NERSA (National Energy Regulator of South Africa) Internships and Learnerships 2024

The National Energy Regulator, or commonly referred to as simply NERSA, is an establishment that is tasked with regulating local industries that use petroleum pipelines, electricity, and piped-gas as their main resources. Formed under the jurisdiction of the National Energy Regulator Act (Section 3), all of NERSA’s activities are conducted as per accordingly to the Petroleum Pipelines Act, 2003, Electricity Regulation Act 2006, and Gas Act, 2001. This is to ensure that all environmental resources are utilized in a non-exploitative manner, and the government is able to pay direct attention to the conditions of these industries. At the moment, NERSA is comprised of both full-time and part-time workers, which adds up to a total of 9 members. With the leadership of its Chief Executive Officer, and the assistance of their secretariat, NERSA is able to move forward in the direction that they would like to proceed.

NERSA Internship and Learnership Programmes 2024
The National Energy Regulator (NERSA) is offering local South African youths the opportunity to participate in their internship and learnership programmes. The NERSA Internship and Learnership Programmes 2024 is specifically designed to uplift the unemployed youths working force so that they will have a better chance of receiving employment in the years to come by. During the programmes, participants will be granted with the necessary real-time working exposure, as well as the required knowledge and skills to make a name for themselves in their careers. If you have a passion for this line of work, and have a spirit for learning, either one of these programmes is the right choice for you.

Eligibility Requirements
Before you apply for the NERSA Internship and Learnership Programmes 2024, you will need to fulfill several eligibility criteria to be considered suitable for the establishment. Each of these items below will determine the level of success for your applications. Failure to meet everything below will cause disadvantageous results towards the overall outcome of your application process.

The NERSA Internship and Learnership Programmes 2024 are as follows:

  • Officially recognized as a legitimate citizen of South Africa
  • Currently not employed by any other institution
  • Has finished their tertiary education (e.g. Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, National Diploma, Honours Degree) at any accredited university in South Africa.

Future candidates who wish to register for either an internship or learnership with NERSA will need to be specializing in any one of these fields below:

  • Ref: EPT2024 – Electricity Pricing and Tariffs (Bachelor’s Degree or National Diploma In Accounting, Finance, or Economics) – Internship/Learnership
  • Ref: EIP2024 – Electricity Infrastructure Planning (Bachelor’s Degree or National Diploma in Electrical Engineering) – Internship/Learnership
  • Ref: GLC2024 – Gas Licensing, Compliance, and Dispute Resolution (Bachelor’s Degree or National Diploma in Chemical) – Internship/Learnership
  • Ref: SCM2024 – Supply Chain Management Facilities & Projects (Bachelor’s Degree or National Diploma in Supply Chain Management, Purchasing Management, or Logistics Management) – Internship
  • Ref: FMG2024 – Finance Management and Governance (Bachelor’s Degree or National Diploma in Accounting) – Internship
  • Ref: LAS2024 – Legal Advisory Services (Bachelor’s Degree In Law) – Internship
  • Ref: RAR2024 – Regulatory Analysis and Research (Bachelor’s Degree or National Diploma in Economics, Finance, or Statistics) – Internship
  • Ref: IAU2024 – Internal Audit Unit (Bachelor’s Degree or National Diploma in Auditing) – Internship
  • Ref: HRM2024 – Human Resources Management (Bachelor’s Degree or National Diploma in Human Resources Management) – Internship
  • Ref: ELC2024 – Electricity Licensing and Compliance (Bachelor’s Degree or National Diploma in Electrical Engineering) – Internship/Learnership
  • Ref: ICT2024 – Information Communication and Technology (Bachelor’s Degree or National Diploma in Information Technology) – Internship
  • Ref: GPT2024 – Gas Pricing and Tariffs (Bachelor’s Degree In Accounting, Finance, or Economics) – Internship/Learnership.

Application Instructions
Send your applications through e-mail to [email protected] (NERSA Internship and Learnership Programmes 2024).

If you do not feel comfortable in sending your applications through e-mail, alternatively, you can have them sent through postal carriage at this provided address:
Ms. Lena Rankhumise
National Energy Regulator of South Africa
Hume, Resources Department
P.O. Box 40343, Arcadia
Pretoria, 0007

Applicants are expected to submit in these following documents below:

  • Your most recent Curriculum Vitae that highlights your skills and capabilities
  • Valid copies of your Identity Document
  • Valid copies of your available qualifications
  • A complete academic track record.

Please make sure that you have the Reference Numbers and Divisions mentioned on your applications. This will allow the selection committee to easily locate your e-mails. Should you not indicate those two aforementioned items in your applications, you will automatically be disqualified.

Applicants are free to send in multiple applications. However, please be kindly advised that candidates sending in more than one application must send them in separate dossiers. This is to prevent any mix up or misinformation for each application.

Closing Date
All applications for the NERSA Internship and Learnership Programmes 2024 must be sent before the closing date of 07 December 2023. Candidates who submit in their applications past the deadline will be disregarded by the selection committee. To prevent any last-minute blunders, it is highly encouraged that interested candidates send in their applications as soon as possible.

NERSA Contact Details
Physical Address: Kulawula House, 526 Madiba Street, Arcadia, Pretoria
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: +27 12 401 4600
Fax Number: +27 12 401 4700

Vacancy Source:

Reference: NERSA (National Energy Regulator of South Africa) Learnership Programmes


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