NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) Bursary 2024: Financial Assistance for University and TVET College Students

About the NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) Bursary 2024
The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, or simply referred to as the NSFAS, is a bursary programme that is initatived by the Department of Higher Education and Training. This financial assistance aims to provide underprivileged youths of society with the monetary means of continuing their education. Typically the NSFAS accommodates university and college students who possess impressive academic talents and valuable qualities that match. The scheme hopes that by investing in this generation of youths through education, they can complete their qualifications without additional burdens and become contributing members of their future society.

The NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) 2024 is currently offering bursaries for students who meet their standards. Candidates have the freedom to study in either one of South Africa’s 26 Public Universities or 50 TVET Colleges. Selected awardees of the NSFAS Programme will be entitled to coverage for these students related expenses (must not be repaid in cash):

  • Registration expenses
  • Total cost of tuition fees
  • Learning materials
  • Daily meals
  • Personal care
  • Accommodation or transporation costs
  • For People with Disabilities: assistive devices and human support.

The NSFAS has collaborated with the Department of Basic Education to make their bursary schemes more accessible to Grade 10 to 12 students. You can find the NSFAS in your respective Provinces and District Offices. The National Teachers Centres will be given databases that will help candidates with their applications.

Eligible Applicants
The National Student Financial Aid Scheme is only available for legal citizens of South Africa who are planning to enroll or are already enrolled in a Public University or TVET College. Additionally, that should be in any either one of these categories:

  • Recognized as an awardee of the SASSA grant
  • Has less than R350 000/year for their combined household income
  • Candidates with disabilities who have less than R600 000/year for their combined household income.

Meanwhile, candidates with these criteria below are not allowed to apply for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme:

  • Has accomplished a past qualification (exception for candidates who have enrolled for a funded post-graduate qualification that has been approved)
  • Has already applied for a student fun and have received financial assistance.

Bursary Requirements
Applications for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme must fulfill a set of requirements attached to the programme. Each of these items below will play a crucial role in determining your acceptance rate. Failure to adhere to these criteria will cause disadvantageous consequences towards the overall results of your registration. Pay attention to the criteria.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme Requirements are as listed below:

  • Has their own e-mail address and telephone number
  • A valid copy of your Identity Document or Birth Certificate
  • Valid copies of your parents’/guardian’s/spouse’s Identity Document
  • Valid proof of household income/most recent IRP5 (if available)
  • Valid proof of parents’/guardian’s/spouse’s household income
  • Candidates who have obtained a SASSA grant: no need to provide proof of household income
  • Candidates who have disabilities: send in a completed Disability Annexure A Form
  • Candidates considered to be a vulnerable child according to the Department of Social Development: send in a Vulnerable Child Declaration Form.

Application Instructions
Apply online: NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) 2024.

Once you have reached the website, you will need to click on “myNSFAS”. Candidates must register for an myNSFAS account. Click on the “Apply” tab to proceed and you will be presented with a list of questions. Make sure that you answer these questions accordingly and accurately. Besides the questions, candidates are required to upload several necessary documents. Once all that is done, you can click “Submit”.

Upon submissions, you will receive an Application Reference Number. It will also be sent via the telephone number and e-mail address that you have inputted in the account. This Application Reference Number signifies that your applications has been processed and will be evaluated by the selection committee. However, it does not indicated that you have been accepted.

You can conduct the registration procedure using a computer. Alternatively, you can also apply through a smartphone or a tablet.

Submissions are to be made through the application portal that has been provided above. Applications submitted through e-mail or post will not be accepted by the selection committee.


  1. If your parent, guardian, or spouse works as a taxi driver, candidates will need to send in a letter of employment indicating their income
  2. The NSFAS will immediately verify your Identity Document number, full name, and surname when you have successfully registered for a myNSFAS account. If there are is any incorrect information, please directly reach out to DHA to clarify
  3. You will need to apply for a NSFAS funding again if you failed to register for a university/college during the previous year
  4. If you are a previous TVET College student and plans on continuing your 2024 studies in a university, you are still required to apply for a NSFAS-funded university course.

Closing Date
Applications for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme must be submitted before the closing date on 31 January 2024.

The selection committee has zero tolerance for late applications. Candidates sending in applications past the closing will automatically be disqualified from the registration process.

Announcements will be made to all candidates after the NSFAS has confirmed the the institution that has made an academic offer to you. You will be notified before the academic year begins. Announcements are made through SMS, e-mail, and your myNSFAS account. Therefore, make sure that you have provided the correct contact information. This will help the selection committee get in touch with you.

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