SANA (South African Nursery Association) Bursary 2023: Financial Assistance for Horticulture and Landscaping Students

About the SANA (South African Nursery Association)
The South African Nursery Association, or simply referred to as SANA, is an organization that aims to promote the local green industry to not just fellow citizens, but also their international counterparts. From their humble beginnings in 1947, SANA has offered a lending hand and their extensive knowledge to address certain key issues within the nursery field.

Representing the values of social responsibility and environmental awareness, SANA conducts forums to discuss matters pertaining to Horticulture and establishes partnerships between Trade Fairs and suppliers. As liaisons of the green industry, SANA is on a journey towards sustainable promotion of this particular sector.

About the SANA (South African Nursery Association) Bursary
The South African Nursery Association is providing a bursary scheme for well-deserving individuals who reflect good values and possess impressive academic achievements. The SANA (South African Nursery Association) Bursary is a chance for students to attain immediate financial assistance if you are pursuing an accredited qualification in the field of Horticulture. SANA hopes that by supporting a student’s education, they will grow up to be motivated members of the community who will create a positive impact on their society.

Please be kindly informed that the SANA (South African Nursery Association) Bursary only provides coverage for study expenses. Other expenses such as registration fees, accommodation, stipend, transportation costs, and prescribed study materials will not be covered by the bursary. On top of that, the bursary will not be responsible for an awardees outstanding fees.

Eligibility Criteria
Before you can apply for the SANA (South African Nursery Association) Bursary, candidates must fulfill an extensive eligibility criteria to meet the bursary’s standards. Each of these items below will determine whether you are qualified enough for the programme. To guarantee a successful application, candidates are advised to take these requirements as seriously as possible. Failure to fulfill all these items might cause disadvantageous consequences towards the overall results of your applications.

The SANA (South African Nursery Association) Bursary Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Candidates must be pursuing an education in Horticulture and Landscaping
  • Fully completed their first-year modules of their qualifications with flying colors
  • Attained an average aggregate score of 60% for each of their subjects

Application Instructions
Download application form: SANA (South African Nursery Association) Bursary 2023.

After you have obtained the official application form, please read all the queries thoroughly. Once that’s done, fill in the form with the required personal details.

The information you provide will be subjected to strict vetting and evaluation under the selection committee. Make sure the information you provide accurately represents your current conditions. Candidates discovered to be misrepresenting their actual conditions will automatically be disqualified from the registration period.

In addition, candidates of the SANA (South African Nursery Association) Bursary must write a letter of motivation with a minimum of 150 words. Candidates can take a look at their application form to see the list of themes they will have to follow for the motivation letter. Without a proper letter of motivation, candidates will fail their applications.

Candidates are required to attach these following documents onto their applications as well:

  • A valid, certified copy of your Identity Document
  • A valid, certified copy of your most updated academic track record
  • A clear portrait photograph, student card photo, or selfie of the candidate.

All these documents should be included alongside your application form and letter of motivation in order to proceed. Incomplete applications will not be acknowledged by the selection committee.

Additionally, you will be required to write a letter of motivation no less than 150 words to accompany your applications. Please kindly answer the following questions along with any additional points:

  • What direction do you envision your green industry career taking?
  • Have you ever volunteered in your community? If so, where, for how long, and how did that go for you?
  • Have you worked in the horticulture sector? If so, did you work or volunteer during that time?
  • What were the most important lessons you took away from the experience?
  • Have you ever been to a nursery? If so, what and where would you say had the most influence?
  • How far is the nursery closest to you, and what is its name?

Once everything is compiled and dully signed by the appropriate parties, please send in your application through either one of these submission methods below:

  • E-mail: [email protected] Insert the words “SANA Bursary Application 2023” in the email subject line
  • Fax: +27 86 580 9793.

Closing Date
Applications for the SANA (South African Nursery Association) Bursary must be submitted before the strict closing date on 31 March 2023.

The selection committee will not be tolerating any applications sent past the closing deadline. Candidates discovered to be making late submissions will automatically be disqualified from the registration period.

Candidates are encouraged to start on their preparations as soon as possible. Instead of waiting until the last-minute to apply, it is better to get a head start immediately. This will help you double check your applications and make the necessary corrections.

All candidates of the SANA Bursary may be reached out to participate in an interview conducted by a representative of the selection committee based in their respective regions. Candidates are to expected to prepare themselves for their future interviews. These interviews are likely to be held in April.

The South African Nursery Association reserves all rights to make an appointment or not during the recruitment process. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.

Committee Details
Do you have a question regarding the SANA (South African Nursery Association) Bursary? Starting asking your enquiries right away.

Reach out to Ayanda Radebe (Bursary Administrator) for more relevant bursary information through the provided contact details below.

E-mail Address: [email protected]


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