Santam Bursaries 2022: Financial Aid for Students in 6 Different Study Fields

About Santam
Santam is a leading insurance firm in South Africa that is responsible for providing general insurance products to a wide audience in the country. Compromising of five business units, which includes Santam Personal, Santam Specialist, Santam RE, Santam Commercial, and MIWay, the company has been a prime example by offering a vast and sophisticated business portfolio. At the moment, Santam is home to a web of 2 700 channels that are ready to deliver their services. With 1 million policyholders assisting the firm, Santam serves everyone from regular individuals, to specialist business owners.

About the Santam Bursaries 2022
Santam is offering financial aid in the form of bursaries to academically talented students who show impressive progress throughout their educational pursuit. The Santam Bursaries is a remarkable opportunity that allows students to obtain support so they can better concentrate on their studies. The company believes by offering support for young students, they will be able to grow into capable adults.

The Santam Bursaries is available for the following qualifications (Postgraduate Diploma, Honours Degree, and Bachelor’s Degree):

  • Mathematics/Statistics
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical/Civil Engineering
  • Insurance/Risk Management/Law
  • Finance/Accounting/Economics
  • Computer Science/Information Technology

Awardees of the Santam Bursaries will be entitled to numerous remunerations that are highly beneficial, which covers the items below:

  • Tuition expenses
  • Accommodation costs
  • Daily meals
  • Prescribed study materials

If you think this is the right opportunity for you, don’t wait any longer. Go ahead and apply for the Santam Bursaries!

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates interested in the Santam Bursaries must fulfill an eligibility criteria before proceeding with their applications. Each of these items below will determine whether you have what it takes to proceed with this bursaries. To guarantee a successful application, candidates are advised to meet all of the following requirements. Failure to do so will cause disadvantageous consequences towards the overall result of your applications. Be sure to jot down these items for personal reference.

The Santam Bursaries Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Displays impressive academic potential
  • Has a high level of motivation to pursue a well-rounded career with Santam
  • Obtained at least an average aggregate score of 65% with their undergraduate degrees and in their most recent exams (from mid-year/June).

Application Instructions
Apply online: Santam Bursaries 2022.

To get started with your applications, you will need to have a phone standby, along with a strong Internet connectivity. With these two tools, you will be able to proceed with your applications.

Once on the portal above, please sign up to create a Xhuma account. This account will be used to store all of your personal information. Make sure you keep this account secure at all times to prevent any hacking incidents.

You will be asked to provide your personal information onto the account. Make sure the information you provide is accurate to your current conditions. Otherwise, you will be disqualified for giving away false information about yourself.

Candidates must upload the following documents onto the portal:

  • Your Identity Document/Passport/Birth Certificate
  • Legitimate proof of address from your Guardian or Parents
  • Most recent academic results (up-to-date)
  • Legitimate proof of income (Guardian or Parents) – if unemployed, make sure you have an affidavit with you confirming they are unemployed.

All these documents should be included in your application dossiers. Incomplete applications will not be considered for the programme.

Once you have uploaded everything, you can get to choose your respective funders. Please be informed that your potential funders have all the rights to view your personal information that you provide.

Closing Date
Applications for the Santam Bursaries must be submitted before the closing date on 30 September 2021.

If you feel like you’d make a great match for the Santam Bursaries, you’re more than welcome to give this opportunity a try. It’s advisable that you send in your applications as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might end up with a last-minute application.

The selection committee strictly disallows late submissions. Anyone found to be making their submissions past the closing date, even by just a few days, will not entertained.

Santam holds all rights to make an appointment or not during the recruitment process. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.

Committee Details
Do you have a question regarding the Santam Bursaries? Don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to send in your enquiries and concerns to the contact person below:
Email Address: [email protected]

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