NWK Job Vacancy as Floor Manager 2024: Employment Opportunity for Grade 12 Applicants

About NWK
Established over a century ago, NWK Limited stands as a prominent agricultural enterprise headquartered in South Africa. Throughout its extensive history, NWK has continually diversified its offerings, providing farmers with an array of essential services and products, spanning agronomy, animal feed, grain storage, and beyond. Moreover, NWK extends its support to farmers through financial services, encompassing insurance and loans, to fortify their growth and ensure sustainability in their operations.

In alignment with its long-standing commitment to sustainability, NWK actively pursues initiatives aimed at minimizing its carbon footprint and embracing environmentally conscious practices. With a robust presence in South Africa’s agricultural landscape, NWK operates through an expansive network of operations, subsidiaries, and strategic partnerships. The company’s unwavering dedication to delivering excellence underscores its mission to empower farmers, foster agricultural advancement, and contribute significantly to the overall development of the sector.

About the NWK Job Vacancy as Floor Manager 2024
NWK is on the search for a capable applicants who would like to be a part of the company as a capable and reliable Floor Manager to oversee productions. As the Floor Manager for the NWK Job Vacancy, you will play a crucial role in overseeing the operational aspects of inventory control within the agricultural department. Your responsibilities will include efficiently managing stock levels, monitoring inventory movements, and implementing effective inventory control procedures to ensure optimal stock availability. Additionally, you will be tasked with coordinating with suppliers to maintain consistent stock levels and quality standards. This role requires meticulous attention to detail and the ability to analyze inventory data to make informed decisions. You will also collaborate closely with other team members to streamline processes and improve overall departmental efficiency.

Additionally, you will need to perform the duties below:

  • Managing inventory control tasks such as placing orders, receiving shipments, transferring goods, pricing items, and conducting inventory counts
  • Providing customer service, which encompasses tasks like preparing quotes, processing special orders, addressing product inquiries, facilitating credit arrangements, and offering personalized assistance to customers to fulfill their requirements
  • Coordinating with product managers and representatives to ensure effective communication and collaboration
  • Contributing to the arrangement and organization of the store, warehouse, or department layout
  • Overseeing personnel management responsibilities.

The NWK Job Vacancy as Floor Manager is currently available in this location: RETAIL DELAREYVILLE.

General Duties as Floor Manager

  • Supervising and overseeing daily operations on the floor
  • Managing and motivating staff members to ensure productivity and efficiency
  • Monitoring inventory levels and coordinating restocking activities
  • Ensuring compliance with company policies and procedures
  • Resolving customer complaints and addressing any issues promptly
  • Implementing strategies to optimize sales and meet revenue targets
  • Conducting regular performance evaluations and providing feedback to team members
  • Collaborating with other departments to coordinate activities and achieve organizational goals
  • Maintaining a clean and organized store environment
  • Developing and implementing training programs for staff members to enhance their skills.

Eligibility Criteria
To enhance your chances of being selected for the NWK Job Vacancy as Floor Manager, it is crucial to understand the eligibility standards thoroughly. Each criterion will be carefully evaluated during the selection process. To verify if you meet the necessary qualifications, please review the list of qualifying prerequisites outlined below. Ideally, fulfilling all the requirements on this list will significantly improve your prospects of success.

The NWK Job Vacancy as Floor Manager Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Possess a Grade 12 certificate
  • Acquire at least three (3) years of relevant experience in the industry
  • Be fully bilingual in Afrikaans and English
  • Obtain a valid driver’s license
  • Demonstrate good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Exercise effective decision-making skills
  • Show reliability and responsibility
  • Exhibit perseverance.

Application Instructions
Apply online: NWK Job Vacancy as Floor Manager 2024.

Kindly follow the application instructions below:

  1. Use Google Chrome to access the provided web address. Alternatively, you can use your mobile phone; Android users can use the pre-installed Google Chrome
  2. Create an account on the application portal and log in to submit your application
  3. By submitting, you consent to the selection committee using your personal information for registration purposes
  4. Applications will undergo verification; any false information will result in disqualification
  5. Submit all applications through the designated website. Submissions via hand delivery or fax will not be accepted.

Closing Date
Applications for the NWK Job Vacancy as Floor Manager must be submitted before the closing date on 14 June 2024.

To secure your place during the registration period, it is crucial to submit your applications as early as possible. Early submission will also help you avoid any unexpected last-minute issues, such as heavy internet traffic or missing documents.

Please be aware that applications for the program must be submitted before the closing date. Late submissions will not be considered by the selection committee and will result in disqualification from the program.

If you do not hear back regarding an interview within two weeks of the application deadline, please consider your application unsuccessful.

NWK reserves the right to appoint candidates during the recruitment period, and all decisions made by the selection committee are final and binding.

Company Details
Physical Address: 81 Scholtz Street, Lichtenburg 2740

Telephone Number: +27 18 633 1363 (Simóne Ferreira). / +27 18 633 1000 

Email Address: [email protected]

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