Become a Consumer Goods Specialist with RCL Foods Trainee Programmes 2020-2021

About RCL Foods
RCL Foods is a well known company that puts its focuses on the production of consumer goods within the South African markets. The goods primarily consists of beverages, pies, butter, bread, pet food, and even animal feed. On top of that, RCL Foods is responsible for the success of a number of household brands like Selati, Yum Yum, Ouma, and Rainbow and Farmer. This is all made possible due to RCL Foods initial working business, which was once separated into different divisions. Now that all divisions have integrated under one name, RCL Foods is able to cater to the general public’s different needs and requests.

The company does not just participate in the production and manufacturing of foods and beverages. RCL Foods is capable in handling the work it takes to showcase these items onto the domestic market. With their reliable teams dealing in several divisions, such as Marketing, Logistics, Retail, and Sales, RCL Foods has a better insight into what customers are looking for. Additionally, with the assistance of Vector Logistics, the company is able to distribute their branded goods to more regions in an effort to increase accessibility to their products.

Quality foods makes customers happy, and that is the principle of RCL Foods. In order to produce quality items, employees of RCL Foods must hold on to immense passion and hard work into making their products a household staple and favorite. With a total of 20 000 employees under their belt within the entire nation of South Africa, and several other Southern African countries, RCL Roods continues to generate an even bigger profit, and at the same time, providing ultimate customer satisfaction with their goods.

About RCL Foods Trainee Programmes 2020-2021
RCL Foods is currently offering 10 kinds of Trainee Progammes to young South African individuals who are passionate about the field of consumer goods. The RCL Foods Trainee Programmes is designed to provide an eye-opening experience into the company’s line of work. At the same time, participants will have a chance to further develop their working knowledge and practical skills in a real-time, dynamic, and working environment. After all, in order to excel in RCL Foods, candidates are recommended to improve themselves first as an asset before tackling onto new challenges.

As a participant of the RCL Foods Trainee Programmes, you will be entitled to coaching sessions conducted by expert seniors, opportunities to experience different teams, development schemes that are well thought out, and of course, credible working experience. In a culture like RCL Foods, which priorities constant improvement, the company hopes that you’ll enter the programme as a trainee, and come out as a strong, brave, curious leader.

Eligibility Criteria
Before you can apply for the RCL Foods Trainee Programmes, you will need to fulfill the general eligibility criteria that has been standardized by the selection committee. Each of these items below will determine whether you get accepted into your desired programme or not. Since there are 10 kinds of RCL Foods Trainee Programmes, each programme has its own specific requirements as well. To check these specific requirements, you can check out the next section of this article later on.

The RCL Foods Trainee Programmes General Requirements are as follows:

  • Recognized as either a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa
  • Has achieve impressive academic results throughout your previous studies
  • Finished your studies or in your final year of your academic studies at the moment
  • Understands basic Computer Literacy with knowledge on MS Office software
  • Display effective communication capabilities
  • Result-oriented
  • Knows how to achieve deadlines in a timely manner
  • Able to assess through complex situations
  • Can come up with decisions immediately
  • Knows how to solve problems.

Application Instructions
Apply Online RCL Foods Trainee Programmes 2020-2021:

All applicants of any one of the programmes are required to register for an account beforehand. This is because all applications will be conducted through an online portal. Without an account, you will not be able to proceed with the application process. On top of that, candidates are required to provide only truthful personal information about themselves as all of this data will be subject under assessment by the selection committee. Failure to do so may risk your chances with the application procedure.

Closing Date
All RCL Foods Trainee Programmes 2020-2021 applications must be submitted before its closing date on 31 August 2020. Any late applications will not be tolerated. Additionally, it is advised that all candidates send in their applications as early as possible. This is to prevent any last-minute disruptions such as sudden increase in web traffic or online portal interruptions.

Employment Equity
RCL Foods strictly adheres to their Employment Equity policies which has been implemented in their line of work. All kinds of recruitment, either internal or external, will be subject to these policies. Therefore, internal candidates will be provided priority first before considering any external candidates. This is done to meet the Employment Equity standards of the company.

Important Notice
Due to the growing popularity of the RCL Foods Trainee Programmes, there has been a surge in false advertisements misusing the good name of the company for their illegal dealings. These scams typically involves fake adverts that guarantees you direct acceptance into the programme, provided that you give them a sum of money. These scams are often prominent on social media or through text messages.

Please be kindly informed that RCL Foods will never request any type of payment during any phase of the application procedure. Should you happen to come across any types of these false advertisements, or if you happen to know someone who has fallen prey to these scams, you may directly have this reported to RCL Foods Tip-Offs Anonymous hotline at this number: +27 80 000 1987. Additionally, it is encouraged that you reach out to your local South African local authorities to have this reported. This way, false advertisements like this could be prevented in the future.

RCL Foods Contact Details
Physical Address: Ten The Boulevard, Westway Office Park, Westville, 3629
Postal Address: P.O. Box 2734, Westway Office Park, 3635
Phone Number: +27 31 242 8600


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