Rio Tinto (Richards Bay Minerals) Bursaries 2022: for Financial Assistance

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About Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto is worldwide Mining and Metals company that specializes in the processing, exploration, and development of acquired metals and minerals. Headquartered in the metropolitan city of London in United Kingdom, Rio Tinto has expanded their operations in a list of overseas countries, namely Australia, Japan, and of course South Africa. As a global company, Rio Tinto has their presence established in a total of 36 nations, with more than 10 000 staff workers, both full-time and part-time, working under their belt. The company seeks out for only the best kinds of metals and minerals which will then be processed for a variety of uses. Examples of this includes aluminium for smartphones, copper for vehicles, and borates for agricultural purposes.

In South Africa itself, Rio Tinto has launched their own mining operations called Richards Bay Minerals (RBM). RBM, currently located in the area of KwaZulu-Natal, is established with the purposes of extracting and processing mineral sands. At the moment, RBM has been considered as South Africa’s most largest producer that specifically specializes in mineral sands. Over the past 40 years, RBM continues to acquire more and more minerals, and also improving the quality of their working staff. For the past 4 years, RBM has been recognized as a Top Employer. It comes as no surprise, considering that RBM’s work environment does not just focus on generating profit, but also supporting their fellow employees through a conducive and productive environment.

Rio Tinto Bursaries 2022 (Richards Bay Minerals)
Rio Tinto (Richards Bay Minerals) is offering generous bursary schemes to a selected number of intelligent, well-deserving students based in South Africa. The Rio Tinto Bursaries is an opportunity for Matric Year 1 students/scholars who would like to receive financial assistance with their studies. Acknowledging the potential and talents within the young local society, Rio Tinto believes that a bursary schemes is a fantastic initiative to improve South Africa’s skill set. Through its bursary schemes, Rio Tinto is able to provide a level of help for students to receive their much needed educational qualification that will allow them to establish a career path in the Mining and Metals Industry.

At the moment, the Rio Tinto Bursaries 2022 (Richards Bay Minerals) are only offered to the following study courses below:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Finance
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biochemistry and Microbiology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science.

Eligibility Criteria
Interested candidates who would like to register for the Rio Tinto Bursaries 2022 (Richards Bay Minerals) will need to adhere to the strict, eligibility criteria that has been published by the selection committee. All of these items will be used by the committee to assess all incoming candidates on a fair and detailed manner. Additionally, each of these items will determine whether you will pass the application procedure or not. Failure to meet everything will automatically have your applications be disregarded by the committee.

The Rio Tinto Bursaries 2022 (Richards Bay Minerals) Requirements are as follows:

  • Officially recognized as a legitimate citizen of South Africa
  • Registered as a student in their Matric, or currently in their 1st year of their academic studies
  • Develops a strong passion towards the study course of their choice
  • Already has their Matric Terms Results issued with the key subjects of Maths and Science
  • Currently a full-time student in any one of the aforementioned study courses
  • Pursuing their higher education in any accredited South African tertiary institution
  • Has concrete proof of requiring immediate financial assistance.

Note: students who have a disability are highly recommended to register for this opportunity.

Additionally, future candidates will need to prepare these following documents for their application procedure:

  • A valid copy of your Identity Document
  • A valid copy of your Matric Term Results Slip
  • A valid copy of your Matric certificate
  • A valid copy of your academic record from your tertiary education
  • A legitimate proof of enrollment into an accredited, South Africa higher education institution.

Application Instructions
Apply online Rio Tinto Bursaries 2022 (Richards Bay Minerals).

Once you have accessed the portal, be sure to follow these application instructions below:

  • Scroll down and click “Apply Now”
  • Fill in all of the boxes on the application form
  • Upload your most updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Tick on “Yes, I provide consent.”
  • Click “Save & Continue”.

Closing Date
Applications for the Rio Tinto Bursaries 2021 (Richards Bay Minerals) are open from NOT specified. Applications must be sent in during the allocated time period. As the selection committee does not tolerate any late applications, candidates found to be sending in applications past the deadline will automatically be disregarded.

Important Notes

  • In order to proceed with your applications, all candidates are heavily required to tick on the “Yes, I provide consent.” button – if not, you will be unable to register for the bursary scheme
  • All personal information will be subject to detailed assessment and evaluation by the committee
  • Applications must be filled in with only complete and accurate information.

Rio Tinto Contact Details
Physical Address: 1 Harries Road, Illovo, Sandton 2146, Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone Number: +27 11 459 1260

Reference: Rio Tinto/Richards Bay Minerals Bursary Programmes.

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17 thoughts on “Rio Tinto (Richards Bay Minerals) Bursaries 2022: for Financial Assistance

  1. I’m a boy of 22 years and I have N2, N3 of fitting. All I need is the opportunity to do practical so that I can be a proper fitter. I am willing and a wish to be a member of your company Tnx

  2. Hi

    I’m Zanele Mthethwa a girl of 25 years old, I’m also fascinated in this bursary I’m studying safety management at Oxbridge College.

  3. I’m 25 years girl i have level 2 welding engineering but im interested in Mechanical engineering may i know much about this bursary because ireally need help no one support me in financial fees

  4. I’m looking forward to achieve my goal of bieng an electrical engineer one day,I do study for electrical engineer and I’ve got N2 N3 of it so if my dream can come through to get this basary I will accept it with my both hands.

    1. I am Lwazi Thulebona Zikhali with 23 years old who is interested in the position of Electrical Engineering as I’ve completed my N6 so this position will help me in order to do practicals to get an experience that will help as well to qualify to do a trade test an become an qualified Artisan.

      Hopefully you will consider my Request thank you

  5. I am a 19 year old twin brother and I haven’t got in any higher institute because of financial difficulties and we were hoping that you would aid us to achieve that.

    1. Im an 18 year old girl.I completed my matric last,passed it with bachelor.Im in an unexpected gap year.I haven’t got in any higher institute because of financial difficulties and I was hoping that you would aid me to achieve that.I lost my mom when I was in Grade,Im the most intelligent teenager with passionate in IT.I beg you to assist me.

  6. I’m a boy of, 21 years I need financial assistance in order to go further with my career(electrical engineering

  7. I’m a boy of 21 years and I need financial assistance in order to go further with my career (electrical engineering). I did N1 in electrical engineering because of financial obligations I stop there .

    1. I am Ayanda Velenkosini Cele who is very interested to the positions of electrical engineering and finance. I have N1, N2 and N3 engineering certificates and wealth management certificate.

    1. I am boy of 25 years old i did electrical engineering N2.N3 & N4 so i need financial assistance in order to complete my studies

  8. I would like to know more about your bursaries, I’ve got 17 year old twin girls who are doing matric and I need some financial assistance to send them to tertiary, I’m a single mom with 3 kids .

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