Kundani Training College System Development Learnership 2023-2024: Welcoming Grade 12 Applicants to Join

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About Kundani Training College
Kundani Training College places great emphasis on training and development in the Media and ICT industry. Their goal is to provide individuals, companies, and freelancers with the skills they need to remain employable throughout their careers in the constantly evolving media landscape. They achieve this by offering a diverse range of face-to-face courses and distance learning options to people and businesses in the media and information technology sectors.

Kundani Training College recognizes the importance of making education accessible to everyone, and as such, they offer distant/vocational learning to accommodate those who cannot attend physical classes. They make use of a unique approach called Compilation Of POE (Portfolio Of Evidence) to assess and evaluate the progress of students in all courses. This approach ensures that students receive comprehensive and relevant training that equips them with practical skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen careers.

About the Kundani Training College System Development Learnership 2023-2024
Kundani Training College is offering a one-year learnership programme for candidates who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in System Development. The Kundani Training College System Development Learnership is an outstanding opportunity for individuals seeking a solid foundation in this sector.

This comprehensive learnership programme offers a structured curriculum that combines theoretical assessments and practical working sessions, which take place in a real-time company setting. By participating in this learnership, you will have the chance to gain hands-on experience and learn essential skills required to excel in the system development industry. During the programme, you will receive guidance and support from professional training providers, who will motivate and encourage you to progress and achieve your qualification.

A monthly stipend is offered to learners.

Eligibility Criteria
Do you believe you have what it takes to apply for the Kundani Training College System Development Learnership? Send in your application as soon as you can, please! Nevertheless, you must first review the qualifications for the post. These factors will indicate whether or not you’d be a strong candidate. Please glance through the qualifying requirements listed below to see whether you meet them. It is advised that you adhere to all of the following times if you want to ensure a greater possibility of success.

The Kundani Training College System Development Learnership Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • Accomplished their Grade 12 qualification
  • Below 25 years old
  • Unemployed at the moment
  • Not taking part in any other learnership
  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa (has a legitimate South African ID)
  • Presents themselves in a professional manner
  • Advantageous: has a qualification above Grade 12.

Application Instructions
Apply online Kundani Training College System Development Learnership 2023-2024 via email: [email protected]

Candidates are required to send in the following documents:

  • A letter of motivation
  • Your most updated Curriculum Vitae
  • A certified Identity Document
  • Copies of your qualifications
  • Testimonial.

All these documents must be complied in your application dossier. Incomplete dossiers will automatically be disqualified from the programme.

You hereby authorize the selection committee to use your personal information for registration purposes by sending in your applications.

Applications will go through further review and validation processes to ensure that the applicants are legitimate. Anybody found to have lied about anything on their application will not be allowed to register during the registration period.

Applicants must submit their applications through the aforementioned site. The selection committee will not accept submissions sent by hand delivery or fax or by any other means.

Closing Date
Applications for the Kundani Training College System Development Learnership must be submitted before the closing date on 30 April 2023.

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered by the selection committee. Contributions sent after the deadline won’t be recognized while registration is open.

It is encouraged that applicants submit their applications as soon as feasible. You will then have some time to thoroughly assess the information in your applications. Please have your applications ready as soon as possible.

Throughout the hiring procedure, Kundani Training College System Development Learnership maintains the right to make or not make an appointment. The selecting committee’s choices are final in all respects.

Committee Details
Do you have a question regarding the Kundani Training College System Development Learnership? Don’t hesitate to ask! Feel free to send in your enquiries and concerns to the contact person below:

Telephone Number: +27 83 561 6004

Vacancy source:

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