Dimension Data – Data Science Learnership 2021: Looking for Basic Coding Learners

About Dimension Data
Dimension Data is a South African company that has play a central role in the global Information Technology and Services industry. Since their formation in 1983, the enterprise has racked up years of experience specializing in the fields of Digital Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Workspaces, and Hybrid Cloud. Dealing with technology, Dimension Data makes sure that they are constantly up to date with the latest digital trends throughout the years. This provides the company a cutting edge in dealing with a plethora of clients from different industries, namely media and communications, financial services, and even pharmaceutical and sport.

Anything that revolves around technology, whether its consultation, integration, or even providing support services, Dimension Data has got it covered. With their main operations based in Joburg, Dimension Data has a sprawling connection of branches in a total of 46 countries. All 28 000 employees over the world work tirelessly to provide the upmost customer satisfaction for their clients in this digital age. It comes as no surprise that the company has managed to rack up a total of USD 8 billion through their exemplary efforts and contributions in the ICT department.

About the Dimension Data – Data Science Learnership 2021
Dimension Data is offering Data Science Learnerships for a limited number of passionate individuals who display tremendous talents in the field of Coding. The Dimension Data – Data Science Learnership 2021, conducted in Sandton, is a 6-month programme that equips learners with a combination of theoretical knowledge at the Explore Data Science Academy, as well as practical working sessions. Over the course of the learnership, participants will receive the opportunity to be a part of a real-time enterprise. You will be playing a crucial role in the business’s success by networking with important stakeholders and tackling on a several projects that are relevant to the company’s line of work.

The ideal candidate should display tremendous passion in developing a fruitful career as a Data Scientist. The learnership promises a better future for those who want to work in a South African-based, global Information an Communication Technology industry. Learners are expected to perform their best throughout the programme. Under the guidance of professional experts, learners are highly encouraged to be proactive, bring new innovations onto the table, and search for new kinds of knowledge. With the exposure that you will gain from this opportunity, learners will transform into an even more attractive asset in the future job market.

Eligibility Criteria
In order to participate in the Dimension Data – Data Science Learnership 2021, candidates must first have themselves qualified by the selection committee. There are two key requirements that must be fulfilled by candidates. First, all candidates must own a legitimate Grade 12 qualification. Additionally, since the learnership will greatly deal with Data Science, all candidates must have a strong, basic foundation in Coding. These two criteria will help you guarantee a spot in the learnership. Failure to meet both of them might lead you to risk losing your fantastic opportunity with Dimension Data.

Application Instructions
Apply online: Dimension Data – Data Science Learnership 2021.

To register for the learnership with Dimension Data, candidates will need to create an online profile beforehand. This account will be used throughout the entire registration procedure as it stores all of your personal details and documents. In addition, candidates are required to provide your most updated Curriculum Vitae to support your applications.

Since all this involves your private information, make sure that you keep your account credentials a secret. This is to prevent any possible breaches of privacy or hacking situations. Never share your profile password to anyone else, or it might disrupt the effectiveness of your applications.

Additionally, all provided data must be correct and factual. Candidates discovered to be misrepresenting any aspects of their applications will automatically be revoked from the registration procedure.

Closing Date
Applications for the Dimension Data – Data Science Learnership must be submitted before the closing date on 07 October 2020.

The selection committee will not be accepting any late applications sent past the closing date. Since applications take place online, it is highly encouraged that candidates complete the application as soon as possible. This is to prevent any heavy online traffic that might occur at the very last-minute. If you are sure that the learnership is the absolute right one for you, sign up immediately.


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