Clicks Group Giving Out Finance Internship for 18 Months

About the Clicks Group
The Clicks Group is a phenomenal company that is behind some of the world’s most popular brands, such as Clicks, Musica, and everyone’s favorite, The Body Shop. The company was founded as a healthcare group that uses a retail-led system to make themselves and their products more accessible to the general public. This is no surprise, as the group currently has a total amount of 575 stores located over the Southern African region, and probably many more to come.

Before the development of their other brands, the Clicks Group was one founded on the basis of creative a company that is able to fulfill the needs of the healthcare market. Specializing on the Food and Drug Retailers sector, the company has had a long history of dealing with pharmaceutical markets. From there on, they have created several retail pharmacy chains, which include the Clicks Direct Medicine (CDM), and the United Pharmaceutical Distributors (UPD)

About the Clicks Group Internship Programme
The Clicks Group is currently offering an internship programme that is based in the city of Cape Town. The internship, focusing on the Banking/Finance and Investment field, is available to unemployed individuals who are looking for a fixed term contract with the company.

Spanning over the course of 18 months, the Clicks Group Internship programme will be looking for individuals who are capable of working in the Accounts Payable department. This role will have the interns involve themselves in a series or work responsibilities.

The duties and tasks that come along with this internship include assisting with the company’s documentation, capturing invoices, writing up reports, complete administrative duties, and many more to come. Curious about the company? Visit the official Clicks Group Internship website to receive more information.

About the Clicks Group Internship Requirements
In order to apply for the Clicks Group Internship programme, there are several eligibility criteria that must be fulfilled in order to be considered suitable for the internship. From valid qualifications, to the job knowledge, as well as competencies that may highlight you as a worker, all of these are to be fulfilled if you want to ensure your spot as as an intern. As a tip, we recommend visiting the group’s website from time to time to do your research on the company.

Below are the Clicks Group Internship Requirements:
Minimum Qualifications

  • Has a valid South African citizenship
  • Is between 18-29 years old
  • Has an N6 certificate specializing in Financial Management
  • Currently unemployed
  • Is available for the entire 18-month programme
  • Has an FET-recognized finance qualification
  • Great accounting knowledge
  • Knows how to operate Microsoft Office-based programmes
  • Able to utilize email.

Work Capabilities

  • Display a strong skill set in numeracy and analysis
  • Keen eye for details
  • Well-developed communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Has a high sense of punctuality and time management
  • Can stick to the terms and conditions of the work place
  • Initiative
  • Able to assess complex situations
  • Can work individually and with a group of people.

Job Competencies

  • Able to meet their clients’ needs
  • Stick to the company’s vision and missions
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Can analyze, plan, and organize through situations
  • Follow the instructions that have been established.

How to Apply
Applying for the Clicks Group Internship programme will require you to access the group’s online application portal as they do not hold any offline application procedures. To start off, please visit the Clicks Group Online Application Portal page. From there on, all candidates will be asked to create an account. The purpose of this account is to store all of your application forms and documentation, which will then be submitted online.

Once you have created your account, you can now apply for the internship programme. Please make sure to have the forms completely filled with the correct information and have all of the documents successfully uploaded. After everything has been submitted, all you have to do is wait until they make the announcements.

While there isn’t a specific time period as to when the announcements will be made, in the mean time, you can take this waiting moment to check out for other internship opportunities around you. There’s always something new in store, so start exploring, fellow future interns!

Clicks Group Limited
Address: Cnr. Searle and Pontac Streets, PO Box 5142, Cape Town 8000, South Africa.
Tel: (021) 460 1911

Physical Address:

Postal Address:

Telephone: xxxxx
Fax: xxxxx
Email: xxxxx
Website: xxxxx

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