Motus Apprenticeship 2024: Opportunity to Receive Workplace Experience for Grade 12 Applicants

About Motus
Motus Holdings Limited, a prominent automotive group in South Africa, boasts a rich legacy spanning many decades. Its extensive portfolio includes automotive retail, fleet services, and aftermarket parts and accessories, establishing Motus as a stalwart known for its commitment to excellence and innovation. Operating through a network of over 300 dealerships and service centers across South Africa and select global markets, Motus caters comprehensively to diverse automotive needs, offering premium brands and holistic solutions to its clientele.

Central to Motus’s achievements is its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, evident in its continuous efforts to provide outstanding service and value. Guided by a team of skilled professionals and a culture grounded in integrity and teamwork, Motus consistently surpasses customer expectations, fostering enduring relationships built on trust and dependability. Additionally, as a responsible corporate entity, Motus prioritizes sustainability and social responsibility, actively participating in initiatives aimed at driving positive community impact and promoting environmental stewardship. With an enduring commitment to innovation, service excellence, and societal advancement, Motus remains at the forefront of shaping the automotive industry’s future, driving progress and prosperity for all stakeholders.

About the Motus Apprenticeship
Motus is seeking for keen applicants who would like to obtain practical workplace experience in a professional setting with the automobile establishment. The Motus Apprenticeship offers an opportunity for a Level 1 Apprentice (Motor Mechanic) providing an excellent path for individuals eager to undergo training and earn qualifications as a Motor Mechanic.

Candidates selected for this role will actively engage in all facets of the Apprenticeship programme, including assisting in vehicle repairs under the guidance of a qualified Technician. They will fulfill the MerSETA trade requirements, master level tests, and aim to qualify within a maximum period of 4 years. This apprenticeship is designed to equip participants with comprehensive skills and knowledge essential for a successful career in motor mechanics.

You will also be required to fulfill the duties below:

  • Participate in scheduled technical or level training courses
  • Aid in vehicle repairs to gain practical experience under the supervision and guidance of a Technician
  • Adequately prepare for level tests to achieve qualification within a maximum of 4 years
  • Assist in maintaining housekeeping standards by keeping tools, equipment, and work areas clean and orderly
  • Adhere to workplace safety rules, conduct guidelines, and protocols
  • Fulfill any other reasonable duties as required from time to time.

Application Requirements
Before you apply for the Motus Apprenticeship, it is essential to carefully review the requirements provided below. Each criterion listed plays a crucial role in evaluating your suitability for employment with the company. To enhance your chances of success in the recruitment process, ensure that you meet all the eligibility criteria outlined. Failure to meet these requirements may disadvantage you and affect your chances of being accepted during the registration phase.

The Motus Apprenticeship Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

1. General Requirements

  • Ensure you possess Grade 12 with Pure Maths and Physical Science passed with a minimum mark of 50%.
  • Possess a valid, unendorsed driver’s license.
  • Ensure you maintain a clear criminal record.
  • Gain advantage with mechanical insight, technical skills, and relevant experience.

2. Work Competencies

  • Operate manufacturer diagnostic equipment/computer proficiently to access information
  • Ensure physical fitness for heavy work and the ability to complete associated duties
  • Find enjoyment in working with your hands
  • Be capable of working in noisy environments
  • Demonstrate good eyesight and hand-eye coordination
  • Exhibit strong problem-solving, troubleshooting, and motor vehicle fault-finding skills
  • Maintain mental alertness
  • Possess proficient English communication and writing skills to accurately record findings and work conducted on job cards, and to access repair information in OEM bulletins and online systems
  • Uphold a meticulous and accurate approach
  • Foster a collaborative team spirit
  • Bring energy and action orientation to your work.

Application Instructions:
Apply online: Motus Apprenticeship 2024.

Please follow the application instructions below:

  1. Review the prompts on the application portal carefully before completing the fields
  2. Ensure that the information you provide accurately reflects your current circumstances to avoid complications later
  3. Upload all required documents, including transcripts, Curriculum Vitae, driver’s licenses, identity documents, passports, and any other necessary materials, following the portal’s instructions
  4. Submit your application exclusively through the designated portal to ensure recognition and consideration by the selection committee
  5. Avoid submitting applications via alternative methods such as email or fax, as they will not be accepted.

Closing Date
Applications for the Motus Apprenticeship must be submitted before the closing date on 12 July 2024

If you’re eager to pursue this job opportunity, we recommend submitting your application promptly to avoid any last-minute complications.

Please be aware that late applications will not be accepted as per our policy. Submissions received after the closing date will be disqualified automatically.

As part of our hiring process, we conduct screenings in line with Financial Intelligence Centre requirements, as necessary and relevant to the specific job roles. If you do not receive an interview invitation within 2 weeks of the application deadline, please understand that your application has not progressed further in the selection process.

Motus retains the right to extend or decline employment opportunities at its discretion. The decisions of the selection committee are conclusive and binding.

Company Details

Physical Address
Motus Group
1 Van Buuren Road
Corner Geldenhuis and Van Dort Streets
Bedfordview 2008

Postal Address
PO Box 1719
South Africa

Telephone Number: +27 10 493 4335

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