GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy) Bursary 2024: Financial Assistance for Gauteng Youths Applying for Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degrees

About the GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy)
The GCRA, or short for the Gauteng City Region Academy, is an institution that is established by the Gauteng Department of Education as an effort to promote the importance of education in the province. The department has long prioritized the need for its citizens to excel in their education and graduate from their respective institutions with incredible scores and wonderful attributes. The Gauteng Department strives to improve the quality of not just their learners, but also the teaching processes that take place within a classroom setting. This involves the cooperation of students, institutions, business sectors, partnering establishmentst, and employees of the Gauteng government.

The GCRA plays a crucial role in helping the department achieve their strategic goals. From time to time, the institution awards learnerships, bursaries, and internships that provide concrete guidance to navigate through an individual’s career path. The department is entirely responsible for assisting youths to make a smooth transition from their school environment to further education or real-time working environments. By putting in a huge amount of time and effort into current generation of learners, the department hopes that they will create more capable citizens of the province that can bring forth positive contributions towards their local communities.

About the GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy) Bursary 2024
The GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy) is providing financial aid in the form of a valuable bursary to bright students who are currently residing in Gauteng. The GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy) Bursary is an effort started by the institution to increase the quality of their future workforce who will be based in the Gauteng City Region. The bursary is keeping an eye out on youths who are planning to pursue an undergraduate degree and/or a post-graduate degree in any recognized Post School Education and Training Institution in South Africa.

Bursary Coverage
The GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy) Bursary provides coverage for awardees to help pay off their student related expenses. The coverage is for the following items:

  • Full tuition expenses as per their Higher Education and Training Institution (does not include coverage for clubs or gym-related costs)
  • Accommodation-Catering costs up to R65 000 as determined by the Bursary Committee
  • Off-Campus and Private Accommodation costs up to R47 000 as determined by the Bursary Committee
  • Prescribed study materials (must present proof of purchase e.g. receipts)
  • Living stipend for students.

Post-graduate candidates must refer to the contract addendum to checking how much funding will be received.

Funding will be directly transferred to the awardees’ respective institutions accordingly. However, certain funds such as laptop and prescribed study material expenses will be paid directly to your account (provided that you send in your proof of purchases to the GCRA).

Eligibility Criteria
Candidates interested in the GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy) Bursary must meet the eligibility criteria before proceeding with their registration. Each of these items in this list will determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the programme or not. To win the hearts of the selection committee, candidates are advised to fulfill these following requirements. Failure to do so might cause you to disqualify from the registration.

The GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy) Bursary Eligibility Criteria are as follows:
1. Eligible Candidates

  • Candidates who have finished their Matric qualifications and currently residing in Gauteng (must provide proof of residence)
  • Candidates who are planning to pursue an undergraduate degree and has been formally accepted into a recognized PSET learning institution or is already officially enrolled in it
  • Candidates who are planning to study for a Post-Graduate programme and has been formally accepted in a recognized higher learning institution.

2. Basic Requirements

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Between 18-35 years old
  • Currently residing in Gauteng.

3. Candidates Who Automatically Qualify

  • Top-ranking students from Gauteng schools
  • Top-ranking learners from Gauteng no-pee faying schools
  • Top 3 students from LSEN schools based in Gauteng
  • Note: please complete the online application form to proceed.

Application Instructions
Apply online: GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy) Bursary 2024. You can Register or Login.

Candidates must sign up for an account on the online portal above to proceed with their registration. This account is a crucial part of your applications since it will store all of your personal details and documents. Make sure you protect your account, especially its password, at all costs.

After you have registered for an account, you will receive an SMS that confirms your successful registration on the portal. Make sure that you write down your account credentials so that you don’t forget them. Your account will be locked if you type in your password incorrectly 5 times, in which afterwards, you will have to reset your password.

Candidates are required to provide these following documents:

  • Valid copy of your South African Identity Document (by birth)
  • Legitimate proof of residence in Gauteng
  • Matric certificate and your most recent academic transcripts (certified)
  • Valid proof of household income/affidavit of your parents or guardians
  • Brief letter of motivation (does not exceed more than 2 pages)
  • Valid proof of registration or letter of acceptance issued by your PSET institution
  • Confirmation of disability or medical report (if applicable).

Note: if you have upgraded Matric scores, please upload both your first and upgraded Matric documents.

All documents should be individually uploaded in PDF format. The size of each document must not be more than 2 MB.

If you are unable to access the portal, please check your Internet connection. Alternatively, you can opt for a different Internet browser, such as Google Chrome, or Internet Browser.

Closing Date
Applications for the GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy) Bursary must be submitted before the closing date on 29 February 2024.

The selection committee has absolute zero tolerance for late applications. Candidates found to be making their submissions past the deadline will not be considered during the registration period.

The selection committee typically requires at least three to four weeks to review applications. Your application will be subjected to several internal processes to ensure its validity.

The GCRA (Gauteng City Region Academy) reserves all rights to make an appointment or not during the recruitment process. In the event your application gets denied, you are free to send in your appeal to this email address: [email protected].

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  1. I am Thando Precious Springkaan and I would be delighted to get a bursary from Gauteng City Region Academy I believe I have whatever it takes to get Gauteng education to greater heights moreover I aim to impress hence choosing me would be the best decision

  2. I applied but it can’t take me to step 2 . Ending up on my profile. It doenot allow me to complete my application. And on the 22 february is the closing date extended by uj for registration. Please help on this matter.

  3. I’m Kgaugelo Precious Chipu I’ll like to apply for a bursay ,I will appriciate it if I get confirmed

  4. I have applied for the bursary in January, and I still haven’t got my approval letter. My status is still awaiting approval. When I call they say everything is fine and my application just needs approval but I have been waiting for the whole 8 months. People who applied after me got approved whilst I’m still waiting for approval. Please come through

  5. i applied last year and even still today my status says awaiting approval i don’t know what’s happening and my results are blocked

    1. I would to go and studies……..opportunities comes one’s…my parents are pentioner don’t have money to go to school

  6. i’m interested and i would love to be part of it . i would also like to apply for available bursarY around gauteng

    1. I applied for the bursary and i am still waiting for feedback .However i am stressed because tomorrow is the last day of the registrations and i still have not payed for the fees..My biggest worry is that if i dont pay the fees on time my application will be cancelled. I really need this funding

  7. I need info about the present youth initiative when are we supposed to get cos the school principal of the school he doesn’t want to share anything about payment

    1. My Name Asisipho Matyholo I would like to be founded buy any available Bursary in other to be able to fether my studies at high institution

  8. I Nhlanhla Magubane would like to apply for available Bursary which is Gauteng City Region Academy I will truly appreciate if you see this

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