Mediclinic Job Vacancy as Pharmacist Assistant 2022: Employment Opportunity in Cape Town

About Mediclinic
Hospital group Mediclinic Southern Africa is a private hospital group with operations in South Africa and Namibia that specializes in acute care, specialist-oriented, multi-disciplinary hospital services, and allied services.

The organization puts science at the center of their treatment process, and they strive to offer evidence-based care that is of the greatest possible quality for their patients. At the moment, the company manages 53 private hospitals and five day clinics across South Africa, as well as three hospitals in Namibia, with an overall capacity of more than 8 000 beds.

About the Mediclinic Job Vacancy as Pharmacist Assistant 2022
Mediclinic is offering X1 employment opportunity to candidates keen on applying as a Pharmacist Assistant for the Mediclinic Panorama location in Cape Town. The Mediclinic Job Vacancy as Pharmacist Assistant needs you to help in the provision of a complete, professional, and cost-effective pharmaceutical service to in-patients and members of the general public, among other responsibilities.

Below are the responsibilities you will need to tackle as well:

  • Make sure that that medications and scheduled substances are readily available in shops and to the general public
  • Oversee that medication administration is correct
  • Ensure that medications and scheduled substances are kept in sufficient quantities.

For application purposes, please kindly take note of the Mediclinic Job Vacancy as Pharmacist Assistant’s Reference Number: 23507.

Eligibility Criteria
Do you think you have what it takes to register for the Mediclinic Job Vacancy as Pharmacist Assistant? Be sure to send in your application as soon as possible! But first, you will need to take a look at the programme’s eligibility criteria. These items will determine whether you’d make a great candidate or not. If you’d like to check your qualifications, be sure to take a look at the eligibility criteria below. If you’d like to guarantee a higher chance of success, it’s advisable that you meet all these times in the following list.

The Mediclinic Job Vacancy as Pharmacist Assistant Eligibility Criteria are as follows:
1. Basic Qualifications

  • Has a Pharmacists Assistant Post Basic Certificate
  • The vacancy doesn’t require essential minimum experience
  • Advantageous: has at least 1-3 years of working in a private hospital pharmacy, clinical pharmacy (e.g. antimicrobial stewardship, stock management, and distribution).

2. Job Knowledge

  • Understands basic computer literacy
  • Understands clinical pharmacy
  • Has knowledge of antimicrobial stewardship
  • Keeps up with the latest industry challenges in pharmacy and healthcare
  • Knows about the legislations related to Medicines and Related Substances Control Act
  • Understands ethical product knowledge
  • Has a profound knowledge of financial management
  • Understands Medical Aid Scheme benefits, formularies, and regulations
  • Knows about the existing Pharmacy systems (e.g. AS400, UNISOLVE).

Important Note: All candidates will be evaluated, with the understanding that internal applicants/employees who satisfy the minimum qualifications will be given precedence in line with Mediclinic Southern Africa’s Employment Equity Plan.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Mediclinic Job Vacancy as Pharmacist Assistant 2022.

It is advised that you use Google Chrome as your browser to access the above-mentioned website.

To submit their applications, candidates must first register on the application platform. This account will be needed during the registration process.

It will be reviewed by the whole screening committee, which includes you, and any information you provide will be kept strictly secret. As a consequence, you should conduct a comprehensive check to ensure that no false information is provided. If there is evidence that candidates are supplying false information, they may be put in a potentially dangerous scenario.

By submitting your applications, you allow the selection committee permission to use your personal information to register you for the event.

Candidates must submit their applications using the above-mentioned website. Other methods of submission, such as personal delivery or fax, will be rejected by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Mediclinic Job Vacancy as Pharmacist Assistant must be submitted before the closing date on 21 March 2022.

It is possible to guarantee that your application is protected as soon as possible by registering as soon as feasible. However, this does not guarantee immediate success and is just designed to give you with a stable position during the recruitment process.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the selection committee. Candidates that submit their applications after the deadline will not be considered. All submissions submitted after the deadline, regardless of their substance, will be discarded without further consideration.

Mediclinic has the right to offer or refuse employment to anybody at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. The decisions of the choosing committee are final and binding on all parties engaged in the process.


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