College of Cape Town Electrical Apprenticeship 2022-2025: Practical Work Experience for Matric Holders

About the College of Cape Town
The College of Cape Town (CCT) is a public TVET College that can be found in Cape Town, South Africa, in the province of Western Cape. The majority of the students that attend The College of Cape Town are from the Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, and Klipfontein District areas of South Africa. The college is one of the oldest technical and vocational education and training (TVET) schools in Cape Town.

They are prepared to provide students a wide variety of high-quality vocational education and training programs due to the fact that they are one of the major TVET institutions in South Africa. The supply of the intermediate to higher level skills necessary to promote economic growth and development is an area in which the TVET College sector is expected to play an increasingly important role. The College of Cape Town possesses both the resources and the facilities necessary to fulfill the educational and professional development requirements of the communities it serves as well as the businesses that employ local residents.

About the College of Cape Town Electrical Apprenticeship 2022-2025
The College of Cape Town is offering a wonderful apprenticeship programme for those who are interested in furthering their knowledge in the Electrical Field. The Electrical Apprenticeship at the College of Cape Town is a wonderful apprenticeship that will equip you with the foundation of this industry. Throughout the course of the program, you will be required to participate in an organized learning environment.

This environment will include both theoretical tests and practical working sessions that will take place in an actual workplace environment. As you work toward achieving a certification, you will get encouragement from your colleagues and supervisors to demonstrate tremendous growth while you are being supervised.

Eligibility Criteria
Do you believe that you have what it takes to sign up for the electrical apprenticeship program offered by the College of Cape Town? Make certain to get your application in as quickly as possible! To begin, however, you will need to check the qualifications necessary to participate in the program. Your performance in these areas will indicate whether or not you are a good candidate for the position. If you want to ensure that you have a better chance of being successful, it is highly recommended that you fulfill all of the requirements listed in the following list.

The College of Cape Town Electrical Apprenticeship Eligibility Criteria are as follows:
1. Basic Qualifications

  • Owns a legitimate Matric certificiate
  • Has a TVET College certificate with at leaset N3/NCV Level 4 completed and passed in the field of Electrical Engineering

2. Additional Requirements

  • Prepared to work in shifts
  • Ready to enter into a 3-year contarct
  • Willing to take part in the learning programmes
  • Ready to work as soon as possible.

Application Instructions
Applya via email or hand delivery (College of Cape Town Electrical Apprenticeship 2022-2025):

  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Hand delivery: Pinelands Campus for the attention of Ms Sandisiwe Sulani (21 Jan Smuts Drive, Pinelands).

Candidates will need to send in their application qualifications through either one of the methods above. Attempts to submit materials by other means, such as fax, will be denied by the committee evaluating the application.

Alternatively, you can send your email application using your handphone, since it is much more practical than applying via computer. If you are using an OS Android handphone, you can use your Gmail app to send the emails and any CVs/files that needs to be attached.

By submitting your applications, you are granting the selection committee permission to use your personal information for registration purposes. This authorization is given when you send in your applications.

To confirm that the candidates being considered are legitimate, additional screening and evaluation processes will be performed on the applications. Anyone who is found to have lied about any component of their applications will be kicked out of the registration period.

Closing Date
Applications for the College of Cape Town Electrical Apprenticeship must be submitted before the closing date on 17 June 2022.

Please ensure that your applications are submitted as quickly as possible. You can improve your chances of securing a spot during the registration period by submitting your information early. In addition, it prevents any unwelcome surprises at the last minute, such as sudden surges of Internet traffic or the loss of important documents.

Applications for the program have to be turned in before the deadline in order to be considered. The selection committee will not accept any applications that are submitted after the deadline, and the program will not consider any submissions of this nature for consideration.

During the period of recruitment, College of Cape Town retains the right to make an appointment of anyone they see fit. The decisions that the selection committee comes to are irrevocable in every case. Please be kindly informed that candidates are strictly disallowed from canvassing with the decisions of the committee.

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  1. I am Strobin Shawn Solomons. I have N2 in electrical engineering studies and am currently busy with N3. I would like to get into the field and learn more about the field to grow personally

  2. Good day. I would love the opportunity of this learnership. Because I think it will be a wonderful experience for me. I am fresh out of high school having completed my matric. I am always willing to learn more and I work well under pressure.

  3. hello my name is kedibone Rae Tshinaba I’m 28yrs old based at pimville Soweto I’m so interested I finished my administration diploma and bookkeeping and pastal accounting certificate in 2017 I’m so interested to participate in sasol learnerschip.

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