Sibanye Stillwater Currently Giving Out 2 Mining Learnerships

About Sibanye Stillwater
Sibanye-Stillwater is a company that has been prevalent within the South African mining industry. With operations conducted in several international countries, such as the United States and Zimbabwe, Sibanye-Stillwater has had a history dealing with several kinds of previous materials.

Mainly operating within the gold mining field, Sibanye-Stillwater also focus on other previous metals as well. These include palladium, rhodium, and chrome. With a diverse portfolio, business is booming, and the company just won’t stop growing.

However, despite the industry they have involved themselves in, sustainability and environmentally friendliness are two factors that Sibanye-Stillwater take great importance in. Therefore, all of the company’s operations are done in an ethical manner that not only benefits the company itself, but also the local society around their mining fields.

About Sibanye Stillwater Learnership Programe
The Sibanye Stillwater company is currently offering a learnership programme for local youths who are specializing in the field of Mining. This learnership opportunity, offered for two potential learners, will be based in the area of Kloof. The company is opening its doors for individuals who would like to learn under the guidance of a Supervisor with an NQF of Level 4 in the Mining field.

This leanership programme comes with several benefits. Besides the chance to learn within a real mining environment, learners may also be entitled for a full time study opportunity that is relevant to the vision and missions of the Sibanye-Stillwater company. Need more information about what the company is all about? Then check out the Sibanye-Stillwater website.

Sibanye Stillwater Learnership Requirements
If you are keen on applying for the Sibanye Stillwater Learnership programme, there are several requirements that must be adhered to in order to be considered for the learnership. As these requirements dictate whether you will be accepted by the programme or not, please kindly have all of them fulfilled. Failure to do so might be disadvantageous towards your applications. See the official website for more information about what type of people the company is searching for.

Listed below are the Sibanye Stillwater Learnership requirements:

  • Must own a minimum Grade 12/NQF Educational qualification (key subjects in pure Mathematics and English Communication)
  • Has a score of 4 or above for their psychometric evaluation
  • Owns a SAPS clearance certificate
  • Is both physically and medically fit for the Sibanye Stillwater woking environment
  • Has the highest test scores for Grade 12 Pure Mathematics and English (optional, but advantageous)
  • Has a Degree or Diploma in Mining (optional, but advantageous)
  • Has a result of 5 or above for the evaluation outcome.

How to Apply
If you are interested in applying for the Sibanye Stillwater Learnership programme, you can apply it through this online application portal here. Once you have entered the Application Page, all candidates will be required to fill in their respective application forms with accurate and correct information.

In addition, applicants will also be required to upload several documentation, such as their latest Curriculum Vitae, valid copies of their identification, and their other qualifications. All of these are to be uploaded onto the online application system. Make sure your application is complete, as unfinished applications will be automatically disregarded by the committee. Note: foreign qualifications must be verified by the SAQA.

All shortlisteed candidates will receive a callback from the learnership committee. They will then proceed towards the panel interview session, a psychometric assessment and screening. Therefore, please be attentive to any notifications that you may receive in any time soon. If you have any further inquires regarding your applications, you may visit the closes TEBA or the HR contact that is provided below.

HR Contact Person: Wandisile Magaga at Kloof Satellite Campus
Tel: (011) 411 8639
Recruitment Person: Richard Nkewane
Tel: (011) 278 9830

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