Join the Mining Industry with Rio Tinto South Africa Graduate Programme 2021

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About Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto is a company that is prominent within the global Mining and Metals Industry. Founded in 1873, this London-based company specializes in a list of mining-related processes, which mainly deals with processing huge amounts of metals and minerals, which will then be further utilized for energy. Rio Tinto has successfully harnessed various kinds of metals and minerals, namely aluminium, iron ore, borates, copper, and diamonds. All of these are then manufactured for other uses, which may range from electricity, to building materials, and even for high-cost jewelry. Under the hardworking hands of more than 10.000 employees worldwide, and their operations located in 36 nations, Rio Tinto is a company you will be seeing often if you are interested in this particular industry.

In South Africa itself, Rio Tinto has formed their very own operations called Richards Bay Minerals (RBM). Just like its name, RBM is directly located in Richards Bay of the Kwazulu-Natal area. RBM specifically focuses on the production and manufacturing of mineral sands. KwaZulu-Natal is well-known for their rich minerals that are preserved in its sands. These obtained materials are extremely useful for day-to-day products commonly used by the general public. As of now, RBM is acquired by both Rio Tinto, another company called Blue Horizon, and several employee trusts. RBM itself is home to a total of 1.854 permanent employees, as well as as 3.182 contractors ready on-site to lead these operations.

About Rio Tinto South Africa Graduate Programme 2021
Rio Tinto South Africa is on the search for future employees of the company who would like to take part in their very own learning journey that will last for a total of two years. The Rio Tinto South Africa Graduate Programme 2021 is designed to better prepare the re-generation of the company’s newest employees. This will not only help participants become a better version of themselves as workers, but it will also greatly benefit the company by providing fresh new perspectives into Rio Tinto’s line of work. With new faces joining the team, Rio Tinto is able to advance to new heights in these upcoming years and achieve more accomplishments.

The Rio Tinto South Africa Graduate Programme 2021 will help you get a grip on what the business is like before you pursue a long career with the company. In this programme, participants will be guided by their mentors through an elaborate training curriculum, exposing you on how the company operates daily. Furthermore, with Rio Tinto’s advanced technology, and plentiful of digital learning resources, participants will have so available content to learn from. On top of that, professional experts of the company will support you throughout your journey, and will help you get a hand on the company’s inclusive work culture that covers a list of different specializations.

Becoming a permanent employee of Rio Tinto has its own perks. Not only will you be entitled to a generous salary, but you will be immediately subject to the company’s annual salary review, a share plan, as well as an attractive performance bonus. Besides its financial aspects, Rio Tinto is willing to go to lengths to fully assist their employees. This is done through providing accessibility towards medical schemes, savings plans, and education assistance. Employees in Rio Tinto are highly encouraged to seize any opportunity along the way that enables them to develop their existing talents and potential.

Eligibility Criteria
Interested in signing up for the Rio Tinto South Africa Graduate Programme 2021? First off, you will need to fulfill the eligibility criteria that is asked of the by the committee. While it is a generally inclusive programme, the committee is definitely seeking out for graduates who have an accredited degree in any one of these following courses:

  • Metallurgy/Process/Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Science

On top of that, candidates are highly required to display certain values that are treasure by Rio Tinto, such as a strong sense of leadership, initiative to seek knowledge, efficient manner in communicating, self-discipline, and willingness to participate in the entirety of the Graduate Programme.

How to Apply

Once you have reached the online application portal, you will need to fill in all of the boxes that are stated on the website. Be sure to fill in everything with complete, accurate information. Candidates discovered to be providing unfinished answers, or falsifying any parts of the application may result in getting disqualified.

Additionally, candidates will need to upload their most recent Curriculum Vitae onto the portal. Be sure that your Curriculum Vitae is brief and concise enough, but is still able to highlight your personal experiences and skills related that may prove to be useful for the programme.

After everything is set, you will need to tick on “Yes, I provide consent.” You may now proceed to submit in your applications by clicking on “Save & Continue.”

Please be kindly informed candidates must register for the programme only through the official application portal. Anything that is sent through other mediums, such as e-mail or hand delivery, will not be regarded by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Candidates must send in their applications for the Rio Tinto South Africa Graduate Programme 2021 before 22 August 2020. The selection committee will not tolerate any late applications that are sent past the deadline.

Additionally, since this is an online application, candidates are encouraged to not wait until the last-minute to make their submissions. This is to ensure that they can prevent any sudden website traffic which may slow down their connections. To avoid any disruptions towards your application procedure, be sure to register as soon as you are ready.

Other Available Positions
If this graduate programme does not interest you, or if your applications has not been accepted this time round, there are still other ways to be a part of the Rio Tinto Team. Kindly check out other available positions on the Rio Tinto Jobs Portal. Be sure to type in the position you are looking for, and select the Location to “South Africa” to obtain the most relevant results.

Rio Tinto Contact Details
Physical Address: 1 Harries Road, Illovo, Sandton 2146, Johannesburg, South Africa
Telephone Number: +27 11 459 1260

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13 thoughts on “Join the Mining Industry with Rio Tinto South Africa Graduate Programme 2021

  1. I would like to apply for next year idont have any qualifications, but im a science learner i finished school on the year of dedicated to learn more about this program .

  2. I would love to be part of this program. I have N1-N6. Also have level 1-3 practical skills. Was also fortunate to go and further my studies at China Sichuan College of Architectural

    1. I would like to apply for next year idont have any qualifications, but im a science learner i finished school on the year of dedicated to learn more about this program

  3. Suveer Sewsunker

    I love to apply for this programme for 2021, I currently in grade 12, good learner my contact number – /-

  4. I’m Cecilia Moussavou. A last year in chemical Engineering looking for in service for a periods of 6months. But if you can keep me more than that i will still be available.

  5. I’m a paraplegic I have studied analytical chemistry national diploma and looking for an employment opportunity.

    1. I am eager to learn, I really wanna join and be part of the best team in the business. I did chemical engineering and completed my N6, I really need in-service to grow in the field.

      1. Hello I’m 23 years old. I Have N2 in Electrical Engineerin. I Would kindly like to apply.

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