EATI (Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute) Bursaries 2022: Financial Aid for Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (Black Candidates, People with Disabilities, and Women)

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About the EATI (Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute)
The Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute, or also known as EATI, is an academic establishment founded in 1898 that specialises in the training of agricultural studies within South Africa. With a long history of providing quality education and training sessions, EATI has been a key player in contributing to the agricultural and managerial skills of their local society. Always in demand by future students, EATI is here to provide nothing but the best for young individuals.

About the EATI (Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute) Bursaries 2022
The EATI (Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute) if giving out bursary programmes to well-rounded students in the area to help support their education. The EATI (Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute) Bursaries is an initiative conducted by the establishment that aims to support young individuals who are passionate about the Agricultural Production Education and Training.

The EATI (Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute) Bursaries is only available for candidates who are planning to pursue their studies at the EATI. At the moment, the bursaries are available for the following courses:

  • Food Technology (National Diploma)
  • Computer Science (BComp Sc)
  • Agric Soil and Water Science (BSc)
  • Information Science
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Agric Agronomy (BSc)
  • Veterinary Science (BVSc)
  • Geo-Informatics/Geographic (BSc/BA)
  • Animal Science (BSc)
  • Postgraduate studies in Agricultural fields of priority research projects (Advanced Diploma/Postgraduate Diploma/BSc Hons/MSc/PhD)
  • Entomology (BSc)
  • Econometrics
  • Food Science (BSc)
  • Plant Pathology (BSc)
  • Agriculture (National Diploma)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (BSc)
  • Resource Economics
  • Horticulture (National Diploma)
  • Agric Pasture Science (BSc)
  • Viticulture and Oenology (BSc)
  • Agricultural Economics (BSc)
  • Farming Management (National Diploma)
  • Production Economics
  • Mariculture (BSc).

Candidate are allowed to pursue qualifications ranging from NQF Level 1-NQF Level 6. If you find this to be a suitable opportunity for you, make sure you give these bursaries a try.

Eligibility Criteria
The EATI (Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute) Bursaries is available for anyone who displays astounding academic potential and leadership skills. To see whether you’d make a qualified fit for the financial aid, you can refer to the requirements below. All of these items will be used as benchmarks by the selection committee to assess your potential as a bursary awardee. Failure to fulfill all these items might cause you to lose your chances of getting a bursary. Be sure to jot down everything below for reference.

The EATI (Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute) Bursaries Eligibility Criteria are as follows:

  • You must have completed Matric
  • You must be studying/accepted to study at a recognised tertiary institution in South Africa
  • Officially recognised as citizens of South Africa
  • Must display an immediate need for financial assistance
  • Considered as Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (including Black candidate, People with Disabilities, and Women) who are residing in the Western Cape.

Application Instructions
Download Application Form: EATI (Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute) Bursaries 2022.

After downloading the application form, please read through it before filling them in with the appropriate information. Make sure to use only BLOCK LETTERS using black ink. You are highly disallowed from using Tippex.

Additionally, you will be required to send in copies of the following documents:

  • ID document (certified copy)
  • Driver’s licence, if applicable (certified copy)
  • Matric certificate (certified copy)
  • Proof of registration (certified copy)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Identity Documents of the candidates and parents/guardians
  • Certificates of qualifications
  • Your most recent academic track records/Grade 12 results slip
  • Available source of income originating from the candidate and parents/guardians (e.g. three months pay slip/legitimate proof of your grant income from SASSA/a sworn statement if you are unemployed)
  • Three months’ bank statements from candidate as well as parents/guardians
  • Death Certificates (if applicable).

All these documents must be signed accordingly. On top of that, all documents should be included. Applications with incomplete documents will not be accepted by the selection committee.

Once you have compiled your application dossier, feel free to send it to the address below:
The Chief Director: Operational Support Services
Western Cape Department of Agriculture
Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute
Private Bag X1


Via Hand delivery:
Western Cape Department of Agriculture
Main Building
Muldersvlei Road


Via Email: [email protected].

By submitting your applications, you are granting permission to the selection committee to use your personal information for the purpose of registering you with the bursary programme.

To ensure that candidates are legitimate, applications will be submitted to further assessment and verification processes. The registration period shall be terminated if it is found that any element of the applications has been falsified.

It is necessary for candidates to complete their applications online via the website linked above. Submissions sent via other means, such as email or fax, will not be considered by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Application for the EATI (Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute) Bursaries 2022 must be submitted before the closing date on 04 February 2022.

If you’re all about the bursary programme, now’s you chance to give it a try! It’s best to send in an early registration so you don’t miss out on your spot during the recruitment process.

The selection committee disallows candidates from sending in their applications past the closing date. Anyone found to be missing their deadline will immediately be rejected by the bursary.

EATI (Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute) reserves the rights to make an appointment or not. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.

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