SARS (South African Revenue Service) Job Vacancy as Artisan Assistant 2022: Looking for Applicants with Grade 12 Qualification

About SARS (South African Revenue Service)
The South African Revenue Service, often known as SARS, is in charge of collecting taxes throughout the country. They are accountable for the management of the South African tax system as well as the South African customs service. They were established as an independent body in accordance with the South African Revenue Service Act 34 of 1997.

To ensure that everyone pays their fair share of taxes and customs fees, SARS actively promotes compliance with these laws. They do this in a way that does not unnecessarily impede trade, economic growth, or development by imposing an excessive and unfair administrative burden on taxpayers, traders, and businesses. Additionally, they do this in a way that reaches compliance in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

About the SARS (South African Revenue Service) Job Vacancy as Artisan Assistant 2022
SARS (South African Revenue Service) is offering an employment opportunity for Grade 12 candidates who wish to work as an Artisan Assistant in Dooringkloof. THe SARS (South African Revenue Service) Job Vacancy as Artisan Assistant will require you to ensure that the Regional Corporate Real Estate (CRE) buildings/infrastructure is maintained at all times by achieving its operational maintenance objectives.

As an Artisan Assistant, your job is to:

  • Participate enthusiastically in change projects and make a meaningful contribution to the success of such activities within the realm of accountability
  • Ensure the quality of the work’s content, complete it in a timely manner, set priorities, cut down on errors as much as possible, and continually enhance quality, service, and standards
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of work that has been completed
  • Deliver on the performance targets that were contracted in accordance with the established processes and the service level agreements that were agreed upon
  • Check and make sure that all of the equipment is operating properly, and promptly inform all of the parties who are impacted of any issues that are discovered
  • Plan and organize one’s own work in a way that is both effective and efficient in order to meet the performance goals that have been agreed upon
  • Establish and sustain constructive working connections with colleagues, SARS role players, and third parties in order to accomplish the goals that have been specified
  • On a daily basis, provide basic maintenance fixes and less difficult improvements to company processes, and aid in the execution of modest reactive maintenance programs across many locations
  • Provide timely information for decision making in the area of accountability by reporting on the evolution of transactional activity within the parameters of the standards specified
  • Carry out general manual labor and regular maintenance in accordance with the quality requirements that have been agreed upon
  • Maintain vigilance and actively participate in discussions on potential breaches of rules, policies, standard operating procedures, and standards of behavior; escalate issues as appropriate
  • Adhere to the established rules, regulations, laws, and processes to avoid wasting resources, spending without authorization, and wasteful spending, and report any infractions
  • Make a contribution to a culture of service excellence, which fosters the development of strong connections and affords the chance for both excellent service and feedback
  • Maintain compliance with and adherence to the governance and compliance standards that have been defined, and report issues so that they may be investigated and resolved
  • Inspections of regulatory compliance should be carried out in order to detect areas of noncompliance and potential hazards
  • Identify issues, implement remedies that are already known to work in accordance with established protocols or principles, and report issues that aren’t remedied.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the SARS (South African Revenue Service) Job Vacancy as Artisan Assistant’s Req ID: 5643.

Eligibility Criteria
First and foremost, you must familiarize yourself with the SARS (South African Revenue Service) Job Vacancy as Artisan Assistant’s eligibility standards. Each of these criteria will influence whether or not you would be an excellent candidate. In case you’d want to double-check your credentials, please refer to the list of qualifying prerequisites provided below. Ideally, if you want to enhance your chances of success, you should be able to meet all of the requirements on the following list.

The SARS (South African Revenue Service) Job Vacancy as Artisan Assistant Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Has a Grade 12 qualification
  • Possesses at least one year of experience working in a similar role
  • Takes accountability of their own actions
  • Has a high level of honesty
  • Can be trusted with confidential information
  • Respects their fellow team
  • Honesty and has a strong sense of integrity.

Important Note
SARS’s Employment Equity policy will be taken into account as part of the recruiting and selection process, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to submit an application for open positions.

Candidates who are selected for an interview will be expected to swear an oath of confidentiality, complete a pre-employment screening, case study, pre-assessment, psychometric assessment, or vetting, and provide a statement of any private interests they have. The employment is also contingent upon the provision of suitable reference(s) and, where required, clearance from the security department.

Application Instructions
Apply online: SARS (South African Revenue Service) Job Vacancy as Artisan Assistant 2022.

To visit the aforementioned web URL from your computer, it is strongly suggested that you utilize Google Chrome as your web browser (see above).

You can also submit your application by utilizing your smartphone instead of your PC because this method is significantly more convenient. You can use Google Chrome as your web browser if you are working with an Android operating system on your handheld device. You don’t need to install any other browsers on your phone because Google Chrome comes pre-installed on handsets running the Android operating system.

Candidates are required to make an account for themselves on the application portal before they may submit their applications. Throughout the entirety of the process of registering for this course, it will be necessary to sign into this account.

By submitting your applications, you are giving the selection committee permission to use your personal information for the purpose of registering you for the event. This can include things like your name, address, and email address.

In order to verify the authenticity of the applications submitted by applicants, those submissions will go through a series of extra screening and verification steps. In the event that it is discovered that an applicant has misrepresented any component of their paperwork, they will not be allowed to take part in the registration process.

Candidates are obligated to submit their applications using the website that is linked above. The committee in charge of selecting winners will not consider any materials that have been submitted through alternative channels, such as hand delivery or fax.

Closing Date
Applications for the SARS (South African Revenue Service) Job Vacancy as Artisan Assistant must be submitted before the closing date on 20 May 2022.

The committee in charge of making selections has an absolute zero tolerance policy regarding late applications. During the registration period, we will not acknowledge any submissions that are received after the deadline has passed.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their materials as quickly as humanly possible. You will now have some time to conduct an accurate analysis of the information contained in your applications thanks to this development. Please have your applications ready as soon as it is convenient for you to do so.

During the selection phase of the recruitment process, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) maintains the discretion to choose whether or not to make an appointment. The decisions that the selecting committee comes to are irrevocable in every case.


  1. Im intrested to the job of SAPS i will love to be the one of the police to help the communities.

  2. Am a honest person and loyalty I’m willing to work under pressure since I am a hard worker

  3. I’m disabled and interested in this job opportunity, I’ll be happy if I get it,

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