RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) Internships 2022: Welcoming Unemployed Candidates

About the RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation)
The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) was established in April 2005 with the goal of pooling powers and resources in order to eliminate fragmentation in responsibilities for all aspects of road traffic management across South Africa’s various levels of government. The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) is a public-private partnership with the goal of improving road traffic safety.

The corporation is responsible for maintaining the overall safety of road users while also encouraging them to use the roads properly. Building and operating an effective road management system is a critical component in our responsibility to ensure the safety and quality of life for all of the people who reside in our community.

About the RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) Internships 2022
The RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) is offering South African candidates the opportunity to pursue an internship programme with the firm. The RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) Internships is a great opportunity for South African candidates to obtain practical working exposure within a qualified company for a total period of 12 months.

The RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) Internships are currently available for the following fields. Please kindly take note of the respective qualification required and the corresponding Reference Number.

Available Fields:
Road Safety
RTMC/1:RS/2021 (X2)
National Diploma in Marketing/Degree in Marketing
BA in Psychology/BSc in Psychology, Degree in Applied Social Science

RTMC/1:IA/2021 (X3)
National Diploma/Degree in Administration/Business Management

1. Internal Audit
RTMC/1:IA/2021 (X1)
BCom in Internal Auditing

2. Norms and Standards
RTMC/1:NS/2021 (X1)
B Degree in Law/Legal

Road Traffic Information and Technology
Operations and Business Applications
Software Development
RTMC/1:RTIT/2021 (X5)
National Diploma in IT or related IT Degree qualification

Asset Management
RTMC/1:IAM/2021 (X1)
National Diploma/Advanced Diploma or Degree in Commerce/SCM/ or Logistics Management or equivalent

Corporate Services
1. Secretariat
RTMC/1:S/2021 (X1)
National Diploma/Degree in Public Administration/Corporate Governance or LLB

2. Office of the EM:CS
RTMC/CS:OEM/2021 (X1)
National Diploma/Degree Administration

3. Transformation and Employee Relations (Wellness)
RTMC/I:PS/2021 (X1)
B Degree in Psychology/Honours in Psychology registered with HPCSA

Law Enforcement
1. Office of the EM:LE
RTMC/LE:OEM/2021 (X1)
National Diploma/Degree in Administration/Business Management

2. LE: Administration & Logistics
RTM/I:AL/2021 (X2)
National Diploma/Degree in Administration/Business Management

3. Road Crash Investigation
RTMC/I:RC/2021 (X2)
Degree/BTech in Public Administration

If you find this to be a suitable opportunity for you, don’t hesitate to register for the RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) Internships.

Eligibility Criteria
Make sure to send in your application for the RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) Internships as soon as possible. But first and foremost, you must review the program’s qualifying requirements. These factors will decide whether or not you would be a good candidate. If you’d like to double-check your credentials, please see the qualifying requirements listed below. If you want to increase your chances of success, it’s best if you can fulfill everything on the following list.

The RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) Internships Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Officially recognised as citizens of South Africa
  • Currently between 18-35 years old
  • Unemployed during the time of internship
  • Has never taken part in an internship programme before
  • Must possess the right academic qualification.

Application Instructions
Apply via email:

  1. Road Safety & Law Enforcement: [email protected]
  2. Road Traffic Training Academy: [email protected]
  3. OCEO: [email protected]
  4. Road Traffic Information and Technology: [email protected]
  5. Finance: [email protected]
  6. Corporate Services: [email protected].

Candidates will need to send in their applications to one of the email addresses mentioned above. Make sure that you indicate the Reference Number of your preferred position.

In your applications, please send in the following documents:

  • A comprehensive Cover Letter with the relevant reference number
  • Your most updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Copies of your Identity Document
  • Your Senior Certificate and qualification (most include your academic transcript).

If you are applying for separate studies, you will need to send in separate applications for each study and field of interest. All qualifications must be evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA).

Closing Date
Applications for the RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) must be submitted before the closing date on 03 December 2021.

Make sure you secure your application as soon as possie by registering early. The purpose behind this is to ensure that you have a safe position during the recruitment phase (however, it doesn’t guarantee immediate success).

The selection committee has zero tolerance for candidates who send in their applications late. All submissions sent past the closing date will automatically be disqualified.

Announcements will only be made to shortlisted candidates only. If you do not hear back from the selection committee within 3 months past the closing date, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for the programme.

RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) holds all rights to provide anyone with a job position or not. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.

Committee Details
Do you have a question regarding the RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) Internships? Don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to send in your enquiries and concerns to the contact person below:
Telephone Number: +27 12 999 5200.


  1. Dear sir/madam
    Im interested in the learnership.i have matric and electrical engineering N2

    1. I am very interested of being law enforcement and I also have drivers license code 10 and security course



  3. Hi im Queen Huma from Hammankraal Pretoria looking for a serious job and i am really interested in this internship.hope for response

    1. I’m interested in this internship, I’m really willing to work because am an unemployed candidate.

        1. Hi I am Nonkululeko Nqisha ,m interested in these internship , I am staying in petrusburg a very small rural area with no opportunities would really love to get these to change my life …my numbers are –

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