Sea Harvest Job Vacancy as Exports Admin Assistant 2022: Employment Opportunity in Cape Town

About Sea Harvest
Sea Harvest is a prominent, black-owned, environmentally conscious, globally recognized and vertically integrated seafood and branded fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) agribusiness with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia. Sea Harvest, which was founded in 1964, is now a household name in South Africa and across the world. Its mission is to produce value that propels economic development while also benefiting society via job creation, food security, and social change.

The company captures wild-caught seafood off the beaches of South Africa, Mozambique, and Australia before processing the catch into a range of frozen premium seafood items that are sold in more than 30 countries across the globe, including the United States. Their activities cover the whole value chain and include critical value-added support services such as quality control, logistics and supply chain management, which allows them to achieve significant economies of scale.

About the Sea Harvest Job Vacancy as Exports Admin Assistant 2022
Sea Harvest is offering an employment opportunity for candidates in the Export Documentation field to obtain a position as professional Exports Admin Assistant. The Sea Harvest Job Vacancy as Exports Admin Assistant is a vacancy that will require you to provide the necessary support to ensure smooth administrative processes in dealing with Perishable Export Documentation processes.

The Sea Harvest Job Vacancy as Exports Admin Assistant will require you to perform the following duties:

  • Putting up a list of shipping instructions for different shipping companies
  • All export invoices are being processed (excel)
  • Assisting with the coordination of service providers as necessary
  • Export information is gathered in order to process proper documents
  • Documents are sent by courier service
  • Other administrative responsibilities, such as filing, are also required
  • Ensure that export health certificates and catch certifications are processed appropriately
  • Putting together a complete set of export documentation within a particular time range
  • Organizing airfreight samples for testing (perishables).

Eligibility Criteria
Make sure to send in your application for the Sea Harvest Job Vacancy as Exports Admin Assistant as soon as possible. But first and foremost, you must review the vacancy’s qualifying requirements. These factors will decide whether or not you would be a good candidate. If you’d like to double-check your credentials, please see the qualifying requirements listed below. If you want to increase your chances of success, it’s best if you can fulfill everything on the following list.

The Sea Harvest Job Vacancy as Exports Admin Assistant Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Has more than 3 years of experience dealing in the Export Documentation department
  • Shows impressive administrative abilities
  • Capable of performing computer abilities
  • Manages their time well
  • Has the urgency to perform work on time
  • Has a keen eye for the small details
  • Prepared to work under pressure
  • Can be relied upon with confidential matters
  • Owns a legitimate Code 08 Driver’s License.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Sea Harvest Job Vacancy as Exports Admin Assistant 2022.

In order to visit the web site indicated above, it is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your browser.

To ensure that your replies are as relevant as possible, please type them into the proper sections of the application site. All of the personal information you provide should be accurate and relevant to your current situation, unless otherwise stated.

It will be examined by the entire selection committee, which will include you, and the information you supply will be kept confidential. As a result, you should do a thorough check to guarantee that there is no fake information included. Candidates may be placed in a potentially hazardous situation if there is proof that they are providing misleading information.

Candidates are required to submit a number of additional papers with their application, in addition to their profile photo and Curriculum Vitae (CV). These two pieces of documentation are crucial and should be put together as soon as feasible after receiving the necessary permissions.

The selection committee will use the information you provide to register you for the event. By submitting your applications, you are giving the committee permission to use your personal information for this reason.

It is necessary for candidates to submit their applications through the website listed above. Attempts to submit materials by other means, such as by hand delivery or fax, will be denied by the committee evaluating the application.

Closing Date
Applications for the Sea Harvest Job Vacancy as Exports Admin Assistant must be submitted before the closing date on 25 March 2022.

Make sure you secure your application as soon as possie by registering early. The purpose behind this is to ensure that you have a safe position during the recruitment phase (however, it doesn’t guarantee immediate success).

The selection committee has zero-tolerance for candidates who send in their applications late. All submissions sent past the closing date will automatically be disqualified.

Sea Harvest holds all rights to provide anyone with a job position or not. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.


  1. Hi I’m intrested into working with the sea harvest and giving everything but my best. I’m always wiling to work over time and comes up with new ideas.

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