard Bank is providing a learnership opportunity for candidates keen on obtaining new work-related knowledge and abilities in Vehicle and Asset Finance. Candidates who are enthusiastic about gaining experience in asset-based finance within Group Vehicle and Asset Finance can apply for the Standard Bank Vehicle & Asset Finance Learnership. With the aid of this learnership, you will be able to fill important positions in the Automotive Retail and Commercial Asset Finance business divisions of Group Vehicle and Asset Finance with both theoretical knowledge and real-world experience.

The administration, sales, and service aspects of the job will be the main focus. Additionally, you will have the chance to collaborate with top stakeholders. You will have a better grasp of asset mobility and asset-based finance within the banking industry at the conclusion of the learnership.

Learners will be entitled to an allowance of R6 500 per month. The learnership is available in several locations in Joburg, Durban, Cape Town.

The Standard Bank Vehicle & Asset Finance Learnership starts from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Standard Bank Vehicle & Asset Finance Learnership 2023-2024’s Job ID: 80393664_80283690.

Eligibility Criteria
The Standard Bank Vehicle & Asset Finance Learnership application must be submitted as soon as feasible. However, you must first go over the prerequisites for the program. Whether or not you would be a good candidate will depend on these variables. Please review the qualifications stated below if you’d want to double-check your credentials. It’s preferable if you can check off every item on the list below if you want to improve your chances of success.

The Standard Bank Vehicle & Asset Finance Learnership Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Be a citizen of South Africa
  • Between the age range of 18 to 30
  • Speak, read, and write in English
  • Have completed your Matric with passing grades and with at least a 60% average in each of the math and math literacy subjects
  • 3 years of completed financial/business training (Diploma qualification holders welcome to enroll)
  • Is not permanently employed at the moment
  • During the program’s term, participants may not attend any other schools or enrol for any other learnerships.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Standard Bank Vehicle & Asset Finance Learnership 2023-2024.

It is recommended that you use Google Chrome to get access to the web site mentioned above.

Please fill out the application site with your most relevant responses by typing them into the appropriate areas. All of the personal information you submit should be accurate and correspond to your actual circumstances.

You will be required to provide your most recent résumé as well. Make sure your resume includes the pertinent details, such as your qualifications, talents, and skills. You have a fantastic opportunity to introduce yourself as a possible candidate and explain why you ought to be selected in this paper.

As an alternative, you may submit your application using your phone because it is much more convenient than using a computer. You may use Google Chrome as your web browser if you have an Android-powered phone. You don’t need to install any additional browsers because Google Chrome is pre-installed on OS Android smartphones.

The information you provide will be reviewed by the whole selection committee, which will include you. As a result, you should double-check to ensure that there is no fictitious information. If there is any evidence that applicants are giving false information, they may be placed in a risky position.

You hereby authorize the selection committee to use your personal information for registration purposes by sending in your applications.

Candidates must submit their applications through the aforementioned site. The selection committee will not accept submissions sent by hand delivery or fax or by any other means.

Closing Date
Application is available as long as it is not deleted on its official website.

Be sure to send in your applications as soon as possible. An early submission can help you guarantee a spot during the registration period. Plus, it prevents any unwanted last-minute incidents, like sudden heavy Internet traffic or missing documents.

Standard Bank holds all rights to appoint anyone during the recruitment period. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.

Committee Details
Do you have a question regarding the Standard Bank Vehicle & Asset Finance Learnership? Don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to send in your enquiries and concerns to the contact person below:
Telephone Number: +27 11 636 9111


  1. I worked in the second hand luxury car market for a period of 7 years, an I found the vehicle finance department an the generating of second gross income to be so interesting and enjoyable because u not just selling a car but tailor making a package for each individual an I found it to be very satisfying when I had a satisfied customer who truly appreciated the extra mile I went to ensure his experience was smooth and that he understood everything with no hidden charges. Nb , cos I was in sales I never got any income from the finance department, however the job satisfaction was more than enough. My motto “cradle to the grave ” , an I have had numerous repeat clients. Look forward to joining SBSA

  2. I am a hard worker and vigilant person who is ambitious on what the want and what the want to achieve. And have developed a sense of good communication with people around which is beneficial and I have no doubt I am the right person for the job.

  3. I am very interested in the post. And I would love to share my skills and talents. I work hard, a very fast learner.
    I work well under pressure. I enjoy working with other people, because I believe that it helps and improves my standard of working.

  4. I am a hard-working and ambitious person who has developed a strong and mature approach to any task I am assigned.i have no doubt that I am the right person for the and am also a self deciplened person

  5. I do what is needed as fast as possible. I can adapt to any work environment.And I always strive for success

  6. Hi ,I’m also Interested about the learnership as I’ll be learning a new different adventure please kindly see my resume and I’ll be very excited to be a part of this journey with you.

  7. I’m a person who has the enthusiasm to deal with finance . I am good at completing any given task . Positivity is what i like . I am certain that this is a suitable vacancy for me .

  8. Hey,I promise you that you won’t regret giving me this chance .I will work hard and dedicate myself

  9. I am reliable and responsible.Gola driven,a team player and I am always eager and willing to learn new knowledge that may make me competent.

  10. I am a hardworker with great communication skills. I am a fast learner and able to work under pressure. I’m able to work in a team and also as an individual. I am willing to learn and gain experience.

  11. I’m an individual who is self-motivated, self-disciplined, problem solving (solution orientated) and who likes working with people, socializing and can adapt to different situations and take on any challenge with determination, dedication, winning spirit and pride and always willing to learn. Personal development ranks very high in terms of my yearly and long-term personal goals.

  12. Hello I am really interested in this learnship. I am a hard working person with ambition. You won’t regret by giving me the opportunity. Please keep me posted .Thank you

  13. Hello again i really interested in this learnship you won’t regret by giving me this opportunity keep me updated

  14. I am a hardworking and ambitious person who has developed a strong and mature approach to any task I am assigned. I have no doubt that I am the right person for the job.

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