Mukuru Education Fund Bursaries 2023: Financial Aid for X14 University/University of Technology Students

About Mukuru
Mukuru is a top Next Gen Financial Services Platform that delivers inexpensive and trustworthy financial services to the rising consumer. It is one of the biggest money transfer companies in Africa. The core of their business was created by offering the continent’s migrant diaspora with safe, simple international money transfers. From this foundation, they have developed a wide range of goods and services that are inspired by the requirements and goals of its clients for more financial stability and a higher quality of life.

They’re devoted to addressing difficulties for Africa’s developing consumers by knowing their concerns and demands from their point of view. They are aware that they serve a group of dedicated people who have made significant sacrifices in their quest for possibilities yet are frequently ignored by traditional financial institutions. As a fintech provider, Mukuru’s ability to “speak the language” of its users and have a deep awareness of the particular pain issues that customers encounter in each region has been the foundation of its successful customer engagement approach.

About the Mukuru Education Fund Bursaries 2023
Mukuru is offering X14 bursary opportunities for learners who are pursuing their studies at a university or technical university for the 2023 academic year. People from all diverse backgrounds are invited to apply for Mukuru Education Fund Bursaries, which is an inclusive initiative. You will be given the assistance you need as an awardee to pursue your academic degree. You are more than welcome to try out for this chance if you exhibit excellent academic performance and important traits as a student.

The Mukuru Education Fund Bursaries is currently available for the following fields of study:

  • Software Development Management
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Architecture
  • Information Technology Engineers

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates interested in the Mukuru Education Fund Bursaries must fulfill an eligibility criteria before proceeding with their applications. Each of these items below will determine whether you have what it takes to proceed with this position. To guarantee a successful application, candidates are advised to meet all of the following requirements. Failure to do so will cause disadvantageous consequences towards the overall result of your applications. Be sure to jot down these items for personal reference.

The Mukuru Education Fund Bursaries Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Successfully accomplished your Matric qualification
  • Pursuing a full-time study towards an undergraduate qualification in either one of the fields mentioned above
  • Currently in your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of your full-time studies
  • Enrolled to pursue your studies in a recognized South African university or university of technology
  • Obtained at least an overall average aggregate score of 70% and a Bachelor’s Pass in your Matric qualification
  • Obtained at least an overall average aggregate score of 65% at a tertiary level
  • Proven to require immediate financial assistance.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Mukuru Education Fund Bursaries 2023.

It is recommended that you use Google Chrome to get access to the web site mentioned above.

Please fill out the application site with your most relevant responses by typing them into the appropriate areas. All of the personal information you submit should be accurate and correspond to your actual circumstances.

Alternatively, you can apply using your handphone, since it is much more practical than applying via computer. If you are using an OS Android handphone, you can use Google Chrome as your web browser. Since Google Chrome is automatically available in OS Android handphones, you don’t have to install any other browsers.

On top of that, you will need to submit the documents below:

  • A copy of your Identity Document/Passport
  • Proof of eligibility to be in South Africa
  • Matric/A Level Certificate
  • Your most recent study results slip
  • Your most updated Curriculum Vitae
  • A motivational letter that answers the question: why should Mukuru invest in you, and why do you deserve to be chosen for the bursary (how will this bursary help you both financially and professionally)
  • Signed references letter from a fellow educator, coash, or adult who has taught you directly
  • Proof of joint family income.

All these documents must be included in your application dossier. Incomplete dossiers will automatically be disqualified.

The information you put in will be evaluated by the entirety of the selection committee. That’s why you should double-check to see if there is no false information. Any indication of candidates providing wrongful details might be put in a risky situation.

By sending in your applications, you are hereby giving permission to the selection committee to have your personal information utilized for registration purposes.

Candidates must process their applications through the portal provided above. Submissions made through other methods, such as hand delivery or fax, will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Mukuru Education Fund Bursaries must be submitted before the closing date on 19 December 2022.

Register early to ensure that your application is secured as soon as feasible. This is done to provide you a secure place during the hiring process, however it doesn’t guarantee success right away.

Before the deadline, applications for the program must be filed. The selection committee will not accept late applications, and the program will not accept these sorts of submissions.

Announcements will only be made to shortlisted candidates. If you do not hear back from the selection committee by the very latest 25th January 2023, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for the bursary.

Mukuru has the discretion to provide employment to anyone or not. The selecting committee’s choices are final in all respects.


  1. I recently sat fo my NSC matriculation examinations in 2022 and I am waiting for my results .I have been offered a provisional acceptance to study for a BSc in Acturial and Financial Mathematics in 2023. Can I be funded in your programs

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