Gold One Apprenticeships 2021: Opportunities for N2 Certificate Holders

About Gold One Group Limited
Gold One Group Limited, or simply referred to as Gold One, is a mining company that specializes in the exploration, production, and manufacturing of gold. Based in South Africa, the company’s operations mainly take place within the country’s domestic regions. Considering the hazardous nature of the working environment, Gold One aims to achieve low-risk operations that still guarantee a high margin of mining resources. The company is particularly well-known for their Modder East Gold Mine operations. Since its formation in 2009, Gold One has been able acquire large sums of gold in this region and increase their production rates.

About the Gold One Apprenticeships 2021
Gold One is offering South African individuals the opportunity to be a part of their heavy-duty mining company by participating in their apprenticeships. The Gold One Apprenticeships is the ideal opportunity for mining enthusiasts to see how a real-time company operates in mines. Selected apprentices will be tasked to several responsibilities as a means of getting to know the company’s working culture a lot better. Conducted in the Gold One Modder East Operation, apprentices must be willing to relocate or reside nearby the area of Springs, Ekurhuleni.

The Modder East Operations consists of an underground mine that stretches from approximately 300m to 500m below ground surface. It is one of South Africa’s newest mines that particularly explores Rand’s gold regions. Commercial production of gold in this operation started in 2009. By implementing a combination of conventional mining methods and expert technical skills, the company has managed to acquire 240oz of gold during one of their many first mining expeditions. Since then, the company has relied on their facilities, such as transporation vehicles, to make sure these gold resources get delivered to their respective clients.

For application purposes, please take note of the Gold One Apprenticeships Reference Number: EAP001-11-20.

Apprenticeship Fields
The Gold One Apprenticeships are available for these following fields with these compulsory specific requirements:
1. Auto Electrician
Possess an N2 certificate or above for these subjects:

  • Engineering Science
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Mathematics
  • Auto Electrical or Electrical Trade Theory

2. Fitter & Turner
Possess an N2 certificate or above for these subjects:

  • Fitting Trade Theory
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Engineering Science

3. Boilermaker
Possess an N2 certificate or above for these subjects:

  • Plater Trade Theory
  • Mathematics
  • Structural and Steel Drawing
  • Engineering Science

4. Instrument Mechanician
Possess an N2 certificate or above for these subjects:

  • Instrument Trade Theory
  • Mathematics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Engineering Science

5. Earth Moving Mechanic
Possess an N2 certificate or above for these subjects:

  • Diesel Trade Theory
  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Engineering Science

Eligibility Criteria
The Gold One Apprenticeships 2021 is available for candidates who possess qualities that are in line with the programme’s work. Each of these items will determine whether you are well-deserving enough of the apprenticeship or not. It is advisable that you pay attention to these requirements. Failure to fulfill everything may result in disadvantageous consequences towards the overall result of your applications. Make sure you jot down everything in this list.

The Gold One Apprenticeships Eligibility Criteria are:

  • Officially recognized as a legal citizen of South Africa
  • Between 18-35 years old at the time of the apprenticeship
  • Proven fluency in written and spoken English
  • Clear from any criminal track records
  • Physically and medically healthy for the line of work
  • Preference will be offered candidates residing in the communities of the mine operations
  • Advantage: fluent in any one of the 11 official languages
  • Can provide these required documents:
    • A valid copy of your Identity Document
    • Valid copies of your past qualifications.

Application Instructions
Apply via e-mail: [email protected] (Gold One Apprenticeships 2021).

Application dossiers should include all of the documentation required to proceed with the registration. Once you have compiled everything, make sure to have them attached in your e-mail. Your e-mail Subject Line should state the Reference Number (EAP001-11-20). Not indicating the Reference Number in the Subject Line will disqualify your applications.

Alternatively, you can manually send in your applications by posting it in the selected designated application boxes. However, you will still need to state the Reference Number on your applications.

Applications are to be sent through either one of those two submission methods. Candidates are disallowed to hand deliver their applications directly to a HR Officer or a Gold One employee.

Similarly, dossiers must include all of the necessary documents. Any missing document could falter your chances of registration and the selection committee will not accept your applications.

Closing Date
Applications for the Gold One Apprenticeships must be submitted before the closing date on 27 November 2020.

The selection committee has zero tolerance for late applications. Candidates found to be making submission past the closing date (even by one day) will automatically be disregarded by the selection committee.

Committee Details
Should you have any enquiries regarding the Gold One Apprenticeships, please deliver your questions and concerns through these provided contact information.

Physical Address:
Corner, Cloverfield & Outeniqua Road
Eastvale, Springs, 1560. South Africa

Telephone Number: +27 11 730 7600
E-mail Address: [email protected]

Vacancy source:

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