Digilink Software Development Traineeship 2022-2023: Welcoming Unemployed Candidates to Register

About Digilink
A digital center of excellence, DigiLink is a one-stop shop for all things digital. The establishment  has vast experience developing creative solutions to solve the imbalance between demand and supply in the adolescent labor market by connecting companies with first-time job seekers.

In collaboration with their partner skills development academies, DigiLink links companies with engaged entry-level digital talent that has been sourced and prepared for the workplace. By providing recruitment support services such as sourcing and mentoring as well as best practices, support and training, the establishment helps your employment partners define and create the next generation of digital talents for your organization.

About the Digilink Software Development Traineeship 2022-2023
Digilink is offering a fixed-term traineeship for candidates who are interested in develoing their knowledge in the expansive field of Software Development. The Digilink Software Development Traineeship is a 12-month practical work experience programme that will require you to display and apply the following knowledge:

  • Expertise and/or practical experience with front-end technologies HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are examples of markup languages
  • One or more of the backend languages listed below may be used. C#, Java, or Python are examples of programming languages
  • Basic SQL, MYSQL, and PostgreSQL skills are required (candidate needs to know the structure of a relational database and be able to write basic SQL queries)
  • APIs are familiarized with on a fundamental level
  • The ability to demonstrate basic understanding of cloud computing and DevOps standards and practices would be desirable.

Eligibiltiy Criteria
If you’re certain of joining the Digilink Software Development Traineeship, feel free to sign up! If you are still unsure whether you’d make a good fit, don’t worry. All you have to do is check the requirements below and re-check your qualifications with the selection committee’s standards. If you’d like to stand a chance of acceptance, make sure you fulfill all of the criteria that are mentioned. Failure to do so might not get you automatically disqualified, but it could reduce your chances of acceptance.

The Digilink Software Development Traineeship Eligibliity Criteria are as follows:

  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 35
  • You’re not permitted to be studying part-time or full-time
  • You must be a resident of or withing the surrounding areas of Cape Town
  • Currently unemployed
  • Have not participated in any government-sponsored initiative (YES Programme)
  • Works well with a positive and can-do attitude
  • Confidence is highly prefereable (as the team will be interacting with external stakeholders relevant to the work requirements)
  • High cognitive capacity –  individuals who are able to jump right in and absorb a large amount of difficult knowledge in a short period of time
  • Willingness to learn and the willingness to go the additional mile by self-educating are two characteristics of a self-starter
  • Communication skills in the English language are excellent
  • Individuals with analytical and logical thinking skills who are faced with the task of solving difficult situations.

Application Instructions
Apply now:

Alternatively, you can apply using your handphone, since it is much more practical than applying via computer. If you are using an OS Android handphone, you can use Google Chrome as your web browser or your Gmail app to send your CVs/files. Since Google Chrome and Gmail are automatically available in OS Android handphones, you don’t have to install any other browsers or email apps.

For the purpose of submitting their applications, candidates are needed to create an account on the application portal. It will be necessary to log into this account for the duration of the registration procedure.

Make sure your CV contains the relevant information, such as your strengths, skills, and qualifications. This document is a great chance for you to showcase yourself as a potential candidate and why you deserve to be chosen.

By submitting your applications, you are granting permission to the selection committee to use your personal information for the purpose of registering you for the event.

Applicants’ applications will be subjected to additional examination and vetting procedures in order to ensure that they are legitimate. Anyone who is found to be misrepresenting any aspect of their applications will be barred from participating in the registration period.

Candidates are required to submit their applications using the website linked to above. Attempts to submit materials via other means, such as hand delivery or fax, will be rejected by the selection committee.

Closing Date
Applications for the Digilink Software Development Traineeship must be submitted before the closing date on 13 May 2022.

It is possible to guarantee that your application is protected as soon as possible by registering as soon as feasible. However, this does not guarantee immediate success and is just designed to give you with a stable position during the recruitment process.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the selection committee. Candidates that submit their applications after the deadline will not be considered. All submissions submitted after the deadline, regardless of their substance, will be discarded without further consideration.

Announcements will only be made to shortlisted candiadtes. If you do not hear back from the selection committee by the very latest 13th of May, we regret to inform you that you have not been chosen for the apprenticeships.

Digilink has the right to offer or refuse employment to anybody at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. The decisions of the choosing committee are final and binding on all parties engaged in the process.

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  1. Good day i would like to apply for this intership i am 22 years old please may you guide me were i can send you my CV.

    Kind regards

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