Dis-Chem Pharmacies Job Vacancy as Data Capturer 2022: Available Position in Three Locations for Grade 12/Matric Registrants

About Dis-Chem Pharmacies
Since 1978, Dis-Chem has been regarded as South Africa’s most reliable pharmacy chain thanks to the connected dispensaries, family clinics, non-pharmaceutical, and complete self-medication centers that it operates. Their corporate headquarters are located in the Midrand neighborhood of Johannesburg, and they operate more than 150 retail locations in Southern Africa.

The firm has over 18 000 full-time and part-time workers, and it provides its employees with training to ensure that they have the best possible assistance to accomplish their job and develop themselves as individuals. In all, the company employs over 18 000 people. They have the most extensive product lines in the beauty, healthy food, sports supplements, health, and overall well-being categories, and they also provide specialized guidance. They are the top specialists in these areas.

About the Dis-Chem Pharmacies Job Vacancy as Data Capturer 2022
Dis-Chem Pharmacies is looking to hire a professional and talented Data Capturer for employment seekers who are interested in working for their Kimberley store. The Dis-Chem Pharmacies Job Vacancy as Data Capturer will require you to be responsible for dealing with the suppliers’ orders, processing incoming returns, and tending to the credit-bearing documentation.

Additionally, your job as a Data Capturer will require you to do the following duties:

  • Obtain invoices in accordance with the business
  • Invoices from outside suppliers should be checked and verified
  • Check the received items at each and every warehouse
  • Create and accurately capture purchase orders for the accurate creation and capture of purchase orders for the accurate capture of supplier and/or distribution
  • In accordance with Dis-guidelines, Chem’s you should get all of the items ready to be sent back to the suppliers
  • Follow up with the representatives of the suppliers to discuss faster supplier returns in order to minimize their impact
  • Ensure effective price
  • Maintain administration of scripts by means of efficient and precise collection of scripts, scanning of papers, and filing of records.

The Dis-Chem Pharmacies Job Vacancy as Data Capturer is currently available in three locations:

  • Bethlehem, Free State
  • Kathu, Northern Cape
  • Kimberley, Northern Cape.

Eligibility Criteria
Before moving further with your applications, individuals who have expressed interest in the open position of Data Capturer at Dis-Chem Pharmacies are required to demonstrate that they satisfy certain qualifying requirements. The answers to each of the questions that follow will indicate whether or not you have what it takes to move forward with this opening. Candidates are strongly encouraged to ensure that their applications meet all of the conditions outlined in the following paragraphs. In the event that you do not adhere to these requirements, the overall result of your applications will suffer as a direct consequence.

The Dis-Chem Pharmacies Job Vacancy as Data Capturer Eligibility Criteria are as follows:
1. Basic Requirements

  • Officially recognized as a citizen of South Africa
  • Has a Grade 12 or Matric qualification
  • Displays at least 6 months of working experience with data capturing
  • Understands administration knowledge
  • Knows how to use a computer well, and demonstrates skills in MS Office
  • Has numeracy abilities
  • Displays a keen attention for details
  • Works well with other team members
  • Can be relied upon and takes accountability of their work
  • Shows proven fluency in the English language
  • Prepared to undertake retail working hours.

2. Advantageous Qualities

  • Owns a legitimate Business Administration qualification
  • Has prior experience dealing with the Receiving area of a Retail Store/Warehouse
  • Has prior experience dealing with invoicing
  • Understands SAP
  • Knows how to speak in an additional language
  • Has a reliable mode of transportation and live close to the store
  • Displays a clear criminal and credit track record.

Important note: candidates will be required to send in a valid legitimate vaccination certificate.

Application Instructions
Apply online Dis-Chem Pharmacies Job Vacancy as Data Capturer 2022 at:

  1. Bethlehem, Free State
  2. Kathu, Northern Cape
  3. Kimberley, Northern Cape.

If you believe that you would be a good fit for this position, please feel free to submit your application through the web gateway located above. At this point, you will be prompted to enter all of the mandatory information that will be necessary for the entirety of the registration process.

You can also submit your application by utilizing your smartphone instead of your PC because this method is significantly more convenient. You can use Google Chrome as your web browser if you are working with an Android operating system on your handheld device. You don’t need to install any other browsers on your phone because Google Chrome comes pre-installed on handsets running the Android operating system.

In addition to that, we will need you to attach the most recent version of your curriculum vitae. Make sure that your curriculum vitae includes all of the necessary information, such as your accomplishments, abilities, and credentials. You should take use of the opportunity presented by this paper to highlight your qualifications as a potential candidate and the reasons why you should be selected.

By submitting your applications, you are granting the selection committee permission to use your personal information for registration reasons. This authorization is given when you send in your applications.

To confirm that the individuals being considered are legitimate, additional screening and review processes will be performed on the applications. Anyone who is found to have lied about any component of their applications will be kicked out of the registration period.

Candidates are required to complete the application process via the portal that was supplied above. The selection committee will not consider any submissions that were made by alternative methods, such as hand delivery or faxing in the application.

Closing Date
Applications for the Dis-Chem Pharmacies Job Vacancy as Data Capturer must be submitted before the closing date on 18 July 2022.

Make sure you secure your application as soon as possible by registering early. The purpose behind this is to ensure that you have a safe position during the recruitment phase (however, it doesn’t guarantee immediate success).

The selection committee has zero-tolerance for candidates who send in their applications late. All submissions sent past the closing date will automatically be disqualified.

Announcements will only be made to shortlisted candidates. If you do not hear back from the committee within two weeks past the closing date, we regret to inform you that you have not been chosen for the vacancy.

Dis-Chem Pharmacies holds all rights to provide anyone with a job position or not. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.


  1. I’m interested in this vacancy and I believe that confidence good attitude and perseverance are the key elements in any adventure and I have experience in data capturing and administration. I’ll appreciate if i can be chosen to be part of the company

  2. Hi there dear employer greetings im very interested in wanting to be employed in the company i am very hard working

  3. I’m a hard worker willing to meet job requirements and push towards the requirements of the job and I’m humble caring and very respectful

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