SABN (South African Bank Note) Printing Apprenticeship 2021-2023: Working Exposure for N3 Qualification Holders

SABN (South African Bank Note) Profile
The SABN, short for the South African Bank Note, is a company that is responsible for the printing of the nation’s currency. Supervised heavily under the Reserve Bank, the company upholds a huge duty to provide the necessary printing resources for South Africa’s bank notes. The SABN was initially founded in 1958 by the South African Government. This was due to the sudden realization that the country requires a local establishment to be in charge of printing their own currency by optimizing their facilities and resources.

Despite its domestic beginnings, the SABN also has ties with international establishments. The company bears the task of printing bank notes for other countries within their neighboring borders. Employees, who exude professionalism and expertise, are directly recruited by Reserve Bank. With this in mind, the SABN is maintaining a stable journey as one of the country’s most credible establishments in banknote printing.

About the SABN (South African Bank Note) Printing Apprenticeship
The SABN (South African Bank Note) is offering an apprenticeship for dedicate young folks who require practical working exposure in the field of Printing. The SABN (South African Bank Note) Printing Apprenticeship is an eye-opening opportunity that will be conducted in Pretoria, Gauteng.

As one of the most heavily-protected printing company with a serious competitive edge, the company has had years of experience dealing with the specialization of Printing. The establishment has familiarized themselves with the usage of high-tech machinery and advanced forms of technology. Despite being a domestic organization, the people behind SABN has a ground understanding of international operations.

If you are a young, South African individual who requires this working experience to broaden your knowledge, this is the right place for you. Apprentices will learn more about the company’s general operations by working their way through a number of responsibilities. In order be a successful apprentice, you are expected to display impressive progress and have a broad understanding of all the departments within the Printing sector. The experience you will receive from this programme will not just sharpen you as a future worker, but it will also transform you into a better asset in the eyes of your future employers.

Eligibility Criteria
If you are interested in the SABN (South African Bank Note) Printing Apprenticeship, you are more than encouraged to give this opportunity a shot. However, there is an extensive eligibility criteria that you must fulfill. Each of these items below will determine whether you are qualified enough for the programme or not. Failure to meet these qualifications will not automatically get you disqualified from the registration process, but it can put your applications under a risky position.

The SABN (South African Bank Note) Printing Apprenticeship Requirements are as listed below:

  • Officially recognized as a legitimate citizen of South Africa
  • Has a Matric qualification with at least a 50% passing grade for Physical Science and Mathematics
  • Possesses an N3 qualification in the fields of Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Advantageous: possesses a TT3 qualification.

Note: the selection committee will be conducting assessments and security checks as per the National Key Point Act. This is to ensure that selected apprentices are clear from any previous charges.

Application Instructions
Apply now: SABN (South African Bank Note) Printing Apprenticeship 2021-2023.

Candidates must create an account on the registration portal beforehand. Please fill in the account registration form with accurate personal details. Make sure that the information you provide correctly representing your current conditions. Candidates found to be falsifying any aspect of their applications will be disqualified.

On top of that, candidates must upload your most updated CV (Curriculum Vitae). Your CV show highlight your skills, strengths, and available qualifications. It also advised that you put in your contact information, such as e-mail address and telephone numbers. This will help the selection committee get in touch with you in case there is some following up to do.

Besides your CV, candidates are required to upload several additional documents onto the portal. These documents include:

  • A concise statement explaining your decision to specialize a career in the local Printing field
  • Valid copies of your previous qualifications (e.g. statements of results)
  • A valid copy of your Identity Document.

Closing Date
Applications for the SABN (South African Bank Note) Printing Apprenticeship must be submitted before the closing date on 06 September 2021.

The selection committee has absolute zero tolerance for late submissions. Candidates discovered to be sending in their applications past the deadline will automatically be disregarded by the selection committee.

With the amount of time left until the deadline, it is advised that you get to your applications as soon as possible. You have ample time left to not just prepare your registration, but to also double check your application’s contents.

With online applications, there is also a tendency for unwanted issues such as sudden heavy Internet traffic. Therefore, it’s encouraged that you do not process your applications at the last minute.


  1. Dear sir/madam
    I will luck to apply for this apprenticeship that I saw on social media. I completed N4 mechanical engineering (fitting and turning). I will appreciate if you consider my application

    Thank you

  2. Dear sir/madam

    I would like to apply for this opportunity. I have matric, N3 with mathematics and engineering science passed with over seventy percents, and I also have a completed N6.
    Unemployment is a crisis in our country, I pray that I get considered in Jesus name. When Im waiting, I’ll be packing my bags and preparing my documents.

    Thank you

  3. Dear sir/Madam

    I will luck to apply for this apprenticeship that I saw on social media. I completed N4 electrical engineering and Ncv level 4
    I will appreciate if you consider my application

    Thank you
    A Ngxongxela

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